Sepang Regenerate Redzone 2005

Ping, Kiang, Hen, Sam, Big Ben, Johnson and the rest went for Sepang Regenerate Redzone featuring Eddie Halliwell, Felix da HouseCat, Adam Freeland, Romel and Ben Katana.

Covercharge was dirt cheap! Only RM25 for presale!! (before 11PM). The settings were very nice too. They had games, 3D movie at a huge igloo, great lighting and cooling as well. Thumbs up to the Regenerate crew.

Igloo 3d cinema.

Mountain of cars

Johnson, Big Ben and me

Jess, Sam & Kiang

Sam, Ivan & Kelynn

Sam, Johnson & Big Ben

Big Ben sitting in the drain..LOL
However, music was CRAP, CRAP and CRAP. Adam Freeland played break beats (not my favourite) and proceeded to some remixed ROCK MUSIC. WHAT THE FUCK. HE TURNED THE BLOODY RAVE INTO A CONCERT. Further the DJs kept on playing Blur – Song 2 for 3 or 4 times. I cant believe some people actually enjoyed it! Hen said he felt like he’s in the Force of Nature Tsunami fund concert.
Click here to see the bloody video
But our main purpose for the rave is to hear Eddie Halliwell’s set. It was good but some people were pissed off with Tabla Maniam for messing up the tracks. I personally think that Tabla Maniam’s drums made the set better.
Click here to see Eddie Halliwell & Tabla Maniam in action
Unfortunately, Eddie Halliwell’s set lasted barely 1 hour. If more time had been allocated to him, he would have played a better set.
Click here to see some shuffling action (dark)
Furthermore, the night was spoilt by the police. They were randomly checking patrons for drug abuse in the toilet. I hope those who were caught are alright now. Under the Malaysia’s Dangerous Drugs Act 1952, any possession of drugs without permission will be punished as follows:-

    Fine not exceeding RM20000 or imprisonment not exceeding 5 years or to both.
    Less than 2gm in weight of heroin/morphine
    Less than 5gm in weight of Methamphetamine/Amphetamine (Speed/Smack)
    Less than 20gm in weight cannabis
    Imprisonment not less than 2 years up to 5 years.
    Between 5 gm or more but less than 30 gm in weight of Methamphetamine/Amphetamine
    Between 2gm & less than 5gm in weight of heroin/morphine
    20 gm or more but less than 50 gm in weight cannabis;
    Imprisonment not less than 5 years up to life and 10 strokes of cane.
    Between 5gm & less than 15gm in weight of heroin/morphine
    Between 50 gm & less than 250gm in weight of cannabis
    30 gm or more in weight of Methamphetamine/Amphetamine (Speed/Smack)
    For possession exceeding the amount below, there is a presumption of trafficking which carries the death penalty.
    15 grammes or more in weight of heroin/morphine
    200 grammes or more in weight of cannabis
    50 grammes or more in weight of Methamphetamine/Amphetamine (Speed/Smack)

I’m not sure how heavy is a pill. Can anyone enlighten us about this? sixthseal?
Once a person is arrested, he must be produced before a magistrate within 24 hours. However, if the following day is a public holiday, the arrestee will be produced before a magistrate the day after the public holiday. However, the arrestee may be bailed out provided that the offence is not punishable with death or a remand order has been issued against the person. Hope this helps. Trance mix 3

I didn’t know how to label this set, its a fine mixture of classic trance, club and hardstyle. It was getting boring halfway through and i had a quick nap in between. Subconciously loaded a hard bomb on the last track, as a matter of fact it wasn’t even queued! but it turned out alright, i guess. The tracklisting are as follow:
Young Parisans ft. Ben Lost – Jump the Next Train
Dumonde – Singularities
DJ Shog – The Second Dimention
Beyond Unreal – X Rated
Blank and Jones – DJs, Fans and Freaks
Cosmic Gate – Tomorrow
Trance Angel – On The Beach
Aura Source of Trance – Destination Skyline
Bubble Fish – Sushi Lovers
United Beats – Por Que No
Dark By Design – Apocalypse
Have a nice weekend!

Hard Kandy International Series Volume 1

Here’s my favourite track from the CD (a gift from Gavintan, many thanks bro!).
X Bass – IK (Yoji Biomehanika with Mc Magika Hardstyle Remix)
It’s a litte bit fengtau (too hard). Some people might not like it. But I love it! As Big Ben would describe it, it’s hei mou man!! (makes your hair stand!!)
Want the rest of the song? BUY IT!!
Oh, and Rych’s mix is in bittorent form now. Many thanks to honfaai for creating the bit file!

Dangdut music

Last week, Jane and I took a ferry to Pangkor Island. Our ship was top class, as it has two televisions and air con. Jane didnt feel sea sick.
However, it has too many flies flying around and they were playing some stupid DANGDUT music (Malay dance music). It went something like this,
Aku orang kecil, (I am a small person)
Awak orang besar, (You are a big person)
Kau ibarat gajah, (You are like elephant)
And continued with something along the lines of “I’m like an ant”. I wonder if the songwriter is still in primary school.

Trip to Muar

Muar is a busty town located at the south of Peninsula Malaysia. It’s history traces back down to 1400s, before the establishment of Malacca.

I was given the opportunity to attend court at Muar. I had to wake up at 4AM in order to get there on time!
I have heard stories about how lawyers are well respected in small towns. In Kuala Lumpur, you’ll get some respect, but not much. But today’s experience convinced me that small town lawyers get more respect than Kuala Lumpur. While walking out of court, I had this army officer saluting me!!!

Then another thing worth mentioning was the parking fee. In Kuala Lumpur, parking fees usually cost about RM2 or more. But today’s fee in Muar was

60 CENTS !!!

Where the CRAP can you get 60 CENTS parking in Kuala LUMPUR?!?!?!

My eyes were O_O when the parking attended told me about price.

Since Lynnzter is from Muar, I called her up for directions and THE place to eat. She recommended chicken rice ball somewhere near a Levis Shop. It took me a long time to find it!! I circled the entire town, crossing a faggot looking street with pre-war buildings (1920s). They were all painted PINK!!!

Despite that, it was well worth it. The chicken rice ball was fantastic. Initially I thought the thing that was supposed to be rolled into a ball was the chicken meat. But in fact it was the rice. LOL

Since it’s a novelty for me, I had to peep at people on the next table to see the way to eat it. They put in thick soya sauce and also otak-otak!! W00t!!

Driving back was a HUGE HUGE hassle. With a satisfying lunch and lack of sleep, I had to drive 200 plus KMs to get back to KL. I almost fell asleep.

Things got worst when I realised that I was running out of petrol. The petrol light was on and the pin was almost touching the bottom. I was so stressed till I prayed to seek help from all gods, from Buddha, Allah, Jesus, Vishnu and so on.

I was full of relieve when I saw a rest stop. As I was about to jump in joy, I realised that all the rest stop had was a bloody toilet. Images of me crying and a tow truck operator chucking in joy were playing on my mind. I had to drive very slowly. Soon, I find heavy vehicles zipping past me.

Then another rest stop appeared. All it had was a toilet as well.

I soon realised that there wouldn’t be a petrol station within my reach along the highway. I swerved into Seremban to look for a petrol station.

I was so full of relieve when I saw a Shell petrol station. But it only lasted for few moments, the Shell petrol station is still under CONSTRUCTION….

However, my agony ended few minutes after that. I found a Pro-Jet station few blocks away from the Shell Station. Ahhh..the sense of relieve was indescribable.

Glow @ Orange, KL

Glow was awesome. Music was great, the crowd was good and best of all, no alcohol!!
It was the first indoor event that seeks to promote Melbourne Shuffle I’ve been to since the advent of Melbourne Shuffle to Malaysia 5 – 6 years ago.
However, the floor is a little bit too slippery though. NO POWDER UNLESS REQUESTED PLS NEXT TIME!!! – glow – glow – glow 3 – by

Heineken Music Thrist

Press Release
For Immediate Release
Thirst III ambassadors revealed – Roger Sanchez and Steve Lawler
Kuala Lumpur, 15 February 2005: Heineken Music Thirst is back, but this time it is an unparalleled Global DJ competition. Launching in Indonesia in April, Thirst will push the boundaries of dance music with never-before-seen unique live sets and collaborations from some of the Worlds’ biggest names in dance music including Roger Sanchez and Steve Lawler, while continuing the Global search for fresh DJ talent.
Thirst will travel to 25 cities, resulting in four regional heats and culminating in the first ever Global Final in January 2006.
Picking up the reigns from previous Thirst DJs Paul Oakenfold and Tiësto, Roger Sanchez and Steve Lawler have both been appointed to lead the Heineken Thirst 2005 tour through its new global competition format.

Recently voted ‘House DJ of the Year’ Roger Sanchez’s influence in the dance industry is testament to his multi-faceted approach to music which include his ‘Release Yourself’ compilation CD’s, record label ‘Stealth’, club nights and a US and UK radio show. Following a sell-out date in Denmark for Thirst in June 2004, Roger has been signed as one of the 2 headline Thirst DJs for 2005 and will be supported on tour with exclusive live performances by his New York band. Roger states:
“I am particularly looking forward to the opportunity to tour cities with Thirst where my fans don’t get to see me too often. I’m also especially pleased that we have created a very special and unique performance exclusively for Thirst. As everybody knows, I am all about encouraging new DJ and production talent, so giving it an extra push through Thirst will be very exciting”.
Joining Roger for dates in Asia is dance maestro, Steve Lawler. A definitive DJ, producer and remixer, Steve is currently enjoying huge success with his recent Billboard US Number One remix of Dido’s hit single.
It’s been a steady rise from the infamous ‘motorway raves’ of the early 90’s, to his legendary sets at Mambo and Space in Ibiza, and his current triumph with the Lights Out tour / compilation concept in America and his Harlem Nights event at The End, London.
In addition, Steve also runs his own labels i.e. Harlem Records, Harlem Trax and Harlem Electric, signing only the finest underground tracks from across the world. His acute ear for a good tune will no doubt be at the forefront of the minds of this year’s Thirst finalists, when Steve acts as an international judge for Heineken Thirst 2005 across 6 Asian countries.
Steve says of Thirst: “I am delighted to be a part of Thirst, as it has managed to take the concept of the DJ talent search to a global level. Dance music has always been about embracing the new, and it’s great that there is now a competition like Thirst to help fast-track DJs to a higher level.”
Steve Lawler will also create the first ever-regional interactive clubbing concept exclusively for Heineken Thirst. Diving back into his expansive back catalogue, Steve will remix a classic dance track chosen through public voting which he will reveal exclusively at Thirst events throughout Asia this Spring.
Clubbers will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite track to be remixed from three all-time-classic tracks to dictate a future dance anthem. These tracks include JUNIOR VASQUEZ ‘GET UR HANDS OFF MY MAN’, DONNA SUMMER ‘I FEEL LOVE’ and JAYDEE ‘PLASTIC DREAMS’ (R&S). Clubbers will be able to log onto from March onwards to cast their vote.
Since its beginning in 2002, over 250,000 clubbers have attended a Heineken Thirst event and over 7,000 aspiring DJs have entered the competition which has helped further the careers of over 50 DJs. Heineken Thirst gives local talented DJs the once in a lifetime opportunity to play alongside internationally renowned DJs, maximising their exposure and status.
Entrants for Heineken Thirst 2005 will be encouraged to be creative, by incorporating vocals and live elements where possible. Discovered via a series of local heats, 2 finalists will compete in front of a packed crowd at the main Thirst show, which also features a unique live set from both top international talents.
In addition to a range exclusive prizes and widespread National media attention, the winner is awarded automatic entry into a regional final where he / she will fight to win the prestigious title of best DJ in their region, with the chance to go on to compete in the Global Final.
Heineken Thirst Malaysia Semifinal will be taking place on Saturday, 16 April 2005 at Zouk, KL. Short listed contestants will then be narrowed down to 2 finalists, who will then perform at the Heineken Thirst Malaysia event on Saturday, 30 April 2005.
The showdown will take place at the Grand Stand, Sepang F1 circuit from 9pm onwards, where the overall winner will take home with him/her a grand prize of RM5, 000 and
a chance to attend one of the other Heineken Thirst events in another market.
To sweeten the deal, the overall winner will then represent Malaysia at one of the 3 regional Thirst Asia Semi-finals. Should he/she win the regional Thirst Asia Semi-final, he/she will then battle it out with 2 other contestants from the other semi-final venues at the Thirst Asia Final on 21 May 2005 in Bangkok, Thailand.
Information on how budding DJs can take part in this successful Global campaign can be found on
Heineken Thirst will also be supported and promoted on throughout the year. This continually updated website provides information on all up and coming Thirst events, dedicated pages for Thirst winners, charts, exclusive mixes from the Thirst DJs and local winners, reviews of past events, latest dance music news and interviews, plus competition entry information.
About Heineken:
Heineken is undoubtedly The World’s No. 1 International Premium beer served in over 170 countries around the world since 1873. It is the leading imported beer brand in many European and Asian countries. Heineken is the popular choice among discerning drinkers around the world.
About GAB:
Guinness Anchor Berhad evolved from the merger between two brewing giants, Guinness Malaysia Bhd and Malayan Breweries (Malaya) Sdn. Bhd. The company’s principal shareholder is GAPL Pte Ltd based in Singapore. GAPL Pte Ltd is a joint venture between Diageo PLC and Asia Pacific Breweries Ltd.
Listed on the Main Board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE), Guinness Anchor Berhad produces, markets and distributes Guinness, Tiger Beer, Heineken, Anchor Smooth Beer, Anchor Ice, Baron’s Strong Brew, Kilkenny, Anglia Shandy and Malta.
Issued by: Heineken
Through: 141 Worldwide (Malaysia)
For more information on the Thirst III Campaign, kindly contact:
Farrell Tan
141 Worldwide (Malaysia)
Tel: 03-2296 8987, Fax: 03-2296 8989

Joining Roger Sanchez on the revolutionary Thirst 05 Global tour are Lisa Pure, GTO and Freak.
Former MTV dancer and international singing sensation, Lisa Pure, provides the female element to Rogers band. “I’m over You” is the single that launched Lisa’s career and enabled her to begin touring the U.S. She has had dance floor success with her vocals on Carl Kennedy’s “The Love You Bring Me” and is featured on various tracks on Roger’s album scheduled for release later this year. About to finish her debut album, Lisa is really looking forward to joining Roger on his inaugural Thirst tour.

GTO began his career in the early eighties working on classic rap tunes. His music is pure conscious ghetto funk, rekindling the legacy of James Brown and Isaac Hayes. Singing with a gritty voice that is pure and unmistakably soul, GTO adds an emotional and original feel to Rogers set. Lighting up stages for many years he is one of the original ‘smooth operators’.
Freak is a musical phenomenon. Playing a myriad of instruments including lead and rhythm guitar, violin and piano, he is also an accomplished producer and vocal coach, to name but a few of his staggering musical talents. He has contributed his talents to productions and remixes as diverse as Alica Keys “Butterflies” and No Doubts “Hella Good”.
A lot of thought and love has gone into making this band a unique live performance, one which will perfectly compliment Rogers set. Thirst aims to provide an experience that clubbers across the world will never have encountered before, one which will stay with them for years to come.


Dear E,
I am sorry for all the cruel things that I said to you. Those hurtful words must have pierced your heart like a knife.
E, sorry for failing to realise that besides me, you have had a terrible week too. I also fail to see that sometimes you need to retreat into your “well” rather than seeking support from me. Instead of leaving you alone as you requested, I thought the right thing to do was to offer you some support. But yet, you became more miserable because of my inconsiderate gestures.
E, because of what happened last week, I felt angry, resentful, foolish and sad. I was disappointed at how the people treat me. Some night, I felt like crying but unfortunately i had no tears because I can’t feel the pain. The pain of what the people did to me. Instead egoistically, I inflicted pain on you by venting my anger at you.
E, i am sorry. I am such an asshole and i am disgusted of myself too. Please forgive me. side of) Trance mix #2 is proud to present trance mix #2. Initially this was played over a friend’s private birthday bash to see the crowd responce and yeah, it was MASSIVE..woot.
Anyway here is the track listing for this week’s mix:
1)Ace’s Delight vs. Baced – Witness
2)Dave 202 -A.I
3)Malec – Endless Love
4)Alphazone – Flashback v.1
5)Dave Joy – First Impression
5)Gaz West – Playing With Fire
6)Axel Coon – Lamenting City
7)Sumatra – Reincarnation
8)Svenson & Gielen – Twisted
9)Shark Boy – Night Time
10)Magic D – Someday
11)S Force one – DJ Convention
12)X – Chilling on Cloud 9
13)Deepack – The Prophecy
Thanks to Gavin for hosting this and please do rape his bandwidth. Have a nice weekend ahead everyone!