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The daughter of one of my neighbours is getting married today, no, not one of the problematic neighbours. But this neighbour of mine has this annoying habit of turning up the volume of her karaoke machine while singing. I mean super loud! Furthermore, she can’t sing for nuts. Anyway, her daughter is pretty, so I guess I’ll forgive her for singing so loud. Oh wait! She’s getting married. MA FUCKING BITCH!! My neighbour sings like a toad!!

Anyway, here are some photos from Kim’s birthday.

Back, L-R : Me, Ben, Cris, Gavin.
Front, L-R : Perry, Sui Lin, Lynnzter, Su Fee

The weather in Kuala Lumpur is getting crazy. The day would be hot like kukuciao while during the evening it would rain heavily.

Rain in Kuala Lumpur = Traffic jam
Heavy rain in Kuala Lumpur = MASSIVE traffic jam + flood!

I was stuck in a bloody jam during the rush hour after work today. It was raining hence it made it even worst. I don’t mind driving slowly but the problem is, those fuckup Malaysian drivers can’t seem to give way to people no matter what. They would do whatsoever tricks in order to stop you from getting into their lane. man..those fuckers should be shot.

12 thoughts on “work today”

  1. ryuu: you paedophile!! haha 😀 stinkles: it’s not pork’s actually roasted floppyheheheh yeah..the guy in the 3rd photo will put your rabbit into cold water, hot water, cold water..kekek

  2. kim: drinking is good for ur health..heheheraine: this saturday duta vista ah? free booze? kekepennypup: what kukuciao u talking about? u got some MMC girls to intro to me is it?

  3. nolahhhhh……sumthing much better than that….aiyo just call me lar…..i swear u will SO regret it if u dont call…..AHAhHAhHAhHahah……MUahAHhAhhAhHAhAHhAha

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