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Edisi Siasat
Did anyone watch last night’s Edisi Siasat? The story about snatch thieves outside a shopping complex nearby my place.

To those who don’t know, Edisi Siasat is a TV programme that highlights social issues of Malaysia. Sometimes they would go undercover or interview victims on the issues.

So last night, a snatch thief victim was complaining to Edisi Siasat about the ignorance of Malaysians. When her bag got snatched, no one helped despite the fact that the place was crowded with people. All they did was just look. She was at the state of shock but her daughter eventually tried to chase the robber. The robber got away.

The lady said angrily that Malaysians should detest the attitude of “lu lu punya hal, gua gua punya hal” (your business is your business, my business is my business). I totally agree with that, but the other thing I would like to point out is the nosiness of bloody Malaysians. Have you ever notice, when ever an accident, no matter big or small, the road will be congested? And furthermore, that includes the opposite road. Nosy people would slow their cars to check out the incident and some even tried to get the car’s number plate so that they could buy lottery with it.

So back to the snatch thief topic, well, if I was present when that incident happened, I try to help her. I will do my best to enforce the law and put such social thrash to prison! Her daughter is pretty by the way. 😀 😀 😀

9 thoughts on “snatch thieves”

  1. the road is congested because those stupid fuck simply leave their car in the middle of the road and negotiate, whenever i saw those fuckers, i would horn them to deaf! 😀 BUAHAHA

  2. very pathetic la… if got accident only all only know how to see. If couldn’t help then just drive along la… very KPC one la…as for the snatch thief, all ppl very kiasi one….

  3. hehe the only shopping complex i know nearest to ur house would be plaza oug. that place really that dangerous meh? i know sunway used to be really bad, esp ming tien that area. i myself also kena once and almost kena another time when i was walking home back in those days when i was staying in sunway. bodohfying. but mine both got ppl help lah so it’s not so bad.

  4. hrmmm yeahh..once i screamed so loud (cuz i saw a snake) at my porch, my neighbour took 10 mins to come out…blardee hell, at least they were helpful to try to beat up de snake….. another time where i got ‘almost’ robbed, my mom scream, no one bother to come out……. idiots!

  5. pikey: haihh.. where are all the heros man..michaelooi: HAHAHAHAHHAa irenekay: ss2 dodgy mah kekeeke now u dont need to be have sunny now!!facky: yeah la..plaza oug 😀 nvm u big girl already..can squash them like bugs 😀

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