A Guide for some foreigners in Malaysia

I got this from galferari. Since she’s too busy to post it up herself. I’ll do it on her behalf.
It’s a basic guide for foreigners on Malaysia idioms. Great laugh 😀
This is commonly used in Malaysia. Foreigners might find it difficult to use. “Yes lah” (yes) “No lah” (no). It is not enough to just say “lah” You must say it with an attitude and zest that can only be cultivated through carefully observing the average Malaysian on the street.
Append “lah” to a verb and you should be properly indigenized in KL.
For instance, say:
“Go back to hotel lah” “Let’s go lepak lah” (let’s
go chill out) (lepak [leh pak] means “to chill”)
Ree lek lah bluh duh (Relax, brother)
Jangan ten shen lah (Jangan – don’t, ten shen – tension, essentially means “no stress man”)
This is a flexible term used by Malaysians to express either pain, panic or surprise. Alamak is a good substitute. It does not matter if you use it at the beginning or end of your sentence. The Malaysian Indians have a modified aiyoh to aiyoyo which essentially means the same thing but can be used in humorous situation as well. The Malays
have a specific term for pain – Aduh. So if you trip and fall, yell aduh for sympathy.
Meaning business
Apa Harga? – this is a severely cut-down version of “how much is this or that”. For an even better short-form, use Berapa?. Don’t worry, you will be understood. In Malaysia, it is crucial to be skilled in the art of bargaining. By bargaining, you get the best price for your purchase.
Use Wah! Sangat mahal lah! for “Hey man! That’s damn expensive!” Do not show fear nor rage. Bargain with a moderate amount of aggression and good humor and you will remain in one-piece and be spared superlative vulgarities.
Ladies, be demure and say Encik, murah sikit boleh kah? This means “Mister, can I get this for a little less please?”. A slight batting of the eyelids and a pout would do you good when it
comes to male vendors. You can try your bargaining strategies almost everywhere except super posh air-conditioned malls in which case, you can possibly trust the price tag.
Picking up babes and hunks
The young ladies of Malaysia are as beautiful as the country. So here are some pick-up lines for interested parties. *oh yes, uh? eye-popping…
Leng Lui – this is a Cantonese expression for hot chick. Use it if you want to compliment a pretty Chinese girl. Add a whistle or wink for extra appeal. Not to be used in classy environment like
5-star hotels or business conferences because others will be inclined to think you are a pervert.
Cantik or Lawa – this is a Malay term denoting pretty or beautiful. Use it as a pretty Malay girl is sashaying by you in her Baju Kebaya or Baju Kurung (Baju means dress, Kurung and Kebaya denote
different traditional designs). You get a smile in return if you’re lucky.
Kacak – this means handsome. Use it if you want to tell a Malay chap that he is cute. Do not use it on “Mat Rocks”. A Mat Rock is a generic term for skinny Malay chaps who dress in leather and zip
through town in their Harley-Davidson wannabe bikes. They see themselves as the Asian equivalent of Guns ‘n Roses or Aerosmith. Mat Minah usually describes the vampish female partner of the Mat
Rock. She too has a thing for heavy metal and leather. Mat Rocks prefer to be Kuul (cool) rather than Kacak.
Leng Chai – this means cute guy. Say this to a good-looking Chinese guy and you will make his day.
For the lucky ones who find love in Malaysia, try expressing your love in various Malaysian ways. To a Malay partner, Ku Cintai Mu
(Koo-chin-tah-ee-moo, meaning “I love you”) would send him or her over the moon. For the same effect, try Ngo Oi Lay or Wo Ai Nee on a Chinese partner. Practice your love declaration. If you think you’re going to screw up, stick to “I love you”. Malaysians have an excellent command of English.
Thank you.
Credits given to GnarfGnarf.com
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Camp 5 @ 1 Utama

Camp 5, a new rock climbing gym will be open in 1 Utama in August.

It boast a state of the art gym with climbing walls as tall as 30 metres. (!!!). Cant wait for it to open.
Camp 5 has set up a promotional wall @ 1 Utama, nearby Starbucks. It’s just a small bouldering wall. Admission is free and you can even rent shoes. However, you would have to sign a liability waiver form.
My friends and I tried the promotional wall last week.
Loads of people were watching us climb. It some how felt like a circus. Some people even clapped when someone completed a route.
Most of the spectators stood beside the wall and some were standing on the balcony on top.

Then..while climbing..one of the staff said..
Me: ??? What? Skirt???
Everyone looks up.
Then I saw this girl wearing a short skirt standing on the balcony.
US: O_O White panties….
Girl runs away for cover.

of .. er.. boobies? blur boobies

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oogle oogle …oogle-ing-ing
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when i was around ur age i was flat like airport. be happy babe, be very happy!
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arghhhhhhh my eyes my eyes!
gimmme antiseptic to wash my eyes!

Nasi KangKang

One day @ CLimbing Gym..
Malay Guy 1: ahh… I cannot climb now. I’m so full! Perut penuh dengan nasi! (literally means stomach full of rice)
Malay Guy 2: Tadi makan apa ni? (What did you eat just now?)
Malay Guy 1: Plenty of stuff..nasi ayam, daging, cicak, telur etc etc..
Malay Guy 2: Bukan nasi kangkang ke?? HEHE (Nasi KangKang not included?)
Ping & I: LOL!!!!!!
Malay 2: Eh Cina pun tau apa tu Nasi Kangkang? (Eh? Even Chinese knows whats nasi kangkang?)
Nasi KangKang, literally means Squatting Rice. It’s some sort of love potion made for men. It was believed that after eating the rice, the man was bound to abide entirely by the woman’s wishes. His mind will be reset and zombified. Any of the woman’s wishes such as, “buy me a diamond” would be fulfilled immediately.
Many years ago, this superstition was practiced by the Malays and also the Nyonyas.
How to make Nasi Kangkang
1. Stand with her legs wide open and while the pot of rice was still steaming,
2. Allowed sweat to trickle down into the steaming pot
3. Serve it to ‘victim’

Remember allow sweat to trickle down…dont shit on it…
I hope none of my friends were victims of this wicked meal. But this seems to be the only explanations why some of my male friends disappeared from my circle of friends after getting a girlfriend. wh4 buggers.

Melbourne Shuffle Competition Finals @ Atmosphere

Congratulation to:
Azmer – 1st Prize! RM2000!
Eddy – 2nd Prize RM1000.
Christina! 3rd Prize RM500.

The winners

The trophies + token for judges

Here’s a little insight of how the judging panel works.

The panel of judges changed every round. It was the decision of the organizers and also due to some unexpected events. That explains the inconsistent results.

I was pretty frustrated to see some good shufflers that didnt qualify (esp Johnson arghhh). But qualification was not decided by one man but a panel of judges. It’s a question of perspective. One would feel this shuffler is better, but another one would feel that this shuffler is crap.

For the past 4 rounds (I skipped a week), we were pressured in many ways. Many people questioned about the qualification of the judges. Initially we kept our identity secret because we didn’t want people to question our judgement.

We were branded blind, fools and cowards when some good contestants didn’t make it to the finals. One even threatened to throw eggs at us. Dumb arse.

Of course, what matters are the end results. It doesn’t matter who qualified to the Finals and who didn’t. But some people were not happy with the end results as well. I humbly believe that the winners deserve their prizes. One might think they don’t but again I stress that the results is a collective result and not by one man.

Anyway, it’s over. I do not wish to discuss about the results again. I’m glad this controversial competition is over. Damage has been done to the Shuffling community in Malaysia. Now it’s time to patch up and reconcile.

Congrats to the winners, hope they spend their money wisely. I would recommend sharing 50% of them with the judges. YEAH!!!
We judges did not receive a single cent for the competition. All we got was a small token



Btw, thank you azmer for the free flow!

I thank Atmosphere club for organizing the event.

I have always dreamt of making Melbourne Shuffle big in Malaysia. Now it seems that it is more popular than it is before 6 years ago. Now, I can retire in peace…. Hehe

Here are some videos.

Winner of the 1st Melbourne Shuffle Competition in Malaysia – azmer

2nd Runner Up of the Melbourne Shuffle Competition in Malaysia – Christina
One of my favourite Shufflers – Kit Wai [#2]
Nice spins I dont rememeber who he is. There were about 20 contestants. By the time it reaches dancer number 7, I forgot how dancer no 1 did. [#2]

Another favourite Shuffler – HE FLOATS!!!

Last Dance – By Azmer.