The Honeymoon Period

*giggles like a schoolgirl again*
Hello hello. šŸ˜‰
Friday’s conversation with a friend went something like this:
Friend: So, are the both of you lovey-dovey? at that “you hang up first la …… no, you hang up first!” conversations, and mushy disgusting “i love youuuuu” stage?
Me: No! Ahahaha …… that’s a bit too soon, right?
Friend: I don’t know! Sometimes it just comes naturally?
Me: Hmmm …. Nope, I’m not at that stage yet.
Anyway, everyone says that this is the honeymoon period of the relationship where everything is warm and fuzzy, rainbows despite the rain, sugar and spice and everything nice. ;P Nobody says that it lasts forever!

A married friend of a friend once wished his wife was more affectionate towards him, instead of being so reserved. He had sighed and said that just a little bit of effort from his wife was all a man needed, and that was not too much to ask. Sure she keeps the house in spic and span condition and cares for the kids, but what about her as a woman to her husband? For example, a greeting with a kiss at the beginning and at the end of the day wasn’t too much to ask, was it?
Like for many couples, they say the flowers stop coming once a couple is in a steady relationship. Ha! This was what I was told when I gleefully told my friends I had received 3 bouquets for Valentine’s day!
I don’t expect flowers all the time, but hey, a little gesture that means a LOT is good enough. For example, just giving her or him something she or he really likes, and not something you want her to like. (Ahem, now who did you have in mind when you bought her an Xbox for Christmas? ;D)
So is a couple lovey-dovey forever? I’m sure those who have been childhood sweethearts and eventually husband and wife are STILL into each other after all the years, aren’t they?
I guess you cannot measure a honeymoon period based on the exchange of gifts, but the love and affection given and received throughout the period? No? Ok, I’m getting a bit confused here ……..
P.S. I bet someone will say it HAS to be the good sex in bed.

15 thoughts on “The Honeymoon Period”

  1. Bimbo, like it or not, your post begged for these comments. So I shall add mine:
    Yeah guys…” The sex, definitely “….. :)….Oh, and while the ladies are at it, its alright to drop by Xixili once in a while to do some shopping there. Trust me, those credit card charges are ones that the husband wont make any objections about…..

  2. Applegal: That was not a joke right….Please tell me it wasn’t :)……After kissing, hugging and cuddling, without the s*x. Its like being very hungry and then finally getting plain spaghetti but without any gravy…..
    Don’t ever believe a guy who just says he wants to cuddle. Either he has other motives, or, he is a closet case…..Everything a guy does at the end, he will want to lead to sexual pleasure…

  3. Sometimes, girls like romance and guys will give romance but for sex only…In fact, both of them need the same thing lar!!
    Romance = Sex
    Ask yourself this question which one of my friend point out. When your ear is itchy, do u like to put your finger to dig it? Is it very sensational when u start digging your ears or nose? It’s not end when u start digging yeah?? So..who need sex the most??
    I was amazed cause my friend was asking the ladies about it…

  4. the 1st time i saw the title i was like thinking that the story is about the wife menstruating on the honeymoon days and the husband tulan and wanna have sex, so how to solved it, haha guess i was wrong!!

  5. Reading your post and comments, I sensed that the expectation is so great towards the other one party. Somebody complained that the flower stops coming in once a couple is in steady relation ship and the other is complaining that he is not getting enough kisses from his wife. The expectation is so great.
    I’m a married man. What I want for my wife is to make her happy. I’ll always remind myself to have zero expectation from her. And, she is doing the same for me too. Doing so much for me and not asking anything in return. She just want my hugs and kisses.
    Also, try this if you are only at the 1st or 2nd month in a relationship. Leave your gf or bf and go somewhere to work for a month. That will tell how much you miss him or her.
    And finally, having sex is different with making love.

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