Visitor from the highway..

Jane and I went to Pangkor Island for a night’s trip.

It was great. Even though the beach wasn’t top quality, we got to snorkle at a nearby island. We could see fishes swimming around. And it only cost RM40!

Driving back home was tedious though. I had to brave through a long stretch of trunk roads with single lane. It was pitch dark and most of the time, I depend on my luck when overtaking cars!!

While driving on the North-South highway, our car was overpowered with the smell of bunga kemboja (frangipani flower). First I thought it was due to Jane perfume. But I soon realised that Jane doesn’t have perfume that smells of frangipani.

Then the next thing that struck my mind was… pontianak (Malay female vampire). Malay folklore had it that if you smell kemboja flowers at night, that means a female vampire is nearby. My hair began to stand. I had to do something about it. I decided to ask her to leave….

“Kak, tolong jangan kacau kak” (Miss, Please dont disturb us)
“Kami students kak” (We’re students miss)
Jane: ????? Are you talking to me?

The smell went off suddenly. I was so relieved. The hair on my neck and face were standing!! I felt like a bear, you know, bears have hairy face… However, the smell came back again….

“Kak, tolong jangan kacau kak” (Miss, please dont disturb us)
“Kami nak balik Kuala Lumpur…” (We want to go back to Kuala Lumpur)

Few moments after I finish that sentence, the smell went off again.

It never came back again.

Maybe the smell came from a long stretch of kemboja trees on the highway. Superstition? I rather not take the chance. I dont want to wake up in the middle of the night to find a lady smelling of kemboja standing in my room!!!!!!! @_@

34 thoughts on “Visitor from the highway..”

  1. Fuck wei… i had* to read that la when it’s friggin 4 in the morning… ISH! oh yea i have to pass you the cd with butterfly pics for jane, when ar?

  2. whyrl: hehe most likely u’ve seen it before la.
    afser: aiyer no thanks .
    Joyce: mmmm maybe tonight fo Glow? 😀 Jane’s leaving this Sunday

  3. lol. i’ve driven on that route my whole life, and never smell flowers of any sort. gee~!
    oh, and there are still two sure ‘unpolluted’ beaches in Pangkor.. but i can’t seem to remember their names.

  4. eeksss.. this is super scary. I have heard of pontianak stories b4 in the highway, mostly 3rd account and this is the first time i hear direct from a person. Scary.
    Erm… i don’t know how a kemboja flower smells like… hahahahahahaa.. so how?

  5. yeah its weird when u smell something flowery at nite, especially in the middle of nowhere … but sometimes you will smell something foul too … which the stink is so unbearable ..
    just be polite and tell the “object” not to disturb you … thats what i hear from old folks … or just shut the hell up
    never never never make comments like “walau kaninia, what the fuck is that smell …”
    do that and that it la … !!!
    and Highway where got Kemboja tree la?

  6. should have explain to jane what was going on marh, then milk it for what it’s worth..kek…KEKEKEK 😀

  7. Nothing will happen in the car because of the presence of girl’s panties. And for safety at night…
    Btw, have you heard of anybody dying from pontianak as opposed to – say – cancer?

  8. acid: wah that means the smell was from a pontianak? unplluted beach? coral bay? 😀 i think there are many small small islands near pangkor
    pikey: i’ll try to take a picture for u to see. i got them outsidem y house 😀
    johlin: nvm nvm , u’re in england now. no pontianak there. but i got ghost stories from england!!
    Sui Lin: what u laughing at ler?
    Applegal: yeah wor, even when both of us are there!
    pennypupz: smells like u hehe
    fer: eh? jasmine also equals to kemboja? according to dictionary, kemboja means frangipani. or is it another flower?
    earlku: my windows were closed and i was driving at 120KM/H!!
    jolingx: smell like haggis maybe
    hornyfaai: 99.9% of my post are real la
    Darren: yeah then they will have a bitch fight hehe
    dogma: wanted to la. but damnscared wei
    YUMMIE: yao mou, u got any stories to share?
    Jon: wah didnt know malay ghost scare u jon hehe
    fishfish: she will this sunday :~~(
    rogue: hehe i agree. supernaturals aren’t one of the highest causes of death in this world (never heard of a reliable case though). But i was afraid that she might pop up suddenly while i’m driving at 120KM/H.
    Sharon: jane smell it too!!
    Gavin: dont lie la, when there is trouble, you’re the first to run hehe

  9. wah.. then thats real freaky wei.. just now when i drove back home alone passing some dark and quiet roads.. i thought of ur entry.. then i faster high-light and drive a lil faster man

  10. … freakyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    jasmine are those hindus who uses it for praying rite …
    but haven seen kemboja before …
    hey anyone see the movie – “Stigmata”
    the girl in the movie had some kinda flowery scent too …

  11. NEVER post any england ghost stories!!! >;(
    And omg…now, i`m NEVER going to be able to drive alone at night EVER again…

  12. eeer…y ppl think pontiank is a melay ar? Cannot be chinese or indian meh? Then again, anyone know a good Indian ghost story or not? huh..tell tell..can ar?

  13. Two from penang. You know the underpass which you’ll go through if you cross the bridge from Prai and head to town? Well, before they banned motorcycles from using the underpass there were A LOT of deaths. But people still used it anyway. One of my tuition teachers was travelling back at 4am. As he went in, he could see a crocodile in the middle of the tunnel. He went out the other way and the incident never made the news.
    The other one is so scary I don’t want to remember it!

  14. Liew: woi i never!!
    frank : when u say indian ghost stories..all i could think of is indian ghosts dancing and singing..just like hindi movies
    johlin: ehhh.. i posted some english ghost stories before wei.. read my Ghost stories section on the right hand side of my main page!
    earlku: i’ll post a picture of kemboja soon!
    honfaai: LOL but u should be more afraid of robbers than ghost la hehe

  15. Smelt jasmine flowers in my room a few weeks ago. Think Estee Lauder’s floral perfume. Soon after that, my late grandma appeared in front of a family member staying in the same house. The smell doesn’t necessary mean it’s from a pontianak. 🙂

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