The Malaysian Bar Extraordinary General Meeting (“EGM”) @ Wisma MCA – 22.11.2007

Once again, the lawyers gathered at Wisma MCA to discuss on the matters relating to the Lingam tape and the judiciary.

The Lingam tape

Before the EGM could proceed, the quorum of 500 lawyers must be fulfilled. This time was easily fulfilled as by 2.55pm, 553 members signed up. There was a time where the quorum was 1/3 of the members of the Bar (about 12,000 members). Only recently the law was amended to 500 members.

There were 5 resolutions debated – 3 relating to the judiciary and 2 regarding to the Bar elections. Once again, it was filled with drama and juicy stuff. The floor was opened to the lawyers to debate on the proposed resolutions. After debating, the president will close the debate and those present are allowed to vote on the motions.

Microphones were placed on strategic locations of the floor. Prominent lawyers were seen fighting for the microphone to speak.

Before the floor was open to debate, members of the bar were shown the Lingam tape. Many laughed out loud when they heard the words “Correct, Correct, Correct”.

Initially I though the EGM was to discuss on the Lingam tape but soon I realised that it was to discuss on the ‘rot’ in the judiciary as a whole. Some senior lawyers revealed some questionable conduct by unnamed members of the judiciary. Some lawyers blamed the lawyers themselves to be the cause in the ‘rot’ in the judiciary.

One Malay lawyer went up to the microphone urging that the Bar should not make any moves until the Royal Commission’s finding is finalized. He started his speech in Malay, which is very rare as most speeches are made in English. Immediately after the Malay lawyer ended his speech, he was rebuked by other lawyers which included one Malay lawyer who started off his speech with, “Although I am Malay, I will speak English”. The floor burst out laughing.


One of the most important motions was the motion regarding to a suit filed purporting to be on behalf of all members of the Malaysian Bar except for the present president and past president. The suit was to declare that the previous election was void due to certain irregularities. The motion was unanimously passed sending a clear message that the Malaysian Bar does not agree that they are being represented in the said suit.

I didn’t stay until the end of the EGM. By 530pm, my colleagues and I left the hall after voting for the second motion.

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2 thoughts on “The Malaysian Bar Extraordinary General Meeting (“EGM”) @ Wisma MCA – 22.11.2007”

  1. Pretty obvious the Malay guy was planted.
    What a dirty trick.
    The same ethnicity use this same trick over and over again. Even at my condo meeting, they had one guy shout and disrupt the meeting, trying to get everyone to think that the newly-elected volunteer management committe is illegal. Utter crap.
    In newspapers like The Star, you also read really dubious pro-corruption and pro-status-quo letters written in the letters column.
    And that infamous stupid racist “Dr. Ng Seng” who is obviously not Chinese, trying to stir up animosity.

  2. aw: hehe to be fair to the Malay guy, he was quite courteous and was not aggressive at all. he didnt look like he was looking for a fight.

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