Zheng He commemorative stamps

Pos Malaysia Berhad’s has issued new stamps to commemorate the 600th anniversary of Malaysia-China relationship.

The stamps and First Day Cover pay tribute to Admiral Zheng He, the greatest navigator during the China’s Ming Dynasty who paved the way for the establishment of the enduring relationship between Malacca, and subsequently Malaysia, and China as well as bringing to light the influences that came along with Admiral Zheng He’s voyages that had since become parts and parcels of the present Malacca community.
I went for the launch @ the Philatelic Department of Pos Besar. There were loads of people. People in Malaysia actually queue up to buy stamps!!

This stall opens every time Pos Besar opens its doors for Stamp Collectors to purchase its new stamps. Unlike some stamps collectors I know, this nice lady offers stamps at reasonable price.

Being a young collector, many stamp traders tries to take advantage of me by selling me stamps at exorbitant prices. These unscrupulous traders should be shot, hung and served as breakfast.

People fixing their stamps on envelopes.
Postal authorities from China’s mainland, Hong Kong and Macao has also jointly issue commemorative stamps marking the 600th anniversary of the ancient Chinese navigator and diplomat Zheng He’s seven voyages to the Western Seas.

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  1. bent: yup! better get it quick before they sell out!
    jasmine: you should! 😀 its running out already i think
    baby: no la. im not happening la. i just like to collect stamps. hehe

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