first day of CLP classes

Cert1ficate Legal Pract1ce classes start today. Well, I’m sure everyone here has gone through the excitement of first day of class. I bet everyone once went like, “Damn, I wish there are some cute guys/hot girls tomorrow”. For me, I didn’t. It is because I don’t want to date a lawyer. Dating a lawyer would end up with arguments everyday due to a lawyer’s natural ability to criticize anything and hostile nature.

There were about 200 people in the class and the class was mainly made up of Chinese and young graduates. However, there were loads of working class people. And sadly, there weren’t any girls with CFM looks. CFM = COME FUCK ME!!

Class was from 2PM to 7:30PM. It lasted 5 hours (weekdays classes are about 7 hours) and I almost died of boredom. Calvin and I were making fun of the lecturer (well silently)

Sir: So that wraps up…about limitation period. Now let’s go to bla bla (I was expecting it to end)
Me: (threw pen on to the table) FUCK!!
Calvin: (shouting) This class sucks.. It’s so fucking boring and there are no hot girls!! THIS SUCKS!!

Anyway, once the class ended, everyone literally ran out from the classroom. I hate long lectures.

My First Board Meeting

Jimmy brought La1 Kin and I to witness an agreement signing process. It was a transfer of land agreement and our company was representing the seller I think. Then the buyers came, introduced themselves, shook hands and handed out name cards. I received couple of them and immediately put them into my pocket. However, I notice that everyone put the name cards on the table and arranged them nicely. I was puzzled and immediately put my name cards on the table. So after the meeting, I asked La1 Kin why the hell did everyone put the name cards on the table. Apparently, the name cards were arranged according to the owners’ location so that it’s easier to remember their names. Damn, how embarrassing, I was happily putting the cards into my pocket.

happy bday ben!


Nahh, thats not him. He’s not that sexy.

This is Benjamin Hon 😀

Ben & I @ Zing’s house

Ok I admit, we do look a bit gay but he’s gay I’m not. Ha ha.

Ah, I had to change the picture. Sui Lin said I look damn gay on it. eheh

siew lee leaves :( :( :(

Siew Lee left for London today. :'( I feel damn sad-lar… Miss you lots lots lots already, girl!!! You take care in that big city, ok… don’t let those horny boys pok-mong you, don’t watch too many of them chinese series, don’t itchy-butt go jogging at night-ar (it ain’t sheffield no more, yah?), don’t be opening any random logfiles either yah 😀 and don’t let Alex and Chuo Ming talk you into playing PS2 or Utopia with them, k? And babe, while I can’t be downstairs in the basement to be there for you anymore, I will always be here for you, k? 😉 Faster come back!!!!!!!!!!!

Been getting damn sentimental thinking of how things were in Watson 16. I miss every single one of the housemates. All the quirks and fancies of each of them. The strange ones, the amusing ones or the just plain confusing ones. The things we used to do like cook together, eat dinner together squashed in the kitchen, sitting around the tv watching them play ps2, sitting around the computer watching porn (:D okay, just once) or just hanging around talking all night long. Those were pretty good times.. 🙂 and I miss them so much!!!!!

Moving on… the green-eye monster in me has risen yet again. I hate myself for it. While this may be just one of the many arguments we will have.. I wonder if there may be one big BOOM tat ends it all. Don’t believe it when a person tells you that he/she is jealous coz he/she loves you. I tell you now, that’s bullshit. I’m jealous coz that’s the way I am. Could be envy, why couldn’t you be out with me instead? but I’m just goddamn green all over. I am unreasonable, I wanna be unreasonable, just let me BE unreasonable.. *sits in the corner and cries*

I definitely need retail therapy… anybody up for shopping? Just give me a ring…


work day 3..

“I heard you’re good at computers”
Me: “Eum, I’m okay”
“Good, eh can you help me find Finding Nemo screensaver?”
Aha, I started work by surfing for Finding Nemo screensaver for my colleague today. If you want a good Finding Nemo screen saver, get it from Finding Nemo’s official website and download the screen mate. Then look for the .scr file in Windows folder and remove the screen mate.

Work today = boring. I spent the entire day at the office library reading about company law, banking law, criminal evidence, building bylaws and so on. That shows how bored I was. Despite my hard work today, my boss scolded me for not doing enough research on a case that they are handling soon.

work day II

It was a busy day today. I was assigned to type a legal letter to a huge Malay computer company regarding about their previous director. I was given a draft in Malay and I had to rephrase the entire letter. I haven’t touch Malay language for about 6 years but thank god Steven was there to guide me. After the letter was done, I had to do loads of office boy/receptionist work, which involves photocopying, calling numbers, filing, faxing and printing. Well, loads of things learnt today. Well worth my entire day.

As predicted, working has been killing my social life. I come home tired everyday, sleep early and wake up early. Even though I’ve been working hard (haha it has only been 2 days), I do not get paid cause the main purpose of working in that firm is to learn things. Anyway, classes start on Saturday and Sunday. Wow, this entire week is action packed.

sowdog says:
hows work?
Cheng Leong says:
uncle fucker!
Cheng Leong says:
aiyah i turning into uncle liao la
Cheng Leong says:
sowdog says:
hahaha why ler?
sowdog says:
people also say you got old face?
Cheng Leong says:
wake up early sleep early
Cheng Leong says:
no la
Cheng Leong says:
they say i look like jet li

After looking @ this,

they say I look like Jet Li.

First day of work!

First day of work was good (I’m working as an attachment student @ Kamarud1n & Co if you dont know that). I arrived on time even though I got lost finding the entrance of the parking. However, there weren’t anybody except CK the accountant and Lai K1n, a 25-year-old chambering student who just graduated from BBP (she’s engaged too). I was told that things here are pretty relaxed. We could come in anytime we want to. We chatted till 10AM and there were still loads of people missing.

The first few hours were pretty boring. I sat down doing nothing but chatting with La1 Kin and CK. But soon, things started to get interesting. La1 Kin and I went to the Bar Council to enquire about her chambering application. The application form is a pain in the ass to fill up. Firstly, it’s in Malay. Secondly, any errors in the form would render the form unusable. Thirdly, according to court rules, only black ink pens can be used. Fourthly, a certified chop some big shot at court is needed. Fifthly, the form contains 8 sections and certain sections must be handed up at certain stage. Basically, you can’t fuck up the procedures.

We actually went to the Bar Council twice once to get the form and the second time to enquire about the method to fill the form. The second time we took the Putra LRT. It was our first time taking a LRT train but it was pretty easy as it is similar with the London Tube.

During lunch, Jimmy, one of the partners, brought La1 Kin and I for lunch at Wangsa Junction. After lunch, we followed him shopping. Ha ha.

Let me see what I learnt today. I learnt how to use an electronic typewriter (huge ass ones), location of the Bar C0uncil, how to fill up application for chambering and read up about Company Law (after Steven started telling me some weird company law terms in a big case that they’re going to fight)

Ah, gotta go sleeep now..I need my 8 hours sleep! Nites!

Infusion @ Atmosphere

Kent Clubbers held a free party for all its members and their guest. I was told that they were giving out free finger food and free booze plus liquor. I guess that?s what everybody heard since there were loads of people. The free food was good especially the cheesecake. However, we were cheated, instead of free booze plus liquor, they gave out free Pepsi Blue. We had to buy our own liquor! But never mind, the food was good and their performances were good too.

The music went good to bad and then bad to worst. Infusion sucks. Infusion is made up of 3 DJS. They?re actually a band as one of them sang the vocals.

The crowd was good, loads of pretty people. I bet Ryan the gay magnet got picked up by gay men again. Hehe. However, towards the end of the night, the club was pack, so pack that I couldn?t stand still on the same place for 5 seconds as people keep on pushing me.

I stood straight with my arms folded staring at the DJ console. Then suddenly, a cute petite girl came to me,
Hi, excuse me. Are you taking care of your girlfriend now? (Referring to the girls standing on the podium)
Me: Oh no, I’m looking at the DJs now.
(In a flirty tone and cute face) ohh, you’re not dancing? Can you please move over a little so I can dance? (Well she didn?t exactly said that but it was something like that)
Me: ….
Me: okay sure no problem!

Well, I could have continued our conversation but I was too shy. Damn, there goes another cute girl. Well, if I were to continue the conversation, I?ll just initiate an innocent conversation. But according to Dion, I should have said, “well I’ve been looking for a girl to dance with. Do you mind?” Ha ha. I might as well say, “Hey is your father a terrorist? Cause you are the bomb!!!”

Pictures @ Sui Sui‘s website

Klang and Atmosphere

I finally got my shipment from UK after paying RM530 for it. It seems that the extra cost was for administrative cost, tax and what so ever cost. Apparently, those extra cost were only applicable to people who ship their goods into ports. If I chose the Door-to-Door service (pick up goods at door and goods sent to home), I wouldn’t have to pay the extra RM530 because all the cost is paid to the agent in UK. Damn.

However, the trip to Klang was worth it. One of the employees, a 20 year old well built Malay boy was assigned to guide me to North Port to collect my box. Initially he wanted to ride his motorcycle but since I’m not familiar with Klang he decided to guide me by sitting in my car.

Port Klang has 3 main ports and the one I went is called North Port. Entering the port is damn troublesome. Firstly, I had to go thru a guard who then orders me to hand in my identity card for record. Secondly, since the place is so huge, it is almost impossible to drive around without a guide. Furthermore, getting my parcel was troublesome too. There were 2 stages I have to go through which is registering and collecting parcel. Both of the processes were made in a different place. Moreover, there was loads of paper work involved.

The sight in North Port was pretty interesting, cranes, lorries and containers everywhere. . There were loads of funny looking vehicles. There was this vehicle that carries container that looks like a Star Wars battle ship.

Getting out from the Port was troublesome too. The Malay guy had to show the Exit guards my box and they checked whether my particulars were correct. Well worth RM530 experience. Ha ha.

cheated by shipping company

Haha, I just got a fan mail

Hi Foong Xes,

Love your pics at Atmosphere… the PLUR smiles look
so good…. but if u want to feng tau and don’t mind
the ah bengs, why not head down from Atmosphere to
Warp or Backroom? Feng tau too valuable to waste on
shitty music. Not lack of speed or beat at Warp…

keep those pics coming….


Btw, Xenon, those pictures are from Sui Lin’s camera 😀

I feel so cheated. God damn it. No, I’m not having girl problems again.

The agent who is handling my shipment from UK called me this evening. They demanded a payment of RM530!!!!! Wait a minute! I paid 100 pounds to the shipping company in UK! What the fuck, my entire luggage doesn’t cost more than RM1000. Now I have to fork out RM1100 for that rubbish? I should have dumped all of them into the rubbish bin than sending it back to Malaysia. Ok, public announcement, to students who are planning to ship their luggage back through Sevens Seas, please think twice!