Mum and dad dropped Melody and I at the airport as Dad wanted to go home early to sleep. I didn’t mind at all. I’ll see them sooner or later anyway.

Melody accompanied me. We took some pictures and chatted. This time, she didn’t cry at all. Oh I’m so proud of her. Hehe

I was so happy when I saw my seat. It’s one of those seats with no seats in front. Ah, this should be a comfy journey. I spoke too soon. I sat beside a couple with a baby. While behind me, there were 2 small kids. Throughout the whole journey, all I hear is continuous whine, screams and cries. I barely slept. To add salt to wound, I somehow contracted influenza. I sneezed and sneezed throughout the whole journey. I spent more time blowing my nose than sleeping.

The lady (the couple) who sat next to me breastfed her little girl occasionally. She covered herself with a blanket and even her face while doing so.

She’s a nice lady. She calls me a gentleman and even gave me a peppermint lozenge for my flu. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in a state to chat with both them. The best I did was just exchanging smiles with the baby.

Arrived in Sheffield 14 hours later. I quickly collect my luggage and headed straight to the train station. Oh yeah, by the way, I managed to smuggle in 6 cartons of cigarettes. I’m selling them for 20quid per carton.

My room didn’t change much. Frank did a good job cleaning it up. However, the toilet was a little stinky. There was even shit stain on the toilet seat. I had to clean it up.


Puspa, my maid, made Nasi Beryani for me today. How sweet of her. Initially she invited me to her place for lunch but mum ordered her to cook at home. However, my kitchen hasn’t been used for years. There weren’t enough utensils, cooking pot and even washing liquid. She had to struggle to cook.

Puspa used to cook dinner for me everyday but stopped couple of years ago after she quit the job. She had a fight with my mum and then she walked out from the house. We never heard from her for years (she has been our maid since I was in primary school). Fortunately, she came back recently and started working again.
8:00PMLeaving in 2 days. sad…


What a bitch man. I bumped into one of my juniors from Sheffield at Atria today (unfortunate I forgot her name but she’s well known in Sheffield for her good looks). She was with a guy friend. I went up to her and said hi. She looked at me and replied “hi” and turned back to her friend. She seemed quite rude but I decided to continue the conversation.
“When are you leaving?”
“Tomorrow”. She did not smile. She was giving me the “go away” look.
I thought she didn’t recognize me or probably I got the wrong person.
I asked again, “Are you from Sheffield?”
“Yes” and her face turned sour.
Ok that does it! Cocky bitch!
To save some dignity that was crushed into pieces by her rudeness, I said, “Ok, I’ll see you in Sheffield”. I swear there were fumes coming out from my ears and nose.
7:27PMThe Bar application closes tomorrow and i’m still not dont with it yet. The application is fucking hard to fill up. I need to write an essay on my
Reason for choice of career
Evidence of intellectual ability
Inter-personal skill
Advocacy and public speaking
Personal Organisation skills

I’m surely having a hard to craping all the way to bar school.

Judge Jules

Kachie and Esmund were supposed to celebrate their birthday together at Bangsar. We were supposed to meet up at 11pm. Lock and I arrived at 11pm and drank 3 jugs of Midori Illusion at echo while waiting for them. 1 hour later, they haven’t arrived yet. Melody and I had to leave early for Atmosphere. I had to call kachie and Esmund to apologize.

Judge Jules was spinning at Atmosphere. Everyone was looking forward for his gig. The crowd was good but his music sucks big time. He was playing all sorts of old tracks and soft thumping music. However, there were only couple of times he played hard thumping music, the crowd went wild.

Atmosphere was super pack. So pack that walking was a problem. However, we found a spot upstairs, just outside the toilet. We spent the entire night there.

Tom was extremely excited with Judge Jules. He went on and on about Judge Jules for few days. I met up with him at Atmosphere and chatted with for few seconds. I told him that I’ll meet up with him later and he even promised to text me later. However, in the end of the night, the last thing I know was he was heading to the shittiest club in the world, Warp disco.

There were plenty of Melbourne Shufflers on our spot. Ben the powder boy brought enough powder for all of us.

Sleepy, need to wake up early to play football tomorrow morning.


Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines will be in theaters on the 2nd of July 2003. Hopefully it’s not going to be a flop as the teaser shows the movie to be very promising. This time Arnold wouldnt be saying “I’ll be back” instead he said “She’ll be back”. Just can’t wait.

tx (20k image)



After few months in an abandoned state, someone finally rented the house opposite mine. The renter turned the house into a kindergarten and has spent a huge amount of money renovating it. Mum was worried that the advent of a kindergarten would cause a lot of noise and congestion. And today, it’s their first day of classes. However, there wasn’t any congestion or noise. No busses or cars around. It seems that there wasn’t a single student enrolled at all! I wonder how are they going to survive.
11:50PMLast night, I was at Hen’s place drinking Baron and playing Playstation 2 with Soon Loong and Jin Han. Hen was insisting us to buy Baron to drink at his place. Baron is some sort of beer but with 8.8% of alcohol in it and easily available at 7-11s at RM5.90 per can. It tasted horrible. However, a can is enough to get us pissed. No more beers for us, a can of Baron will do! Value for money!


I went clubbing with Melody, Ben, Cris, Yit Meng, Hen and a bunch of friends at Atmosphere. It wasn’t pack and thus we had plenty of space to shuffle.
However, the floor was sticky hence we had to put powder on it. Unfortunately, the club forbids talcum powder on the floor. We had to put pour them secretly otherwise the bouncers would do the unthinkable to us.
I bumped into Benjamin, our Mr Sunway College during my Alevels time. It was rumored that he is gay, probably due to the fact that he speaks with a soft and gentle tone and also muscular. I heard that he did stripped till his boxers on stage during the Mr. Sunway College competition. Last night at Atmosphere, he was with a bunch of muscular guys. You guys can figure out the rest.
My friends introduced a lot of people to me last night. I vaguely remember their names (that’s bad) but I definitely remember their faces (that’s good). I’m waiting for the day where I had to greet everyone I met in a club.
11:50PMI bumped into an old friend of mine today. It’s been almost a year ever since I saw him. However, our encounter didn’t turn out well at the beginning.
“Hey, how’s your brother?”
“What brother? I’m the brother here. I’m Albert!”
We laughed at my stupidity. Albert and his brother look almost the same.
“How’s your finger? I wanted to visit you last time but I couldn’t find the time”
He showed me his index finger. One third of it has been severed. It happened last year. While he was having a drink at a nearby mamak, a group of guys with machetes charged towards him and chopped his finger. The reason was, the group was sent by a jealous ex-boyfriend of his then girlfriend. He was lucky to survive such ordeal. Few of years ago, 2 guys were killed after they were attacked with machetes in my area. Old Klang Road is a tough place to live.
Went clubbing last night. It was good. Will update with more details soon.