CLP here i come!

It has been confirmed. I won’t be leaving for UK anymore, as I will be doing my professional paper in Brickfield’s College. YAY! However, my bar school application is still pending so, ah fuck it la, I want to stay in Malaysia.
Looking for the college was bloody hectic. After 30 minutes of looking and couple of phone calls asking for direction, I finally found the college accidentally. I went into the main door but found the place empty. However, an Indian lady came up to me and I told her I wanted to register into the college. She then gave me some direction, which is fucking vague, and took me another 10 minutes to find the administration office.

The college was hit by a scandal last year. Apparently there were exams leaks and mark fixing. But yet it seems Brickfield’s College is still the best in this field.

I bumped into Kelly, my University Course mate, in the administrative office. She and her friends are scouting around for a CLP (the course I’m taking) college. I quickly filled the form, which requires no deposit payment (therefore I could back out anytime) and chatted with Mr. Pranium, the lecturer who attended me. As I finish the form, Mr. Pranium was looking at me, expecting me to ask him something. I couldn’t think of anything that has something to do with my course. I ended up asking him, “So.. where can I park my car?” He gave me a longgggg explanation.

Anyway, my timetable is pretty weird. I got class on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Thank god my Saturday and Sunday classes are on the afternoon otherwise there goes my nightlife.

Advertising in The Star newspaper
My mum has been operating a student hostel business for more than 10 years. This time round, she wants me to help her advertise her business on the newspaper. The Star classified counter was just few blocks away from Brickfield�s college but it was a long walk. The young Indian lady (Brickfields area is predominantly Indian) who attended me was pretty rude.

”Hi, I would like to place an advertisement on the classified section”
Lady looked up, without a smile, said, �Go fill up the form there�

What the f*ck is wrong with Malaysians man, f*cking rude motherf*ckers. Anyway, my advert will appear on the Star on the 22, 25 and 27 of August. Look for the one, which says, “BANDAR SUNWAY, fully furnished room, suitable for students”

mama, i wanna learn how to do tat too!

It has been a while, hasn?t it? 😀 Hellooo again and I wonder if Leong has totally forgotten he had any guest bloggers at all. I blame the damn connection back home; I have been spoilt by broadband in the UK!!

Been stuck at home by mama Chan while she tries to talk me into exercising by cleaning the house (but what for? we pay someone to do that for us, no?) and occasionally going out with the blogging community. Also been pmsing to a point of being psychotic and hehe, many apologies and love out to Chen for being the receiving end of the wrath and being so nice about it too! 😀

Went shopping with mama and I dunno hoowwwww the hellllllllllllllll she did it but somehow she managed to explain why she deserved to get a diamond ring coz I graduated. And it actually kinda made sense too. *stones for a while* Left me feeling bewildered and slightly baffled but wth, she got the rock. Damnit! Even I didn?t get a gift for graduating! Some kickass skills I gotta learn from mama dearest! Skills, I tell you, SKILLS!!!

Wanted to drive myself crazy (it?s a complex) by keeping my nails as long as I could but after injuring myself one too many times and tired of explaining that those aren?t lovebites (and I swear they aren?t!), I finally cut the nails on my riGht hand! Looking at my laptop?s keyboard now. Somehow I managed to scratch out letters E, R, T, A, S, D, G, C and N. I guess that means I really have to cut my left fingernails a little bit too, huh? I wonder if anywhere sells those letter buttons so I can replace them or something. Or I have to resort to sticking tiny letters on my keyboard and ooOHhh the tackiness.

Attempted to clean my room but after opening one side of my cupboard, I found a box? and ended up sitting on the floor, reading through old letters, looking at photos and smelling certain scents that left lingering memories of a time not so far back. Baby powder, Adidas perfume, Johnson&Johnson body soap. So much has happened and changed since those times when I thought I had it altogether, all figured out. Boy, was I wrong!

My first love was as divine as anyone?s first love, if not better. I thought we were perfect for each other and we probably were. But such flawlessness could only exist at that age when I believe that I have already discovered ?true love!!!? ? such a young age, the only rationale for being fooled so easily. Thinking about it, such foolishness (cynic, I may be) seems to reiterate itself over the years till it somehow becomes a sort of addiction for me. I crave the ?discovery? and sometimes I wonder if it is the craving that I am yearning for at the end of the day. With such satisfaction comes the consequence of the sometimes inevitable break-up. But like any drug that leaves you with a memory of a bad trip, you sometimes find yourself wanting it even more.

I wonder… have I overcome that certain addiction yet? 😉


melvin fliessss

I hate KLIA airport. I hate it when I had to hug my friends and love ones good-bye and descend down the escalator. I’ve gone through that many times. But this time round, I’m glad I wasn’t the one leaving. Ha ha. Melvin left for US and loads of us sent him off. We hung around, took some pictures, talking and beating Melvin for the last time.

Pictures @ Sui Lin‘s website, again… 😀

Some extra pictures from the Genting Rave trip 😀

Genting Rave – 16.8.2003

Sui Lin, Ryan, Cris and I reached Sui Lin?s apartment (located on the foothill of Genting Highlands) about 6PM. We unpacked our bags and goodies, watched a Malay army show on a 20 year old television (it has only one channel hence we were forced to watch it. Surprisingly, the 20 year old box still has power to glue our eyes on it even though the screen was all fuzzy) and change. We lamed around in the apartment for an hour or so before we headed to Genting to have dinner (fast food again).

Cris had free ticket. I couldn?t get my free ticket from a friend so Ryan and I ended up buying the RM50 ticket. Sui Lin was waiting for Rueben for her free ticket but we had to wait for Rueben for couple of hours at Starbucks. Gavin came with his parents and sister and he had couple of VIP passes. Goddamn it, if I knew earlier, I wouldn?t have bought the RM50 tickets. Anyway, the VIP passes come with a tag with the word VIP on it and VIPs are entitled to free flow of beer on a special tent with security guards guarding the entrance. We got our share of free flow beer as Gavin?s dad helped us to get into the VIP area. Thanks Gavin 😀

At the beginning, the music sucks ass. The DJs were playing house music and lousy tribal break beats. Someone please shoot the deejays please. To add salt on wound, a friend of mine came over and said, ?eh, I saw your ex girlfriend just now, she has a new boyfriend eh?? What the fuck man..

Soon it started to drizzle. I was well prepared as I brought my trusty Sheffield Uni Muay Thai Club hoodie jacket along. The light rain didn?t dampen the clubbers? spirit and we raved under the rain. However, the rain got heavier and people scrambled into the tents.

As soon as heavy rain stops, we were back on the dance floor again. No doubt there was another exhibition of Melbourne Shuffle again. The scene is getting bigger again. During Melbourne Shuffle?s early days in Malaysia, shufflers were predominately Chinese. But now, there were a handful of Malay shufflers. My dream of making Melbourne Shuffle popular in KL came true!

Anyway, there were couple of late minute appearance of my fellow friends. Irene, Big Ben, Melvin and Sow came at the right time. Right time = raining heavily and lousy music. Ohh yeah I bet Big Ben loves Genting even more now!

We left the place about 5:30AM (party ends at 6AM). We were all tired, drenched and hungry and our feet were at the verge of falling off. Instead of heading back to Sui Lin?s apartment to sleep till late afternoon, we had to wake up early cause Sui Lin has catwalk practice in the afternoon.

Initially we planned to head home immediately but in the end we decided to sleep for couple of hours. Even though it?s only couple of hours, we woke up feeling much, much better. Oh yeah, Cris fingered Ryan while Ryan was sleeping. Ha ha. *private joke*

Pictures and video courtesy of Sui Lin

(L-R) CL, Cris, Sui Lin & Ryan

Me & Sui Lin

EisHin_X & Sui Lin *hehehe*

Liquid popping video @ Genting Rave

More pictures at Sui Lin‘s website

Indoor football finally!

Sharon asked me to blog. Nothing interesting happened today but since the sick girl requested me to blog today, I guess I’ll do so 😀 Get well soon! *hugz*

Anyway, I’m off to Genting for the Genting rave with Sui Lin and Cris. Genting Rave = Open air rave on top of a mountain. Sounds great? Of couse it does, but too bad Ben can’t join us tomorrow. Ha ha 😀

Finally, I got to play football. It wasn’t so enjoyable cause there were too many people and we had to wait quite long for other teams to finish a game (3 goals knockout game). My lousy team was knocked out from the game after 5 minutes of playing.

As usual, there were couple of injuries. I sprained my big toe and En Peng had his short pants ripped into half, showing off his underwear. We didn’t have any spare shorts for him but thank god there were no girls in the court otherwise it would be a free show for them. Ok, too tired too think and type. Oyasumi nasai..

asatte ni mata ne~

Watched S.W.A.T

Caught S.W.A.T with Sui Lin today. The movie was good good good and Collin Farrell was awesome. I dont mind watching it again! 😀

Sui Lin is still having her coughs hence the movie was accompanied with loads of coughing sound. Just like your typical cinema version pirated VCD (no, u didnt annoy me suisui keke). Sui Lin, go bottoms up your cough medicine. Hehe Get well soon 😀

Oh the ending for the movie isssssssssssssssss ………………… Collin Farrell died …Ha hahahahaha

brutal mother

My mother is a petite 62-year-old woman who doesn’t speak English well and very protective of her plants. So this afternoon, while I was on my way to meet up with Wei Chen, Sui Lin, Cris and Jessie for lunch, there were 2 Indian men chopping her plants outside our house. Apparently, our neighbour ordered them to do so because those plants were blocking their parking space.

It’s not the first time they started killing plants. There’s a huge mango tree, which has been bearing fruits for us for the past 20 years, was poisoned by them. Our late neighbour who was some big shot Chinese tycoon planted the tree. Mum said he loved the tree very much. However, the tree is still there but the fruits are not edible due to the poison administrated.

The current neighbour operates a Pre-School which has 0 students cause they didn’t open in time. So back to the story, Mum walked out from the house and asked those 2 Indian men to stop. She then called our neighbour, a dark skinned woman and ordered her to stop. Mum said those trees belongs to her and it’s necessary for the trees to be there cause it keeps the ground in tact (some cock reason she always give but it works). The lady fought back saying that it’s her land and bla bla bla, the argument went on. And in the end, my mother, a petite 62-year-old woman who doesn’t speak English well ended the argument by shouting, “FUCK YOU!” and walked away.

Obviously, I was shocked.

Out with Sui Lin
Sui Lin and I headed to Sungai Wang and Lot 10 to do some shopping. Sui Lin wanted to shop. So called shopping, she didn’t buy a thing. She wanted to get a new pair of shoes but found out that most of the shoes in Sg Wang were imitation goods. I can’t believe they could add an extra stripe and replace the world Adidas with Sports on an Adidas look-alike shoe.

Ghost Festival
The air smells of burnt bank notes. Well, Hell bank notes. It’s the Chinese ghost festival today. Since my area is predominately Chinese, I could see people burning offerings to the dead in every corner. As usual, Mum and I burnt the offerings outside our house. I heard that once you start burning offerings, you have to do it next year otherwise the ghosts will look for you. 😀

Anyway, there’s pattern that we have to follow while burning those offerings. In the beginning, Mum scolded me for not following the pattern. Firstly, we had to perch the candles and joss stick, pour the food around and then start burning the hell bank notes and stuff.

Ok to end this post, a note to Ben, “Wanna go Genting or not??????????”


Sui Sui asked me to fill this up 😀

General Info
* Starting Time: 6.26 PM
* Date: 10 August 2003
* Birth Certificate: yeah I have one 😀
* Birthday: 24 September 1981
* School: Graduated!
* Location: United Garden
* E-mail:
* Color of eyes: Hazel brown
* Hair: Short
* Height: 5’7″
* Brothers/Sisters: I’ve no idea 😀 Currently, I have 2 elder half sister 😀 More to come in the future. Hehe
* When’s your bedtime: Depends.

Have You Ever
* Ever been so drunk you blacked out: No 😀
* Missed school B/coz it was raining: No, I never skip classes
* Put a body part on fire for amusement: No
* Been in a car accident: Just had one last week. hehe
* Been hurt emotionally: Many times
* Kept a secret from everyone: Yes
* Had an imaginary friend: No
* Wanted to hook up with a friend: Yes
* Cried during a Movie: Once? 😀 hehe
* Had a crush on a teacher: NO wAY
* Ever thought an animated character was hot? : Oh yes! Mai Shiranui is da bomb!
* Had a New Kids on the Block tape: Yeah, I love them 😀
* Been on stage: Yes
* Cut your hair: yup
* Been sarcastic: All the time

* Shampoo: Clairol Herbal Essence
* Colour: Blue (NOT GREEN OKAY!?)
* Day/Night: Night
* Summer/Winter: Summer
* On-line smiley: 😀
* Cartoon Characters: Doreamon
* Fave Food: Mcdonalds
* Fave Advert: Anything that is funny
* Fave Movie: Young and Dangerous!
* Fave Ice Cream : McDonalds’ Sundae
* Fave Subject: Japanese for non specialist
* Fave Drink: Coke
* Fave Person to talk to online: Anyone who doesnt give me single answer replies when I ask them questions 😀

Right Now
* Wearing: T-shirt
* Hair is: messy
* I’m feeling: sick.
* Eating: Havent eaten anything for the past 24 hours.
* Drinking: Water
* Thinkin about: Many things
* Listening to: Do As Infinity – Enrai
* Talking to: Sui Lin and piggybone

In The Last 24 Hours
* Cried: No
* Worn a skirt: No
* Met someone new: No
* Cleaned your room: No
* Done laundry: No
* Drove a car: Yes

Do You Believe In
* Yourself: Definitely
* Your friends: Yes
* Tooth Fairy: No
* Destiny/Fate: Yes
* Angels: No
* UFO’s: No

Friends and Life
* Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: No
* Like anyone?: Yes
* Who have u known the longest of your friends? Ping Sheong, We were friends since Pre-School and we still hang out 😀
* Who’s the shyest: err..
* Who’s the loudest: Janet is loud when she’s drunk. Oh not to mention violent too 😀
* Who’s the weirdest: There are loads of weird people around man..
* Who do you go to for advice: Close friends
* Who do you cry with: Alone
* When you cried the most: When she broke my heart 🙁
* Whats the best feeling in the world? When you’re tripping with magic mushrooms 😀
* Worst Feeling: Being jealous
* Who will reply to this email the fastest: No idea
* Who did you send this to who won’t respond: No idea
* Who sent this 2u: Got it from SuiSui’s website
* Do you want all your friends to do this and send it back 2 u: Up to you la 😀
* Finish time: 6.42 PM