Everyday I wake up hoping that my ulcer on my tongue cures. It still hurts today though. Fuck..

It’s been around since Tuesday. I tried all sorts of remedies. I tried rubbing salt on it (ooohh the feeling was ooOoOOohhh). I tried gargling salt water and it sucked. No, I haven’t tried BJ..dont get me wrong, it’s not blow job, it’s Bon Jela, a cream for curing ulcer.

And lately, it seems that loads of people are suffering from ulcer, cough and sore throat. My mum and I are victims of it. It must be the hot weather!!

On the other hand, loads of people blame it on this concept called ‘heaty’. I don’t know how to explain it in English, The word ‘heaty’ is just a direct translation from Chinese. ‘heaty’ IMHO is something like an over consumption of ‘heaty’ products on a person’s body. ‘heaty products’ can be something spicy and fried (even durians are considered heaty).

However, the ‘heaty’ concept seems to be limited on Asian culture. I have neer heard of the word ‘heaty’ from a Westerner. Do Western people have this concept called ‘heaty’? What do Westerners usually blame when they suffer from ulcers or sore throat?

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  1. xes: it’s Bonjela not your immitation brand “Bon Jella”…haha :PThe westerner usually blame too much of BJ for getting sorethroat (for the girls)..infected throat!

  2. nogi: yiuuu..spelling mistadke only maahhbernard: 😀 d00dz: icic.. too much sexual activites cause ulcer, sorethroat adn cough? cool…

  3. They just think Sore Throat n Cough n stuff like that are caused by circulating virus, not due to self-act hehe.. imma Serious!

  4. go to pharmaxy and get a bottle of “Bactidol”. Costs 10 – 11 bucks per bottle. Gargle with it for 40 secs …. will cure in 1 – 2 days. No kidding. works for me all the time.

  5. Damn,i know how u feel, i m currently having this swollen gums thing i believe it might be to do with my wisdom tooth. Can’t eat or drink cos it’s even affecting my throat. it’s been at least 4 days and still it hurts. Took all the medication I could find but argh… still no difference. Get well soon CL!

  6. myke: thanks dude..will try that!! Sharon: well said! makes everthing sounds more scientific now 😀 kekemichaelooi: aaahh..will keep that in mind..i wonder if a mixture of bonjela and bactidol will do any good 😀 might get high with it..mmmmengchoo: you need an operation for that!! remove wisdom tooth!

  7. hey xes, I was juz thinking about the heaty thing being a Malaysian term and not a westerners term. And suddenly here u arem talking abuot it.Cool…………….:PAnyway, i alwiz drink lots of water.Although the tendancy of going to the toilet increases, it does helps in lowering the “heaty-ness” and gif u great complexion as well.Then u’ll b better round the girls.:) Take care xes. Get well soon yah

  8. hehe itz pretty kool.. i just have a mild sorethroat n i’d be able to get an MC with tonsilitis, or If its just Flu and Cough the doc would be like “oo u caught the bug!!” whereas in malaysia they’re like aiya you will be fine tomorow lah.. but u wan mc ornot 😛

  9. Gavin: sure bo..make sure u faint when im there man..wahhahastranger: mmm i think ‘heaty’ is a chinese term..never heard indians or malays say anything about it..gunni: thanks 😀 sharon: HEHEHEHEHEHEE but in aussie, if you get a cold..you’ll be bed ridden right? 😀 choochootrain: aiyo, better do something about it before its too late! operation!!!

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