Website fucked

Ok website was fucked last night. Thank you wheimeng for fixing it. All comments since Tuesday has been lost.

I guess I’ll just repost my Wednesday blog cause Ivan wants his free promotion back.

General Paper this morning. It went..mmm..alright, loads of people fuckup the paper. It’s either they ran out of time or left out couple of important stuff.

I think I did fine, but not my best though. I was pretty annoyed with the sounds and movements in the exams hall. Someone kept on coughing for throughout the wholeeeee exam and I was so, so distracted. At one point I wanted to stand up and shout, “SHUT YOU FUCKING MOUTH YOU ASSHOLE!!”

Then there was this nerdy looking girl. She was grinning throughout the entire examination period. Every minute I look at her, she would be grinning and smiling. I wonder what’s on her mind. Could it be..

“this paper is so easy, I’m going to score!” or,
“This paper is soo shittt..yeahhh baby I love ittt…” or
“That cute guy is looking at me, I’m so happy!!”

All I can say is, exam stress makes you go crazy.

Sui Lin leaves for Melbourne tomorrow. Have a safe flight, will see you in December! 😀 now now..dont cry..

Sui Lin’s last day. Picture courtesy of Ivan of

Lastly, a big thank youuuuu to Melethril from Austria!! She made me a blinkie

Hey there xes,

Made you a little blinkie to cheer you up, you didn’t seem to be in a very good mood lately 😀
Hope you’ll like it, if you don’t like the colors I can change them.

Take care,
~Melethril <3

w00t w000tt!!

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  1. heh…good luck with the exams!oh and…I laugh / giggle hysterically when I don’t know the answers to the exams…I also cannot explain la, I think it’s panic.

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