what if…

The exam is over now, finally. I felt relived but at the same time, lost. I am still trying to figure out what should I do next. My contract for my apartment is expiring in the middle of September….what I shall do. Shall I find a job first then find a new place or shall I find a place then find a job? What shall I do if I don’t get into the bloody quota? Shall be a legal clerk and in the meantime attend classes religiously, part time, during the weekend or shall I be doing something else and try again a year later?
P.S. If everything I wrote about does not make any sense…don’t bother reading them…i am writing this on a semi conscious mind. Yes, I am high on alcohol…in another word; I am quite fuck already…hehehhehe

4 thoughts on “what if…”

  1. erm, a lot of times ppl would feel lost after the exam.. i wonder why..! anyway, i’m gotta repeat what i always tell myself, there’s always bright light waiting for you at the end of the tunnel..! so no matter what happens to you next, all the best and good luck!

  2. its pretty amusing that when you write in a subconscious manner, 9/10 attempts were actually nothing close to be bothered about.so don’t worry Frank, its probably not that serious to be concerned about anyway.

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