if only prawn mee can make me come… ohhh…

Leong!!! I don’t believe you actually wrote that!! 😀 hAHa!! OK, to clear things up, I said that the prawn mee was so good, it was ORGASMIC… it didn’t literally give me an orgasm… which, of course, would be GREAT if it DID give me an orgasm. Oh yes, it would be veeerrrrryyyyyy good………………..

Somehow, I think I am gonna regret putting this post up.


Guest, Guest…etc

Hello, I am Frank. I am Xes’s course mate at University of Sheffield and friend of another guest blogger, Wen Dee. Apart from being a guest blogger on Xes’s website, I am also the “Guest Cook” at Xes’s house. During the Christmas and Easter holidays, I am a guest resident at Xes’s house because my hall will be closed during the holidays and Xes is kind enough to let me stay in his room. Thank you, Xes.
12:09AM GMT

muay thai grading

Hurray! After 3 weeks of tiresome training, I finally passed my Muay Thai grading! It was easy than what I’ve expected as the training we went through was a killer. We were graded by Mick and he’s the founder of Wicker Camp (the Gym’s name). He doesn’t look like a Thai Fighter at all. I guess he has retired. He said sometimes people mistaken him for the caretaker.

We had to go through loads of paper work before we grade namely fill in details for our license (which also includes details about your level of fitness etc). The total for the entire grading costs 25quid.
We started off with a 4 minutes fitness test. We had to run up and down the gym coupled with a few other exercises ie right skips, run on 4s. And then some stretching exercise followed by shadow boxing, pad work and lastly gym test (30 seconds of push-ups, sit-ups, squats and burpies respectively). A minute rest is given on each session and the whole session lasted 45 minutes.

Mick congratulated us after the grading and said that the official results will be out on Wednesday. Hurray! After 2 years of Muay Thai training, I finally got through stage one!

Frederick made prawn noodles for dinner today. It took him few hours to complete it but it was well worth it. It’s fucking god damn fucking good!! Wen Dee said it’s so good that it gives her an orgasm 😀
11:20PMMuay Thai grading in 2 hours. I’ve been training for it for 3 weeks. Wish me luck.

EishinX: Here are some chickeedees photos for you.
Bangkok trip photos

Gulf War No. 2 Starts

Happy birthday to Aki!

The Gulf War has started. UK and US invaded Iraq and Iraq retaliated by sending 3 Scud missiles towards Northern Kuwait but 1 was intercepted and 2 missed the target. And now, the Allies are pounding Baghdad. Poor innocent people.

I was watching the news from living room of 16 Watson Road. I could see missiles exploding over the horizon of Iraq.

There was a huge demonstration at the Union yesterday. They were shouting anti war slogans and marched around the streets.

CM is trying to quit smoking by going cold turkey. It’s been 1½ day and his face is pale and his fingers are shaking. I wonder if he could last a week. Any advise for him?

I need more guest bloggers. I’m sick of reading my own shit everyday. Leave a comment here if you wanna blog here. I get about 100 hits a day, hence if you want your voice to be heard, leave a comment please.

enjoying life on the open road with a map and a cooler…

It is 6am in the morning and I haven’t slept a wink. Something must be bothering me, but I have no idea what it is. grrr…

While lying down on my bed, trying to get some sleep, naturally my mind wandered and I thought of my Mum. It’s funny how I had the worst sorta relationship with her a few years back but now, it is as if we are buddies and she calls me whenever just to keep me updated with the daily gossip and stuff happening around the neighbourhood and to complain or brag about our petdog ;). Of course, it would help my dad financially if my mum bothered to dial the idd number BEFORE dialing my UK number though.. heh..

It always feels like a long time since I have spoken to her, whether it’s been an hour or two weeks. She has been the one person in my life that I have always been able to sit back and listen to with open ears, although it doesn’t always seem that way. We have gone through many years together, both of us have drawn an understanding from that, in the sense that those times were a necessity in order for us to appreciate the better. One thing I have always respected her for, was that she didn’t bullshit me. When I did something wrong, she was the first to tell me, and when I did well, she told me, in her own ways, that she was proud.

Sorry for the mush, but its really late/early – let the insomniac ramble on!!!

And oh yes, among other thoughts, I was also thinking about an email I received from a friend earlier today which had this rather random paragraph. It read: “Please tell *some guyfriends’ names* and all your other guyfriends to stop masturbating. I know the mags tell us that it’s ok, and that we can replenish our sperms and all that, but the truth is, we are throwing away part of our bodies and the more sperm we waste, the weaker the body becomes. So just thought I’d let you know.” muAHhahAha… that’s a first..

Alrite, wish me luck coz I am gonna try sleeping once again…. laters all.. 😉

bf-less sensei and basketball

hehe, Ando sensei, my Japanese language lecturer, said something about she doesn’t have a boyfriend and asked us what should we do to help her. Obviously, her purpose of asking that question was to improve our conversation skill in Japanese but maybe she needed more idea on how to get a boyfriend here. Anyway, Alex suggested that she advertise in the newspaper. And others suggested that she could find one at the student union and so on. I said, “Alex san wa ii desu ka”. She didn’t understand me but Alex obviously did. My question was actually, “Is Alex good for her?” hehe Alex was pretty crossed about it.

I bumped into one of my Employment Law seminar group mates while walking to King Edward’s school to play basketball. She’s one of Helena’s (my Employment Law partner) friends. She’s quite pretty even though she has long curly blonde hair (I dislike curly hair). I had a short chat with her. However, CM, Chee Feng and Frederick were behind me while I was talking to her. I can hear them shouting, “oi, intro la!!” many times.

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disease outbreak

Dad doesn’t seems happy with me going back to Malaysia this Easter break.
1. The Iraq war may erupt any moment now. The war may disrupt your flight from KL to Man. And you are heading to Man for your final exam.
Your final exam should be your top priority, and you should avoid any thing that may jeopadise the exam.

2. There is now a pneumonia epidemic in the Fare East, and the government has issued a travel warning. Need to monitor the situation closely.

It will be better if you stay put until your final exam is over.
It seems that the pneumonia epidemic has spread to UK. The newspaper reported that they found someone traveling from HK transiting from Amsterdam had a ‘mysterious disease’. However, it wasn’t revealed what disease was. So far, there have been 9 reported cases of death. Furthermore, the epidemic has spread to South East Asia. Vietnam seems to be the worst with few hundred victims and 1 death. Japan has sent in their medical team to help out.

On Tuesday, the number of suspected cases in Hong Kong rose to 123, from 95 on Monday. Singapore suspects 23 people have the illness, while Vietnam counts nearly 60.

Australia is examining its first suspected case among 20 patients who returned from trips to Asia.

Other countries reporting suspected cases are China, Canada, the Philippines, Thailand, Germany and the United States.