Upcoming Event – My Birthday

My birthday is coming up this Monday. I’ve fixed certain dates to celebrate with different group of friends. Saturday is going to be ivN, Sow and the rest, Sunday’s gonna be with A, Monday afternoon and night with colleagues and parents respectively. Next Sunday is gonna be with the old Sheffield mates!
I’m so not looking forward to it. :s
*naf Nottifish is soooo tired says:
u’re gonna go ICU this year ma FCKER!
so going to FRY IN HELL CHI BAI!
xes @ Office says:

Official Barfbag holder for ivN’s birthday 2007

Sow – Official Barfbag Holder 2006 for my birthday

Sow on left with a blue plastic bag – my birthday 2003
*naf Nottifish is soooo tired says:
no man
this Time its going to be all out on the floor
xes @ Office says:
ill make sure ill puke on u!
*naf Nottifish is soooo tired says:
bring it la bro
as long as u puke
I dont want to end up like Nottifish in 2004.


15 thoughts on “Upcoming Event – My Birthday”

  1. the last pic is disgusting :'(
    Happy b’day xes, nian nian kuai le, wish you all the best in career, love life, and etc .. etc (lost words to say) πŸ˜›

  2. mission accomplished… not bad Hoh the chai mui game someone.. lucky each Time i lost got Don and Ivan.. “EHHH ITS TIME LA!!! YUMMM!!!!!! happy BIRTHDAY!!!”… i loose u also got to drink.. LOL

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