World Cup: Finals

Brazil wins the world cup by beating Germany 2 – 0 at Yokohama, Japan. I was watching the world cup finals at Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur on big screens. There are about 5 huge screens around that area and about few thousand people on the streets. The place was packed, smelly, wet and worst of all, we cant even see the huge television screen! Furthermore, it rained throughout the first half, we were all soaking wet! The organisers stupidly placed the television on the ground and everyone had to push around to get a good view of the tv. My friends and I settled for a highly placed television screen. However, the match was showed by our national television channel and not cable, the match was delayed 3 seconds!
The Brazilian supporters went mad after the final whistle. Most of them, half drunk chanted, danced, hugged each other as if Brazil was their home country. My friends and I stayed for a while to watch the fabulous closing ceremony before headed to Jalan Alor for yummy Beef Noodles!
The other final.
The World’s worst football team, Montserrat lost to the World’s second worst football team, Bhutan.
Slinky was disastrous. The dj was late 3 hours and he plays lousy music. Despite that, I had a great time! My friends and I arrived at 11:30PM. t0rnflesh and his girlfriend, Leia was already there but the club was totally empty. My friends and I conquered the dance floor and started putting powder on it to smoothen the dance floor. I was running around with my camera snapping pictures with my friends.
The atmosphere was perfect, an almost empty club but with just my friends around. It was as if a private party! However, after 2am, the club started to pack.
I met loads of people today. There was this 26-year-old girl nicknamed devil69 that I knew from my communityzero. She was celebrating her birthday in Elements. She was fucking drunk but yet we still managed to take a picture with her. And then there’s this guy named Mavic who approached me and asked whether I was the guy who was dancing on a video. It seems that he saw the Melbourne Shuffle video I made for my friends.
Ju Leun dropped by at 3am. He was pretty fucked by then because he had been drinking at Beach Club. He sneaked into our club without paying the RM30 cover charge we paid.
By 5am, we were fucking tired. Hence, we headed straight home.