Melaka 2005

Hen, Umeng, Peng, Jin Han, Soon Yean, Soon Loong, Wai Keong, YK and I went to Melaka (another state in Malaysia)for a night’s trip. We started our journey late, approximately about 5PM.
It only took us 1 ½ hours to get there. I slept throughout the entire journey to Melaka. It felt like a 10 minutes trip for me. Some bugger took a photo of me sleeping with my mouth I hate it when people take pictures of me sleeping!!

We settled down at Hen’s place. Cleaned up the place and Monkeyed around the place. WK and I found some nice boulders to boulder. But we got told off by one of the admins there.

For dinner, we tried satay celup, one of Melaka’s famous dishes. It’s just like our KL’s version of boiling saliva aka Luk Luk, another dish where you dip your food in boiling water. However, satay celup has nothing to do with the Malay satay or charcoal roasted kebab. Instead of boiling water, we had boiling peanut curry to cook our food. The process is simple, get frozen uncooked food on stick and then boil them in the peanut curry. We had over 100 sticks!

Then the next morning, I had diarrhoea. /me eats charcoal pills.

18 thoughts on “Melaka 2005”

  1. stoom: yes, looks like shit, but its good shit and makes you shit afterthat.
    sarah: my friend recommended that laaaa they say its d best! hehe

  2. Ai yar~ u know wat xes, got to give u a muck for that. I’ve been thinking bout satay celup these few days. Just becoz another blogger telling me she will be goin to Melaka, and ask me if I want to go. The very 1st thing came across my mind… SATAY CELUP!! I had it once, can’t forget it till now. But hor, I think not this shop. 😛 Arrrggghhh~~~~~ i miss that!!

  3. blossom: oh i was back in KL already!
    acid: errr..
    david: sure, when u earn your millions! u can get a house next to the beach!
    fishfish: hehehe nvm la. u can make ur own in japan..just learn how to make peanut curry hehe
    pikey: eh?? i tot halo cafe is above ktz? btw i live near oug plaza hehe
    Darren: they dont hve it in miri? 😀 u should start on in miri then!

  4. My uncle stays in Melaka and brought my family and I to eat satay celup. He says that better be there early because if ur there late, someone/s might already have celup celup. So the late comes will eat the early bird’s saliva….

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