snatch thieves


Edisi Siasat
Did anyone watch last night’s Edisi Siasat? The story about snatch thieves outside a shopping complex nearby my place.

To those who don’t know, Edisi Siasat is a TV programme that highlights social issues of Malaysia. Sometimes they would go undercover or interview victims on the issues.

So last night, a snatch thief victim was complaining to Edisi Siasat about the ignorance of Malaysians. When her bag got snatched, no one helped despite the fact that the place was crowded with people. All they did was just look. She was at the state of shock but her daughter eventually tried to chase the robber. The robber got away.

The lady said angrily that Malaysians should detest the attitude of “lu lu punya hal, gua gua punya hal” (your business is your business, my business is my business). I totally agree with that, but the other thing I would like to point out is the nosiness of bloody Malaysians. Have you ever notice, when ever an accident, no matter big or small, the road will be congested? And furthermore, that includes the opposite road. Nosy people would slow their cars to check out the incident and some even tried to get the car’s number plate so that they could buy lottery with it.

So back to the snatch thief topic, well, if I was present when that incident happened, I try to help her. I will do my best to enforce the law and put such social thrash to prison! Her daughter is pretty by the way. 😀 😀 😀

cheating husbands

Couple of days ago, I heard this interview on radio.

DJs: Hello this is Green man and the Scam boy here. We’re talking about cheating spouses, tell us your experiences.

A lady calls in,

Lady: (sounding really demented) there’s this lady who’s been messaging my husband all the time! Stupid B…
DJs: WAITT!! You’re on national radio!
Lady: Oh sorry, anyway, my husband says that he doesn’t know who she is. That lady has been messaging my husband all the time. Do you want me go give you her number?
DJs: thanks, we’re on national radio!! So your husband said that he doesn’t know her?
Lady: Yeah.
DJs: Do you know that’s one of the popular reasons that men give when they try to cover up??
Lady: No I trust my husband! He wouldn’t do that.
DJs: Trust me! Men always give that reason.
Lady: Nooo, I trust my husband completely! He wouldn’t do that to me!!
DJs: I think you should go ask your husband about it…
Lady: (almost at the verge of crying), yes yes, I will go ask him.. *slams phone down*

Then another lady calls in

DJs: Hi there.. Tell us your story
Lady 2: If I find out that my husband is cheating on me, when he sleeps, I will cut off his ‘buddy’
DJs: hahaHhaHAhHAHhaah ok… What’s your husband’s name? We don’t want to be buddies with your husband!

parents argue…

It makes me unnecessarily stressed whenever my parents argue. It makes me think. “What if they start chopping each other with machetes?” But thank god over the years, nothing serious happened. Mum is a superb negotiator. She could talk out a machete welding man or someone who is about to burst out violently. That explains the non violent arguments between my parents.

Dad hasn’t been in a good mood lately and today, he burst out in anger. I had no idea what or who he was angry at but I heard loads of crashing and banging in the living room. The word ‘termites’ was repeated couple of times. Mum was in the living room when it happened. She didn’t tell me anything about it.

Well, I’m sure everyone’s parent out there argues. For me, my parents usually argue about money. What does your parent usually argue about?

mad cow disease!

Dad has been sick for this couple of days. He’s down with flu hence he resorted to plain porridge everyday. So today he requested for Bovril, a thick beef patty extract. I search high and low for it. The only thing I could find was Marmite. After half an hour, I asked the lady whether or not they have Bovril. She said,

“Bovril? No more stock la. Aiyah, haven’t you heard? Mad Cow Disease ah”
Me: Er.. I thought it only happened in US?
“Aiyah precaution mah”

Yeah….rightttttttttttt…. 😀 😀 😀

The end of United Hostel

This morning, Mum and I went to the Compan1es Commissi0n of Malaysia in Plaza Putr4 to annul my mother?s business title. Before I could find the place, an Indian man approached me.

?Morning sir, registering business??
Me: No

I walked off and ignored him. He must be one of those unscrupulous people who abuses public trust, just like tow truck guys AKA call men.

?Renewal of business??
Me: No, I?m cancelling my business title.

?I?ll help you settle the matter, you can pass me your documents and you can go home after this!?

Well, since it?s a fact that government services in Malaysia take a million years to complete. Mum agreed to let the fellow settle the thing for us. It took us less than 15 minutes to fill up the forms.

There?s something about him. He has this charm that lured Mum and I into his office. He charged us RM20 for his service and RM40 for the annulations fee. I don?t know whether or not he cheated our money but the good thing is that he will settle the matter for us and Mum and I don?t need to queue up for the entire day. Malaysia service = BEST!

Singapore the air con island
Ben and Sui Lin are heading to Singapore today, so we decided to have lunch at McDonalds with Gavin and Lynnzter before heading to the train station. They almost missed the bus by the way. Have fun pop pop styling guys!

testa coils

United Garden (the suburb I live) is well over 30 years old. My house was the first few houses that were built. That explains why everyone who came to my house would say, “Eh, your house looks quite old eh?”

The late Sultan of Perak used to live in my house (before we bought the place). It was his resort house (or probably to keep his mistress here). Many years ago we used to receive many of his phone bills even though he has been dead for 10 years.

Since my house is so bloody old, everything is falling apart. Today, the sewage truck came to pump all the good shit out (it overflowed). Since it’s an old area, we don’t have a central pipe to flush our shit to the sanitary plant.

One day, when I make my millions, I’m going to demolish my house and build a new one. Hmph, probably I’ll build a Chinese mansion. Mmm, probably I’ll add a watch tower. Oh yeah, equipped with testa coil (that tower that electrocute people in Red Alert II) to electrocute intruders, neighbours, termites and wild animals 😀 *bbzzz *bzzz

I miss her :`(

Sigh I am so stressed. Needed to type my feelings out somewhere.. (Bear with me, I needed to do this)

My sis left for Hawaii yestermorning and I couldn’t send her off coz of work. Anyway, everything went fine until her flight KL-Narita got delayed 2 hours so by the time she reached Narita for her connecting flight to Honolulu, she had only 15 minutes to run from one terminal to the other while hearing her name being paged over and over again in the PA system. When she finally reached her gate, they realised that her bags were in the wrong plane hence even more confusion. When she got her bags settled, the officers there stopped her and searched her luggage, pouring out every nicely packed article.

Done with that, she finally got onto the plane, which was obviously delayed. The plane crew of FUCKED UP NORTHWEST AIRLINES and passengers threw her dirty looks and treated her like shit when she was on the plane, eventhough it was not her fault and she owed no-bloody-one of them an explanation. Getting off, she had to endure the latest procedure by the US authorities who took her picture and thumbprint. And she was the only one who had to do it. Damnit, does my sister look like a goddamn terrorist to you? Anyway, in the name of security, they probably got their reasons so fuck it; there was nothing we could have done there.

When she finally came out, she was greeted by her assigned ‘carer’ who then took her to her hotel and left her there. Apparently her job was to only take my sister to the hotel and nothing else, or so she claims. JOY TURNER YOU ARE A REAL BITCH. Well, reaching the hotel didn’t help since she didn’t have a room to go into and she had to wait for vacancy. Finally, after checking into a room? she was overwhelmed with feelings and emotions of having to go through so many hours of confusion and fatigue all alone.

Hearing her crying so hard over the phone so many miles away, just broke my parents and me. She is completely alone there with no contacts, no friends and no idea of how to get around since it was understood that the fucktard-of-a-Joy was suppose to bring her around the campus and island. She doesn?t know where to go, how to get anywhere or what to do. She attempted to take the bus to her campus but since she didn?t have any loose change, the smallest being a one-dollar bill, she wasn?t allowed on the goddamn bus. BUS DRIVER, GO DRIVE STRAIGHT TO HELL.

What a rough way for my sister to find out that it is a cruel, unpredictable world out there. All my family and I can do right now is hope she will settle down fast and comfortably, make some friends and have the good part of her university life there start rolling in. Hopefully her bad luck ends right now, hopefully she will get a decent roommate, get into her chosen classes, live the Hawaiian campus life and finally get to enjoy the fact that she is in such an island resort.

I?m really emotional right now. I wish to be nowhere else but with her and do nothing else but be there for her. I wish I never started work so I could have flew there with her, going through those problems wouldn?t be half as bad if we only had companionship. We tend to underestimated how low loneliness can take us. I hope this experience makes her a stronger person, if not a more cynical one..

I miss her, I miss her like hell. 🙁

excessive water bill..

I came home with a big surprise today. My water utility bill for this month is RM1000. *faints
Oh my god, my Dad is going to get a heart attack soon. *touch wood* Well the exorbitant amount was due to months of defaulting payment.

RM1000 is fine as compared to one of my mother’s rented houses in Sunway. She was charged RM16, 000 for the water utility bill. What the fuck man, RM16, 000 is enough pay Sunway Lagoon Waterpark’s monthly water utility bill! We’re still in dispute now. I got my lawyer to negotiate with the house owner but the problem now is the water authority refused to deduct the exorbitant amount. The house owner spoke with one of the person in charge but the water authority refused to budge.

Anyone has any idea where should I file my complaint? (Malay Mail hotline is one of my options)

dead fox.

What is there to write about when I was in class the entire day and at home the entire night? I was about to skip tonight’s post but something came up.

Remember the fox that broke my main phone cable couple of 5 months ago? Well, we found it.

It was dead in the attic.

Its body was omitting putrid smell hence the entire upper floor could smell it. Mum hired someone to extract the body out. It seems that the fox died of starvation. I guess it was fatally trapped in the attic.

I guess the fox is the last of the wild animals in my house. Many years ago, we used to have pythons, monkeys, snakes and squirrels. Now all I have is stray dogs and stray cats.

pre-school, Primary and Secondary school

New session for pre-school, Primary and Secondary school start today. The pre-school nearby my house was packed with parents but the one opposite my house was totally empty. I guess they have to close down soon.

Couple of my colleagues took the day off cause they had to send their kids to school. I don’t know about other countries but in Malaysia, parents tend to stick around in the school or stand outside the classroom. But during my days, my parents didn’t hang around.

I vaguely remember my first day of Pre-school. Mum dumped me in a classroom and left me there alone. I was crying for mummy! It was so bad till the teacher had to transfer me to another class.

I have very limited recollection of my pre-school days. But I surely remember these two incidents.
1. There was this kid who challenged me for a game of arm wrestling. I won. But I accidentally knocked his hand on the desk too hard and ended up crying. I quickly ran after that.
2. Another time was during the last day of pre-school. A friend of mine was waving goodbye from a slide (probably about 6 feet high). I waved and looked front. Then I look back again. He wasn’t on top of the slide anymore. Apparently, he waved too hard and fell on to the ground. Haha.

Well, as for first day of Primary school. Er..I don’t remember. Damn too much weed.

What was your first day like? 😀