Xes.cx Trance Mix 5

Sorry everyone for the delay in releasing mix 5. I’ve just been busy and next week i’ll be releasing number 6 before i go on a 2 months vacation mode.
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The tracklisting for mix 5:
Lange ft. The Morrighan – Follow Me
DJ Mind-X ft. Unknown – Mon Voyage
DJ Tatana – Sunset Beach
Nebulus – Destination Paradise
Callisto – Ways
Trancestral (Sasha LSD) – Nightly Party
Blank and Jones – A Forrest
GC – Nebbruchar’s Ghost
Alex Megane vs. Marc Van Damme – Hava Nagila
DJ Ramon Zerano vs. Marc Korn – Tears in My Eyes
Rumble – Oh Nee Nee

The Waiting game

I remember when our prime minister, Datuk Abdullah Badawi ascended the helm of the governmentship, one of his promise was to cut the red tape in the government department. 2 years has pass but little has been done. In fact from my personal experience, none has been done AT ALL.
On Thursday (7/4/2005), i was sent to a government office to enquire about a certain procedure for a matter that i am handling. I reached the office by 2:30pm and the office was still empty. That was not surpising to me at all because i understand that not all the people would return from lunch on time. Ok, fine. I sat down on the bench, reading some documents.
15 minutes later, finally, a lady walked into the office. I waited until she was comfortable sat on her chair. As i approached her, she was wiping her table. I stood before her counter, watching her.
“yes?” she asked while still wiping the table.
“Hello, good afternoon. I want to enquire about something. Is this the correct place?” I asked politely.
“Yes. What do you want to ask?”
So, i told her about my matter.
“Ah…ok.” She said. She looked a bit confuse.
“ummm..Puan, (Madam in Bahasa Melayu)what is solution?”
“ummmm, u write letter to enquire lar.”
“Puan, this matter is urgent. If you can kindly help me, i shall be grateful.”
“ummmm, u wait ar. I will ask my colleague later because i am new here.”
“What the fuck!!! You are new here and you act like you know everything!” I cursed her, silently.
“Can i please speak to an officer?” I requested
“Don’t worry, my colleague is a senior officer,” She assured me.
“Ok, No problem. I will wait. Thank you for your kind assistance,” I said with a smile.
So, i waited for another 15 minutes. Another lady entered the room. The first lady gestured me to come forward. I told the 2nd lady about my matter again.
“Ahhhhhh….this matter, very easy only. You do this this this and that that that.” the 2nd lady explained.
“Ok, i repeat. I am suppose to do this this this and that that that,” I repeated what she told me.
“Ummmm…should be like that lar,” she said
“Puan, May i please have a copy of the sample?”
“Huh? That one i don’t know. You have to talk to my supervisor. I am only the clerk here.”
“Ok, no problem. Can i please see him if he is free?”
“He ar…he is in a meeting lar.”
“Ok, i will wait. Thank you.”
So, i waited for another 30 mins and i am expected to be back in the office in another 30 mins time. I went up to the counter again. This time, the two ladies were already having their afternoon tea.
“Puan, when is Encik ABC’s meeting gonna end?”
“You wait lar, very fast only.”
“Ummm…you cannot give me the sample with your supervisor’s approval?”
” No lar, not like that. I can give you but my supervisor have to give the approval.”
“Ok, i will come back another day.”
ARGHHHH…..stupid red tape! Why can’t they just give me the sample. Afterall, it is just a few piece of papers with guideline written on it. I wasted my afternoon at that stupid office, speaking to two dumb lady.

TODAY is your lucky day

Today i went yam cha with my boss, my master and one my senior in a mamak near our office. We were happily enjoying our drinks when suddenly
“Sir, today is your lucky day!,” a salesman approached us with a big smile
Oh my God, salesman! So, all of us ignored him by looking at other directions, pretending that he was not there.
“Look sir, i have something very special for you,” he was searching his bag when he said that.
He took out a red bottle, filled with water. There was something reddish inside the water. It looked like fish to me.
“Oh my God, don’t tell me that he want to sell magic goldfish to 4 lawyers.” i thought to myself.
“Look here, sir,” the salesman said
My master looked at him and said “What is this?”
“It’s a watch, sir,” explained the salesman.
My master took up the bottle and studied it.
“A Watch?”
He put the bottle on his wrist.
“Bloody hell, how am i gonna wear this thing. It’s too big for my hand!”
All of us bursted out into laughter.
“No, no, sir. The watch is inside the bottle because i want to show you how good this watch is…..blah blah blah (all useless nonsense…can’t remember what he said already),”
He went on and on for 2 minutes
” Ok, enough lar. How much is it?” my boss suddenly broke his silence and asked.
“RM 29.90 only, sir. BUT if you buy from me today, i am going to give me another one for free,”
“Sure or not? How i know you are not saying that to con me.”
“No lar, sir. If you go KLCC, this watch is sold for RM89.90.”
“BUT today is your lucky day, i am going to give you an extra one for free.”
“Meaning?” My boss asked him with a poker face but the rest of us were lauging like mad now.
“It means you are lucky to meet me today lar so i am giving you 3 watches for RM29.90.”
So, he went on and on about how lucky my boss is today to stumble upon a deal like this for another 2 mins.
“Wah…that guy is really thick skin. ok lar, i will take it.” my boss said
“Thank you, sir. You are lucky today lar, sir. Look, you are last customer and my best one so far. I am giving away all my watches for a special price.” the salesman said.
“Ok, ok. You can take back the empty bottle and the boxes lar. I don’t want that”
Later, when he was gone.
“Eh, Frank. Come, take one lar,” He handed me a red one
“Don’t be shy lar. Take it. You can wear it when you go jogging. Don’t waste it lar,”
“eeeer….red ar?”
I took the watch from him.
“Well, thank you but can i change this for the black one ar?”
“hahahhahahaha…you are asking me to whack you izzit?”
P.S. Today is not my lucky day cause i think i am having fever…haih, i am sick already.

So u wanna be a La La mui

Earlier last year, xes wrote an entry about ah lian. Well, i am not too sure whether that girl can be branded as an Ah Lian or not because the term ah lian is defined very loosely. Unlike La La Mui. La La Mui can be easily spoted and identified.
Huh? What? You don’t know what is a La La Mui? Ok…for all you fashion noobs out there,

So, what do you think?
P.S. The author has totally nothing against man or woman with bad fashion sense. This article is posted without prejudice to any person be it the family and friends the girl featured in the photo or anyone related to her.

Yanks at a Roundabout

I got this from a forwarded mail.
Imagine you are driving in England and you are already confused enough driving on the left side. Then you see this sign:

and you ask yourself “what’s gonna happen here ?”
all of a sudden there it is …

The magic roundabout!
Supposedly there are 3 or 4 of these in England.
In Swindon, in London and Cardiff (England???).
In the middle the direction is reversed.

Those Brits are crazy. No wonder that god put them on an island.

White Wall @ Batu Caves

This morning, the usual climbing gang, couple of new members plus 2 photographers and I went to climb at @ Batu Caves again.

This time round, we went to White Wall. The journey there was tedious. We had to park our car at Damai before trekking up the steep hill into White Wall. The path was slippery and we even have to trek through a garbage dump.

Garbage dump…euw..

A sohai threw a motorcycle here..

Hiking up…

By the time we reached the hill, we were already exhausted. Further, it was bloody hot as well. The wall was hot, our shoes were hot and it was full of mosquitoes! There were not many easy routes as well. Since there were many of us and we had only 2 ropes, we had to wait a long time for the others to finish the routes as the route was tough and long. Fortunately, we had a 5C route to climb.

Ahh..white wall at last!

Creepy stuff..

Something is among the trees….can you spot it? 😀

By 1PM, it started to rain. Everyone scrambled their belonging and fled the scene. Getting down wasn’t easy as well. Since it rained slightly, the treks were already slippery.

ciao the scene!

Going thru the garbage dump again

This place reminds me of Amsterdam.


Fortunately, the rain stopped as soon as we reached Damai. We hung out at Damai for a while. Some were bouldering and some went to disturb monkeys. But suddenly, it rained heavily. Once again, we had to fled the scene.

It wasn’t a good day for us!

Monkey: Kiss ma ass.

Monkey not happy

Road to the unknown..

Ping on a journey of discovery

Karat & I

Social Blunder

During dinner time, i went to tarpau (take away) at this stall near my house. I always eat there if i have no dinner appointment so the people there know me well. There was this girl who manage the stall for her father, or at least that is whom i thought he was to her, until today…
Girl: Hello, never seen you for awhile.
Me : Ya, i never seen you here for long time also.
Girl: ya kah?
Me : Ya, only your father is here lar, usually.
Girl: Huh? My father?
Me : neh…that man who always wear the cap?
Girl: huh?
Me : …….
Girl: He is not my father lar. He is my boyfriend laaaaaaaaaar.
Me : oooooh ( i felt like laughing at that moment)
Girl: ……
Me : …… (look at her blankly and trying hard not to laugh)
Girl: Here is your change.
Me : Thank you. See you
I walked off as fast as i can to my car and quickly drove off. I laughed my head off while driving home. Anyway, the moral of the story is “Don’t laugh too hard while you are driving, it’s dangerous”.


I guess most of us heard of porn involving animals. But Sow found this on the net.
It’s cockroach porn. EUWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
UPDATE: For completion sake, here is another digusting picture of an insect courtesy of Joanne of Miri, Sarawak. All together now…say “EUW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”