the date that went wrong.

mr. attached wanted to ask me out for dinner for valentine’s day because he and his girlfriend don’t believe in celebrating valentine’s day. but i refused. totally against my principles. why should i be seen with someone else’s boyfriend on that night? it would’ve created a scandal.
so anyway, i received a rose and a valentine card that morning, from the guy in the office next to mine. he asked me if i was free for dinner, on wednesday, the day after v’s day, because he said something corny like, “a beautiful girl like surely will not be free on valentine’s day.” [*hehe* can puke?]
we had dinner. ok, not so fancy place. and you know me la, *hehe* i couldn’t help but to enjoy the eye candy for the night. cute cute cute!
and then it went downhill after that.
i almost tripped over a lil step in the restaurant. as he caught me, his hand touched my bum. and there was a light squeeze!
i spilt soup on the front of my dress – so embarrassing.
he kept looking at my cleavage. so i tried not to bend down too often.
he talked with his mouth full and while chewing.
he was funny at first, but his jokes became a bit cheeky later on. for example, “what are the benefits of breast milk? it won’t go sour! buy 1 free 1!”
once, he put his hand on my thigh and gave a squeeze, while chatting.
yerrr…. i had to suffer for almost 2 hours because i wanted to remain polite. octopus hands i cannot stand. and dirty jokes to impress me? that’s a bit… erm…. weird.
imagine after that i had to say thank you for dinner, that i had fun (so i lied). and worse still, was when he demanded for a goodnight kiss. the nerve!
which was gross, because his saliva………… i don’t think i should say it here. but i felt so violated. *sniff* lousy kisser, that’s for sure.
cute looks are deceiving, end of story. =(
i hope he moves to another office la, i’ve been lucky not to bump into him lately. *cross fingers* eeeeh. he is cute, but……. *shudder*

30 thoughts on “the date that went wrong.”

  1. that sucks…but not all guys are like that. *preens*
    i give out valentine’s day presents without asking for anything in return. just coz someone has been nice to me and/or went out of the way to fix something for me.
    valentine’s day is like a thank you day for me.

  2. killuminati: yea. especially when Thanks Giving isnt a big deal here huh? πŸ™‚ good one. valentine’s day is a day of expressing love to anyone supposingly? hallmark gimmick πŸ˜›
    bimbo: hoi, not all lengcai are like that k?! dont stereotype us :Pp

  3. poor bimbo…do you know this fella well? i mean with all the touching and kissing, sounds as if you known him for ages. somore hes hes such a potential convict.

  4. Hmmm….you sounded like you were patronising him. He did those things, u apparently didn’t like, but didn’t stop him either.
    Then he asked for a kiss, and you obliged…urmm…so….uhhh….confuzzled.

  5. killuminati: yeah! i used to give my single friends chocolate and cards for valentine’s day. =)
    pikey: ya…. learnt the hard way. bleh.
    honfaai: erm. you never replied my email. so i have to stereotype you lor.
    pokai: no no no…. it’s not the attached fella. this is the guy who works in the office next door to mine.
    wolfx: the kiss was forced on me. and i did my best to squirm my way out from the groping. i don’t really slap people in the face to stop them la, i’m not aggressive enough.
    sorry, i should have made myself clearer. i thought the squeeze on the bum was accidental or i imagined it, so i didn’t say anything. but the hand on thigh one, of course i moved my leg away and moved my chair too.

  6. u see that’s why it’s so difficult for guys. i’m not saying that what he did was right, but if u didn’t like it u should’ve done something, like tell him u don’t like it. if u keep quiet, the guy can’t read your thoughts, he’d think u like it, so he’d think he has some kind of lead or something. then when he does it he gets blamed. how is he supposed to know la, not like he can ask, “hei can i squeeze or ass?” right?

  7. yikes, what a pervert! …
    that’s why it’s so hard to find a good guy nowadays, one who doesn’t take advantage of girls and the situation.
    A good guy wouldn’t do these (hamsup) things unless he’s pretty sure that the girl feels the same way for him.

  8. Well at least we know he won’t make it to 3rd or 4th base. True hamsap lou will handsoff and act all gentlemanly. And if all goes well, the 1st night can be the 1st (and last) **** liow. Then he can leave your life as if you never met him.
    And we know someone here fits that description…..not me…no…i am nice and innocent. πŸ˜‰

  9. when they dont do anything, you claim they are cowards, when they do something, they are hamsap. seriously talking about hypocracy man, i stand firm by my point, and no i am not hamsap. if a girl doesnt like it she should just say. fact that she let the guy continue shows that she actually likes it.

  10. no such thing men are not hamsap… everyone is. its the level of how much which differentiates us… goes the same with tEh chicks

  11. nottifish: the chicks will not admit that they are hamsup la. NEVER!!! The guys are always the humsap. Not very fair la, if you ask me. Since man and woman are suppose to be equal

  12. not everyone confesses to be hamsup though… wah, i’m sure there are some girls who do admit to being hamsup. not me la. muahaha.

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