punching bag *kabish*

Finally, I bought a punching bag. I bet my friends are relieved with that news, as I don’t need to use them as my punching bag anymore. Ha ha. I got it from Mid Valley with a 20% discount cause a friend of mine works there hence he gave me a discount. I’m going to hang it outside my house but I’m afraid that one day, I’ll wake up finding my punching bag missing. God damn the mother fucking thieves.

Get well soon, Sui Sui and Crishai!

Sheffield University Muay Thai Club – Scotty and I

pirated vcd business!

Speaking about pirated VCD business, the Malaysian government has been conducting raids to confiscate pirated VCD. It is now virtually impossible to see a VCD stall on the street of Kuala Lumpur. However, some VCD sellers have resorted into guerrilla warfare tactics. Sometimes they would approach people on the streets like salesmen, or sometimes they would head to an office and approach the workers there and even selling them in a back of a lorry. As I have mentioned yesterday, pirated VCD business sounds like a profitable business. However, it is not entirely true. A relative of mine borrow few thousands Malaysian Ringgit from loan sharks to finance his VCD business. Unfortunately, due to the government’s ban on sale of pirated VCD, he lost all the money and he and his family had to run away from home. Now, their once beautiful wooden house located on the side of a lake with coconut trees surrounding it, is sealed and abandoned.


same old shit different day

Nothing to talk about. Same old shit different day.

Had my usual yamcha session with the mini blogging community and my friends almost everyday. We made couple of plans for this weekend. Thursday night might be clubbing at Atmosphere, Friday night is indoor soccer night and Saturday night would be movie night 😀

Oh yeah, I bumped into one of my former high school mates this afternoon. He quit school when he was in Form 3. But now, he drives a E-class Mercedes. All thanks to the pirated VCD business 😀

clubbing for 3 days in a row :D

Thursday = Tech-circuit, Atmosphere
Friday = Jungle Jerry’s attempt to set Malaysian’s spinning record, Atmosphere
Saturday = Regenerate, Emporium

I got into Regenerate for free. Well, the first 200 patrons get free entry but unfortunately I was the number 201 patron. God damn it! However, Jia Nee and Cris had a little plot. Jia Nee and I exchanged entry hand band while Jia Nee claims for a Media pass to get in. However, it didn’t work cause Jia Nee’s name wasn?t on the media list. However again, I was already inside Emporium using the entry hand band. I passed the entry hand band to Cris so that he could pass it to back Jia Nee. It worked! 3 of us got inside for free!

The music was good but the atmosphere wasn?t so good. It was pretty boring.

Okay, I think I’m off the clubbing scene till the 16th August, Genting Highland rave.

Btw, Happy Birthday Facky 😀

Euww… This morning, Dad found a kitten’s head under the table. Apparently, it was bitten off by some animal. It couldn’t be the mother of the kitten cause it’s mouth is too small. We suspected it was the neighbour’s dog who occasionally runs into our compound. May the kitten rest in peaaceeee…amennn

Ops… news update! Apparently the kitten wasn’t killed by my neighbour’s dog but was killed by it’s own mother. My tenant saw the mother killing it’s own child. :/

Movie Bad boys tonight :D

Last night, while I was happily relaxing at the Pasar Malam with Wai Keong, Mum called. Her car was stalled again! Initially she said her car ran out of battery. I left Wai Keong at Steven’s Corner, and headed straight to BP gas station to buy a new car battery. Unfortunately, they ran out of stock but the Shell station near Yaohan has some. So I immediately drove there and found 2 available batteries for sale. However, those 2 were of different sizes and I didn’t know which one to buy. I asked the counter but she doesn’t know anything about batteries. I called En Peng and Soon Loong to check since they used to drive a Proton Iswara. Unfortunately, they didn’t give me a precise answer. Without hesitation, I bought the smaller battery cause it somehow resembles the one we usually see.

Mum called again. This time she said she thinks that the car ran out of gas. I got so fucking pissed cause there were many times I asked her to put more gas on to the car. Usually, she’ll just put 10 bucks worth of petrol. Furthermore, this was the second time her car ran out of petrol.

I bought 2 bottles of mineral water, drank a sip and emptied it. I then got RM4 worth of petrol and drove to Sg. Besi to look for Mum. The search didn’t go smooth. I got on to the different route and had to divert back to the other route.

Fortunately, I found Mum, poured the RM4 worth of petrol into the car and tried starting the car. It didn’t work. I pushed the gear to P and turned off the air-con. I tried again. It worked. The engine purred again.

Malaysian vocab (for non-Malaysians) 😀
Pasar Malam = Night market which sells food, clothes, pirated CDs, etc
Steven’s Corner = a popular open air cafe in Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur
Yaohan = a supermarket
Proton Iswara = a Malaysian made car
RM4 = RM = Malaysian dollar
Sg. Besi = a place in Malaysia

British Museum 😀