Writing Blogs @ New Straits Times

This was an event organised by New Straits Times where Suanie was one of the coordinators and also the main speaker.

Suanie and me

There were around 30 participants, ranging from young college kids to white haired uncles.

My slot was just right after Timothy Tiah of Nuffnang who spoke about Blogs and Monetization. A and I came earlier hence we managed to catch Timothy in action. It was a very interesting talk. It definitely captured the attention of the audience. Timothy was an excellent speaker as well. He spoke about how to make money from blogging. His key advice is that don’t blog to make money. Top bloggers in Malaysia didn’t start off with making money as their main goal.

Tim toking

Timothy’s strawberry umbrella. wahahah

Timothy, me, Suanie and Audrey before my talk.

When it came to my turn, I whipped out my new slides at the projector. I gave a talk on the Malaysian laws applicable to blogs. I started off with a warning to the audience that it will be boring and its going to be a law lecture.

A few members of the audience were quite engaging. They kept asking me questions throughout the talk.

Me doing the macarena

It was supposed to be an hour talk but I got too long winded. I usually don’t rehearse for my talk and I usually do them spontaneously. I guess that’s why I screw my timing out. I had to go through the last slides at motorboat speed again to ensure I don’t eat up everyone’s lunch time.

Eventually, I finished it slightly after lunch time. I was glad that I managed to cover the entire slides with everyone still awake.

hmmm..who emailed me..

Listening to questions and then giving wrong answers

If you want a copy of my slides, please email me!

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