Visitor from the highway..

Jane and I went to Pangkor Island for a night’s trip.

It was great. Even though the beach wasn’t top quality, we got to snorkle at a nearby island. We could see fishes swimming around. And it only cost RM40!

Driving back home was tedious though. I had to brave through a long stretch of trunk roads with single lane. It was pitch dark and most of the time, I depend on my luck when overtaking cars!!

While driving on the North-South highway, our car was overpowered with the smell of bunga kemboja (frangipani flower). First I thought it was due to Jane perfume. But I soon realised that Jane doesn’t have perfume that smells of frangipani.

Then the next thing that struck my mind was… pontianak (Malay female vampire). Malay folklore had it that if you smell kemboja flowers at night, that means a female vampire is nearby. My hair began to stand. I had to do something about it. I decided to ask her to leave….

“Kak, tolong jangan kacau kak” (Miss, Please dont disturb us)
“Kami students kak” (We’re students miss)
Jane: ????? Are you talking to me?

The smell went off suddenly. I was so relieved. The hair on my neck and face were standing!! I felt like a bear, you know, bears have hairy face… However, the smell came back again….

“Kak, tolong jangan kacau kak” (Miss, please dont disturb us)
“Kami nak balik Kuala Lumpur…” (We want to go back to Kuala Lumpur)

Few moments after I finish that sentence, the smell went off again.

It never came back again.

Maybe the smell came from a long stretch of kemboja trees on the highway. Superstition? I rather not take the chance. I dont want to wake up in the middle of the night to find a lady smelling of kemboja standing in my room!!!!!!! @_@

Indonesian Embassy @ KL

Few weeks ago (before the government crackdown on immigrants), I had to get something done @ the Indonesian Embassy at Kuala Lumpur.
It was a hot weekday afternoon. The place was packed with Indonesian immigrants. Since it’s my first time there, I went into the main building. It looked posh with traditional Indonesian design.
“I need to blabla”
Lady @ the reception: oh, its next to this building, walk out and turn left.
As I walked to the other part of the embassy, I felt it was like East and West Germany, one part posh another part run down.
The other part of the embassy was like a market! It sells food and drinks. They even have travel agents operating at the so-called ‘market’!


Crazy ass ebay member

I got his from Lionel on his friendster bulletin board.
These are replies by mizzelphug, an eBay seller to his buyers. Quite funny.
Fast payment and good communication. thanks
Seller dmsgunstuff ( 503)
Reply by mizzelphug: Liar. I paid with paypal and EVERYTHING was automated. I didn’t even email you.
It was a vhs just like you said. I appreciate you dropping it in the mail.
Buyer lowrance04 ( 2 )
Reply by mizzelphug: No! i slammed it into the mail!!!! you don’t know the half of it!!
service good but description said no scratches in game and there were bad ones
Buyer trackstar1011 ( 28)
Reply by mizzelphug: Scratch added at shipping time and not when listed. Buyer paid really late.
Shipped fast, exactly as described-Thx for a top notch stick!
Buyer -toodles- ( 29)
Reply by mizzelphug: Buyer is lying. Stick was really crappy and was shipped via USPS-slowest way.
good communications , great ebayer A+++++++
Buyer jt42857 ( 238)
Reply by mizzelphug: i disagree. I have poor communication skills. I won’t not not take this. =)
Package arrived with zero transportation damage -Thanks for your quick response
Buyer af4481 ( 80)
Reply by mizzelphug: Did you want transportation damage? I mean why would you mention it otherwise?
EXCELLENT SELL2ALL CUSTOMER!! Hope to do business with again. THANKS!!!
Seller sell2all ( 99935)
Reply by mizzelphug: You don’t own me. If we were in prison, you’d be my man-woman.
fast payment thanks…….AAA++++
Seller vader19771977 ( 50)
Reply by mizzelphug: That money came from a nigerian email scam i was running. Enjoy.
Prompt Payment! A pleasure to deal with!! Thanks! A++
Seller toygoblin ( 1031)
Reply by mizzelphug: Don’t mix business with pleasure. It’s all about profits, & the Peter Principle.
Item as described! Great Ebayer! A++++
Buyer eagle_eye70 ( 1313)
Reply by mizzelphug: Yes crappy item as described. So crappy, i sold it on ebay.
nice cars. THANX!!!!
Buyer 46dancin ( 30)
Reply by mizzelphug: 80 characters to use but you went for an “X” in lieu of “KS” in “THANKS”… nice
More at Trance mix #1

Since is having controversial issue regarding the distribution of online music, we have decided to put these music in the form of mix set so everyone can download and distribute as freely as possible. Every week or fortnight will be releasing uplifting trance from the classics to the latest tune to get your groove on to hit the club and party but the best part is it is completely free! The first trance mix will feature one unreleased and very rare Megara vs DJ Lee remix exclusively on only!

Since bandwidth doesn’t come free easily, we’re hosting our file(s) on which comes with the limitation of removing hosted file after a specific bandwidth/100 downloads/7 days whichever comes first. If you would like hosting these files please contact! Thank you and have a nice weekend. Trance mix 1:
1)Space Corn – Inside of me
2)Lance Inc. – Feelings
3)Avantgarde – Get Down
4)Nu Nrg – The Moon Loves the Sun
5)DeepForces – Tribute to Trance
6)Alex Megane – So Today
7)Groove Coverage – The Last Unicorn
8)Ken Cold – Theme of Pharmacy
9)X Sonic and Ray -The Hymen of Nautillus (rare Megara vs DJ Lee mix)

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3


Good news to owners of the Malaysian made car Gen.2!
Pos Malaysia Berhad, in collaboration with PROTON Holdings Berhad, is issuing special stamps and First Day Covers featuring PROTON Gen.2 to the public on Monday, 7th March 2005.
The special stamps and First Day Covers will be launched by YAB Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, PROTON’s Advisor at the Perdana Leadership Foundation Auditorium, Putrajaya on 21st March 2005, Monday.

To those who wants to purchase it on the 7th of March, head down to the Philately department at Pejabat Pos Besar, next to Dayabumi. A stamp fair will be held there.

Events to look forward to..


Date: 5 March 2005 (Saturday)
Time: 6.00pm till 4.00am
Venue: First World Hotel Bus Terminal
Liberate your mind. Recharge yourself. Zouk, the renowned club in Kuala Lumpur is set to provide you with a mind-blowing clubbing experience at Genting Highlands for the first time. The event, Recharge@Zoukfest is a place to celebrate the unity of dance music.
From sunset to sunrise, Recharge@ZoukFest will cover a broad spectrum of styles, ambience and music genres representing a true global reflection of dance music. From Zouk’s cutting-edge electronic dance music, to Ghetto Heaven’s Hip Hop and R&B Mambo Jambo’s groovy retro hits and Velvet Underground’s soulful house and Latin, Recharge@ZoukFest brings together world famous deejays over three extraordinary and unique music arenas.
A whole host of additional attractions will also be on offer to boggle the mind and excite your senses. Sumptuous food stalls will whet your appetite, a flea market promises bargain bundles, and chill-out zones like the Recharge Zen Spa will allow you to relax and unwind with massage and holistic therapies.
Join the “One World, One Music, One Tribe, One Dance” that is Zouk…at Recharge@ZoukFest
Ticket Prices
Pre Sale* RM35 (From 15 February to 4 March 2005)
Door Sale* RM45
*Ticket price includes 1 drink
More info @

In brief, the article critisized the Zoukfest event as it is immoral and against Islam teaching. However, there is no indication that the Pahang Islam Department will conduct a check on Muslim party goers. The dumbass president of the Malaysian Islamic Student Society urged the Islam Department to conduct a check up on Muslim partygoers. How dumb? Isn’t tolerance one of the main features of Islam Hadari?

Venue: Orange Club, Kuala Lumpur
Date: 11 March 2005
Time: 1700 – 0000
Tickets: RM 30.00/RM 25.00 presale
Featuring: DJ Xile, DJ Daryl, Bass Agents
Special Performance by: Hayden
According to Hayden’s website:-

    Basic Objective:
    •To create awareness on a new dance movement called the Melbourne Shuffle, that has swiftly made rounds to Malaysian shores.
    •To expose & unite Malaysian shufflers under 1 event & community.
    •To educate and introduce the latest addition of club dance culture.
    •To create a high impact event, with creative plays on audio and visuals.
    •To raise funds for Tsunami victims, bringing them hope with our music.
    Please Note:
    •This event is for the youth generation, aged 18 and above
    •There will be no liquor available during this event, a stipulation put forward by Malaysia’s Red Crescent Society
    Program : 4 local DJ’s and 4 Dancers will be performing during that night.
    * Note: This is a charity performance aimed to raise funds for the tsunami victims, together with Malaysia’s RED CRESENT SOCIETY. Please do not hesitate to reach any of the contact persons above for further inquiries. Thank you for your participation and together we can make a difference.
    For further information please email