Thailand Toilets..

The toilet @ my chalet in Rai Leh was one of the most uncomfortable throne I’ve ever used.

We have to manually flush it. Flies hang out there and on one occasion, someone forgot to flush.


Then @ Hatyai, I encountered this toilet….

Definitely an upgraded version of the Asian Squat Toilet.

The toilet has no toilet paper. The only thing remotely resembles toilet paper is a stack on newspaper hung on the wall. I don’t want to know why is it there..

But of course, not all the toilets in Thailand were horrible. Check the following picture out.

Somewhere in Thailand..

Left, cubicles for men. Right..the nature!!

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11 thoughts on “Thailand Toilets..”

  1. er..the squat toilet..quite clean it seems…
    i prefer to squat rather than those seated toilets…damn scary…bacteria when u sit down…eewww

  2. All the toilets in their petrol station look like the last pictures. I’ve went to many petrol kiosk to ease my bladder. and they ALL have open-air mens toilet. lol.
    maybe it’s a trend for men to do it publicly.

  3. peggy: yea ye ayea squat toilets are better..!
    zhong: serious ka? i wonder why open air.. hmmm
    Cherryone: keke squat toilet is an Asian thing. Guai Lous are fascinated with it keke

  4. i think those newspaper that hung on the wall is for women to wrap their pads and throw inside the dustbin.

  5. nikki: yakah? i thought its for people to wrap their tissues paper after they’ve used it for big business.
    Darren: yea man damn steady. i heard they pee in bottles as well, especially when they’re stuck in jams haha
    honfaai: bugger damn scared mosquito bite my kuku man
    julie: kekekeke yea the last one is the of the best toilets that i’ve been to.
    wolfx: yea yea, behind u want to be one of the cowboys?? hehe
    devilisha: im sure u got dirty toilets thre 😛

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