Muay Thai Christian’s first class

I went for my weekly Muay Thai training again. It wasn’t so tiring this time and our new instructor, Christian, is good. He concentrated more on the techniques and hence we spent more than half an hour improving our techniques. His training is much different from others. While the other instructors concentrate on the power and the right techniques, Christian on the other hand based his training on relaxation. Muay Thai is all about relaxation and the most comfortable technique.

I received my pocket watch, which I bought from eBay. I’ve no idea how to use it. Any idea?

sweet and sour pork

I cooked sweet and sour pork dinner for my housemates today. It was easy. All I did was just marinate the pork with sugar, salt, sesame oil and egg. After that mix it with corn flour and deep-fry it. For the sauce, mix tomato sauce (loads of them), sugar (2 teaspoon), salt (1 teaspoon), light soy sauce, sour plum sauce and pineapple juice. Then fry chopped onion, capsicum and pineapple with the pork. Finally, pour the sauce into the wok and let it simmer for a while.

I mailed my dad about my Oxford trip and in reply he said,
I read about your interesting trip to Oxford. About 15-20years ago I went to Oxford once on a business trip. I stayed in an old historical hotel in the city. It was very cold (during Feb or so) and the heater in my room was not warm enough. I had to ask the hotel people to get another portable heater to my room.

At that time my host there was a British engineer who worked in a research lab near Oxford (not Oxford U). A couple of years later, this engineer went to South East Asia on a business trip. When he arrived in KL on a Saturday night, he stayed in the KL Hilton Hotel. But the next morning, he was found murdered inside his room. I was thus entangled in this murder case as my name was found in his visit list in his room ( I was supposed to meet him on Sunday for lunch together ). I went with my company’s boss to check the room (blood stains on the wall ) , identify his things, go to the General Hospital to identify the body ( went into the cold room that stored all the dead bodies ), make statements to the police etc.

But after all these, the police could not find why he was murdered and who murdered him, even after my company put up a reward for information. After about 7 (?) years later, there was a legal closing of the case. I went to the Sessions Court in KL as a witness. After some legal discussions among all the legal people there, the case was declared closed and the police ceased to investigate. Poor soul.

Carrot cake!

16 Watson Rd is a food haven. Food doesn’t seem to run out and everything taste great. 2 days ago, Wen Dee made Banana cake and the next day Mindy made butter cake and obviously they were good. And today, Wen Dee is baking another cake, mmm, carrot cake for dessert.

Last Muay Thai training Sunday classes

Muay Thai training was almost cancelled today due to the fact that Wicker Camp’s (the gym that provides us with the instructors) refusal to conduct Sunday classes. Scotty decided to continue with the training without instructors with some fitness exercise. There weren’t many of us and everything seemed to be very informal. There was once one guy took over Scotty’s place and taught us how to punch properly. From this week onwards, there will be no more Sunday classes, thanks to Wicker Camp.

For the umpteenth time, I felt nausea while training. I couldn’t even stand and felt like puking. I used to have the same problem when I did kick boxing but it stopped when I started training often. Fortunately, I felt better after I rested for few minutes.