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Sorry about the down time, the server’s initial 3 hours downtime was extended to more than 24 hours.

Anyway, yesterday, Cynthia, Wen Dee and I went to an introductory talk about law profession at Skr1ne, one of the largest law firms in Malaysia. Initially the talk was supposed to be given by Mr. Lee, a senior partner of the firm but he couldn’t make it so Mr. Eow replaced him. Another lawyer, Mr Suaran gave a talk too. The talk was really good and informative.

Initially, we thought there would be a lot of people attending the talk but surprisingly there were only 18 people who attended.

The law firm occupies 4 stories with 200 plus employees and 90 plus partners. Their reception area was impressive but once we got into the offices, it looks pretty run down. However, the IT department (the one which I’m interested in) is literally full of GIRLS. WOO HOO. Furthermore, the law firm is opposite HELP College with loads of college girls. 😀

The trio cleared up a lot of misconceptions. For example, people say there are too many lawyers around. However, Mr Suaran said in his years of experience, he has never heard of any lawyers who were unemployed. Furthermore, there are 10,000 lawyers in Malaysia for 23 million people in Malaysia, since when there are too many lawyers?

Mr Lee said the law profession is like a marathon. It seems that most starting lawyers quit the law profession in 3 years time. Some couldn’t take the stress and nature of the work. The hardest and stressful part is litigation work, which involves going to court and arguing in court. Sometimes the judges would pick on you and for the girls, even sexually harass them. Mr Suaran gave an example. A lawyer wore black and white attire but his tie was green. So in court, the lawyer puts out his argument clearly but the judge said, “Mr Singh, I can’t hear you”. One pitch goes up, and repeats the sentence. The judge said again, “Mr Singh, I can’t hear you”. Another pitch goes up but the judge said, “I can hear you Mr Singh but I can’t HEAR you in COURT. Go get proper attire! ”. After all hardworking preparation for a case, such incident shatters a lawyer’s ego.

After the talk, we were given a brief tour around the 4 stories office. All I could see is a lot of papers stack everywhere.

I was stuck in the rush hour jam for 2 hours. I was so tired by the end of the night.

10 thoughts on “website back and skrine talk”

  1. Hey, are you guys gonna sit for the CLP thingie? I heard from my friends that only the top 3% got through every time? Is the thing going to be in BM or what? Shit..this is scary!

  2. 20%-30% is still shitloads scary but at least better than the 3% I heard. And like how you are not allowed to work not even as paralegal while doing the CLP is absolutely crazy. Money not enough!!! Sel-20 yr old- 2nd yr Law student in Monash Uni in Melbourne. Very unfortunate-_-

  3. right… 2nd year law student in Monash Uni is unfortunate…3rd year law student in Uni of Tas is a joke? loL~

  4. keke i dont think u have time to work when you’re doing CLP..too many shits to do 😀 lulu law student too? weekiat…keke law is onz okay kee

  5. yes, luLu is doing law 😛 err~ half-Law perhaps!!luLu has a stooopid question! luLu got this funny idea, somewhere, somehow that ppL from the east do not have to do CLp (that is, if they opt to practice back there)!! only nine months of legal prac?!

  6. Yes, people who opt to practise back in East M’sia do not have to sit for CLP. But I was told it’d be better to sit for the CLP just in case the govt changes the law in the future. Better to be safe than sorry.

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