Thailand’s Got Talent

If you have not seen this, please do. It’s awesomee!

According to the comments posted, the singer’s name is Bell Nuntita, aka Nuntrita “Bell” Khampriranon (เบลล์ นันทิตา), 27 years old. Here’s a translation of what was said in the video – which I obtained from one of the commentors:

After finishing her song..

1st judge – You fool me right from the moment we met…How is it possible??

2nd Judge – She is pretty right??

Crowd – Yes very pretty…

2nd Judge – I have to say that she had talent too… I had a shock on the 2nd part of the song…Everyone were like Hey !!! What do you think ??

3rd Judge – I still believe in my instinct…My sensor said that she isn’t like what i saw…

3rd Judge- When she started singing (female voice) i thought i was wrong but on the 2nd part of the song i know that my instinct was right from the start.

When the 2 MCs hugged Bow.

2nd Judge – I am so jealous, the two male host knew me for 10 years and never hug me before..

During Bow’s interview-

I was teased a lot…several nicknames

But we also had to bear with it all along.

My father can’t accept who i am…

The bad part is my father even beat me in hoping that I will change back to normal….

I wanted to tell Dad, that I love you very much and i finally did it !

Coincidentally, I have a few blog posts on transgenders. One of my highest read entries is the There’s something about Miriam entry.

Here’s Miriam!

Then followed by Hari-su and Nong Poy


Nong Poy

And our very own Malaysian Jessie Chung..

On a serious note, BFM radio interviewed Nisha, the coordinator at the PT Foundation’s transgender programme, about her experiences of living as a transgender individual in Malaysia. Listen to her experience being imprisoned for wearing ladies’ clothes.

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