1U Pre CNY

Sam and I had lunch at 1U. Don joined us for a while. Since Chinese New Year is around the corner, festive decorations are up on every shopping mall. 1 Utama built a huge replica of a castle and had performances on it.

Before Chinese New Year, Chinese would shop for new clothes to mark the new year. I did my part, I bought a white T-shirt for work. Court rules dictates that all lawyers shall wear black and white in court.

While Sam was trying out her new tops, I walked to the G2000 section. I saw a nice white shirt @ G2000.
Unfortunately, I had an unpleasant encounter while trying out my new shirt.
I have read many stories on how Malaysian’s English are different than English’s English.
The white shirt was on the display rack and the sales boy told me that they don’t have any stock left. So I asked, “Do you think this would still be in good quality?”.
A typical Englishman’s answer would be, “Yes sir, absolutely”.
However, instead of the “Yes sir”, the bloody Sales boy replied,
At that moment, I felt like punching his face.

8 thoughts on “1U Pre CNY”

  1. ooh 1Utama, that reminded me when i was there, me and my fren got lost because we wanted to find crepe express hehe, which reminds me i haven’t shop for CNY, gotta shop!

  2. Kekeke… so u didn’t buy it?
    That’s not too bad u know. Last time I wanted to try a pair of shoes. No shopkeeper were there. Then I asked another shopkeeper…
    “Me not incharge in that session. U wait. She go for tea time. Be back…”
    “…” fish fish.

  3. fishfish : ehh no shopkeeper? tapau the shoes oni lah! 😛
    anyway 1u banyak workers like this wan.. damn rude rite.. u should’ve like answered him back “KNN No respect wan ar?!” then storm out the shop.. nyehehe i would do that ;ppppp
    BUT! if lengchai then diff story lah ;p

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