Yanks at a Roundabout

I got this from a forwarded mail.
Imagine you are driving in England and you are already confused enough driving on the left side. Then you see this sign:

and you ask yourself “what’s gonna happen here ?”
all of a sudden there it is …

The magic roundabout!
Supposedly there are 3 or 4 of these in England.
In Swindon, in London and Cardiff (England???).
In the middle the direction is reversed.

Those Brits are crazy. No wonder that god put them on an island.

20 thoughts on “Yanks at a Roundabout”

  1. omg that’s frickin mad! if they ever built that in Malaysia, you’ll see a sign within one week (AWAS: KAWASAN KEMALANGAN!) and the later figures will not be recorded for each year but instead by months and… oh well.. you get the picture

  2. aiyak.. i ter enter b4 i finish typing šŸ˜€ .. i was abt to say also that if they put that roundabout in the roundabout near ss15, metropolitan , ss14 and sunway.. i think there would be 23253254365465475097 accidents in the 1st month itself šŸ˜€

  3. I once tried driving from Essex to London and we ended up all the way in Southend! ROFL! Missing good ol’ Britain!

  4. Holy marder of god. I hate runabouts. And now wif this……. Shit….
    Some tourist is gonna fark it and create a super pile up.

  5. Thank God we didn’t come across this horror. Otherwise, we would have ended up in Scotland perhaps and not in Southend! LOL!

  6. Not that happening during winter lah. Beach place, bah! But we went in summer for airshow lah! Not bad just too cold! *shudders*

  7. Selina: hehehe, i ‘ve not been to Southend. Brighton is good place to go during summer. BTW, summer is cold, huh? Different from summer of 2003…hot like mad. Even hotter than Malaysia. I almost fainted in the tube…

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