What you should get for your girlfriend for Christmas!


Dear Men in the World,

Christmas is coming. It is time to crack your head what to buy for your other half. If your other half expects nothing fancy, congratulations to you. But if your other half expects something fancy, well, take my advice, buy her a smart phone. Here’s why:-

1. Save money on SMS. With Whatapps, emails and other instant communication programs, you no longer need to text her.

2. Track her whereabouts. Install Foursquare on her phone and teach her how to use it. Once she’s addicted, you don’t need to worry when she is not picking up the phone. Oh, teach her how to avoid stalkers too.

3. Keep her busy. With internet connection and games, you can keep her busy while you’re having a beer with your buddies or watching the game. This would lessen requests such as “I WANT TO GO HOME NAO!!”, ‘I’m bored” or “Your friends stink”. Smurfs’ Village seems to be ladies’ favourite.

4. Keep her safe. Install the MyDistress App for her. This App allows user to connect directly to Polis Diraja Malaysia Selangor Contingent. If she has no opportunity to call the police, just get her to click on that button. And it works!

5. Good quality pictures. Most Smartphones come with good quality camera. Here you can get your other half to send you naughty nice decent pictures.

And some pictures of her hot friends too….who you would like to introduce to your buddies.

Yeah sure… introduce to your buddies

6. Get brownie points. She will love you big time. Nuff’ said.

If you’re wondering which Smartphone to get, get the Samsung Galaxy SII.

You have probably read my earlier review of Samsung Galaxy SII. Many of the extra features of this phone are highlighted at the I Love Samsung Website.

Like many other smartphone, this gadget can connect to a CCTV system. You can keep your family safe to see the vicinity of your home through your CCTV system.

Mr Douglas explains how the CCTV works…

It’s also useful for makeup apparently..

The supa emulat display is blight an slarp.. its vivid..i can use it as a millor…

With 8.49mm thin and feather-light weight of 116g, this device is perfect for your lady’s handbag. If your lady’s handbag gets snatched, just activate the auto destruct command to blast the thief into pieces.

And it is only RM1,899 (cheaper than buying her a LV Bag and Tiffany & Co accessories)!

Check out I Love Samsung Website for more features!

Yours Sincerely,

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