The Mall @ Jalan Putra, KL

The Mall, situated across from Pan Pacific Hotel on Jalan Putra, used to be a popular shopping mall in the 80’s and early 90’s. Back then, there was no Midvalley Mega Mall, nor SUnway Pyramid. It was THE place to shop, with Yaohan departmental store.
I remember I loved the stationery from Japan, when I was younger. But they were so expensive! My mum would never allow me to buy too many of them. Sniff.

They now have Parkson Grand instead. With its bright lights, everyone’s complexion looks horrible – every crater, scare and pockmark can been seen ever so clearly. I walk around with my head bent low whenever I’m in Parkson – don’t want you people to see my ugly scars……. though I rarely shop at Parkson, anyway. ;D

Kenny Rogers along a corridor (?) …. which reminds me of McDonald’s at Carrefour Subang. ;D

Back then, I don’t think they had a food court on the lower ground. I had lunch with a friend the other day. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to eat, as I am a fussy eater (unless it’s Japanese).

I remember going there once, to the Registrar of Companies, to check on some company documents. Strange place to have the Registrar of Companies, though.

Businesses there seem to be doing well. But honestly, I don’t know what good deals you can get there so I don’t go there unless I HAVE to.
Tell me what’s there at The Mall, and maybe I’ll visit it more often.
Though it’s rather out of the way for me. ;D

5 thoughts on “The Mall @ Jalan Putra, KL”

  1. Hmm.. have The Mall shut down the “Starlight Express” entertainment center?
    Changed so much, what happened to the fountain? I thought water restrictions only applies in AU :P.

  2. well i show you sue em hung pic la 😛 when i was small i remember there got sue em hung statue there 😛

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