the cause of death

awwwwwwwwwwww sacrifices are truly a way to prove your love.
How to commit harakiri (Suicide Japanese style!)
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9 thoughts on “the cause of death”

  1. get your facts straight dickwad, harakiri is continuos slashing of the abdomen and causes death by massive blood loss. Sepukku on the other hand is a plunge of blade into the heart and death is by cardio trauma. dipshit.

  2. and furthermore, harakira is not caused by the the massive blood loss, you’ll die once you instruct your assistance who is suppose to chop your head. are u speaking within your knowledge but without authority?

  3. why dont you read the site correctly, in the batlefield its plunged to the heart, thats seppuku, in formal occasion its constant slashing of the abdomen, the greater the samurai you were, the more cuts you can stand. the servant then decapitates the samurai before he gives up. thus he maintains his honor.but then what do you know about honor. dipshit.

  4. ok mr lars ulrich, and please cite authorities when u say that. and no they dont say they plunged any shit into the heart. And as u already said, death occurs when the servant chops the head but then before this you said death is caused by the massive blood loss. LIKE HELLO? DUH! ur contradicting yourself! dipshit!according to written by The act of seppuku involves the insertion of a blade into one’s own stomach. The person performing the suicide then continues by cutting across the length of the abdomen. The act is finished after an assistant finishes the suicide by cutting off the dying person’s head. Seppuku has been a sacred ceremony since ancient Japan that has been reserved for the privileged samurai class. lastly, i couldnt give 2 fucks whether i know what is honour or not, duh.

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