Zero and O

The other day, on the phone…
me: Can i speak to Y, plz?
Clerk: Y is not in.
me: Can you ask Y to call me back? My number is xxx-xxxx six o five six.
Clerk: huh? Six what five six?
me: Six o five Six.
Clerk: Huh? Six what?
me: six O five six!
Clerk: ooooh, six ZERO five six izzit?
me: …..

14 thoughts on “Zero and O”

  1. This is damn funny, haha…nice to meet you…i will be joining some firms as pupil soon! Maybe we will see each other in court next time..! And..i wanna go Japan too!

  2. hi Frank…yeah if i can recognise you guys! and if my firm does a lot of litigation work..interview on Friday..wish me luck!!! 🙂

  3. pikey and yvonne: I am too used to it to “Oh”
    Sheryl: You must “run” the Court and OR/OA offices during your chambering period if you wanna get a feel of the profession.

  4. Frank : I don’t know which firm to go to the process of next week i will know..thanks for the kind advice though~!

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