When I am 65…


When I am 65, I would like to…

be able to travel

Be able to eat good food

still be able to do some sports..

and also be still practicing a lawyer…

When I first started my career as a lawyer, I never see myself retiring from the profession. I thought I could work past the usual retirement age (65 years old) and probably die in the office. Unfortunately, the reality in life doesn’t permit me to do so. By the time I am old, my physical ability would deteriorate, my brain wouldn’t work as fast as now and my business contacts would either be dead or retired. In short, I would not make as much money as I could. Say goodbye to traveling and good food.

I did a test on retirement calculator on Prudential’s website, http://www.whatsyournumber.com.my and based on the results, I would need at least RM3million for me to live comfortably until I am 90 years old!

I may need to work extra hard and a lot of luck to achieve that amount. In the meantime, I could invest in some financial products as the Prudential PRUretirement growth and PRUretirement accumulator (More details at http://www.whatsyournumber.com.my))

The other way is to join Prudential’s “What’s Adam’s Number’ challenge”. The challenge is quite simple – just figure out Adam’s (a fictional character) retirement number and stand a chance to win a share in RM200,000 worth of prizes.

The challenge will run for 4 weeks from 2nd Dec 2009 and in each week, new clues will be revealed to help players get closer to Adam’s number. The Prudential Retirement Calculator is designed specifically to calculate the retirement number using those clues.

The fastest and most accurate answers will win a share of the prizes that comes in the form of a retirement plan, all paid for by Prudential: 1x Grand Prize of RM100,000 placed in a PRUretirement accumulator plan, and 8x consolation prizes of RM12,500 each placed in the same plan. Winners will have a kick start in a retirement plan that will grow in value and provides guaranteed monthly payouts after 10 years, all without any cost to the winners.

For more info, on the challenge, check out Prudential’s website at http://whatsyournumber.com.my/

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