This Morning’s Dream

Last night, I had a strange dream. I don’t know if I can classify it as a dream or a nightmare, but it was just strange. And bad. ;(

I dreamt that I received a call from my best friend’s parents that she had passed away. I started crying and tears just streamed down my face like mini waterfalls and I started to howl like a mad woman that my family thought I was mad.

To lose someone close to me, and to be honest, probably the only girl closest to me was too painful to bear. (This pain is based in my dream, ok.)

So anyway, that same weekend, I had to attend a function with friends. (My dream is quite vague, I honestly don’t remember who I was meeting up with) It was a high tea garden party in a resort and I remember that everyone was so excited to catch up again, except me.

As I took a seat at the table and looked around, I got a shock to see my best friend sitting beside me. I freaked out inside but asked her in a whisper, “Aren’t you dead?”

She nodded.

The chatter around me continued but I stood up to take a walk with my best friend. We started talking. She told me how she died. I told her I couldn’t bear not knowing that she is no longer around for me.

I wanted to touch her to see whether she was real. I brushed my hand against hers and felt a slight tingle. But I didn’t dare to grab hold of her hand. She told me not to be silly, in case passer-bys think I am crazy to be gripping nothingness.

Her parents were still grieving over her but she hasn’t ‘visited’ them yet. She didn’t want to freak them out.

Anyway, when I woke up this morning, I seriously thought about her. About my friendship with other girls. About how no one really knows me like she does. About whether I should have more than one best friend or I’ll be lonely. About whether I should even tell her I dreamt of her (which I decided against it, so I’m telling you instead).

13 thoughts on “This Morning’s Dream”

  1. ZOE: *choi choi choiiiiiii* *touch wood* *sigh*
    KY: you want to bawl like a baby in your dream mehhhhh ;P
    i once dreamt the toilet bowl was flooding … and i was actually pee-ing in bed ;(


    IMO, you should tell your friend if she’s not the very superstitious type. You can either take it as something with meaning behind it, or just a random firing of neurons while you were asleep.

    Or at least reconnect with your GF, and your other GFs. Friends are there for you in some ways family can’t be, and the other way round.



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