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Recently one of my friend, L went for driving test. We asked her whether or not she “paid” for her test.
She said “Crazy ar? Why should i pay them if i am confident that i can past.”
The next day, she came back looking gloomy. She failed. Why? Simple, because she refuse to “pau” for her test.
Coincidentally, this story was published in Malay Mail on 8/6/2005 :-
Woman alleges RTD tester failed her for refusing to pay bribe
A human resource assistant stood by her principle — she refused to pay ‘duit kopi’ to ensure that she passed her driving test.
She was to have paid the bribe to her driving school instructor who would make the necessary arrangement with the relevant authority for her to pass the test.The 20-year-old from Desa Pandan, who wanted to remain anonymous, was confident she would pass.
However, she claimed that despite successfully clearing three obstacles (slope, parking and three-point turn) on May 31, she was told by an Road Transportation Department (JPJ) tester that she had failed the whole test.
That result was made known to her even before she drove out of the RTD compound in Ulu Kelang for the road test!
She put it down to her refusal to pay the RM200 bribe.
“I had to wait five hours after completing the obstacles test before I was called for the road test at 4.45pm. I got in the car, did the necessary such as adjusting my rear-view mirror.”
“Before I could drive out to the main road, the tester asked me to pull over and said I had failed,” she said.
She said she asked the tester how she could fail even before taking the road test.
She claimed that the tester told her that “There’s an easy way for you to pass but you refuse. I am not going to pass you.”
“There is no way I could have failed unless the driving school owner told the tester to fail me, just because I refused to pay the additional money,” she said, adding that she paid RM890 for her probationary driving licence.
The complainant subsequently lodged a report at the Bangsar police beat base on June 3.
When contacted, a Putrajaya RTD official advised the complainant to lodge an official report against the tester with the department.
“The police report she made acts as an evidence that the matter took place. We still need her to come and see us so that a statement can be recorded,” he said.
He added that a check with the said RTD tester will be conducted to verify if the incident took place.

Brief review on upcoming nightlife events in Malaysia

Recently, 2 events were going head to head. They are Glow 2 and Lumi-Nation.
Lumi-Nation ft. Scott Alert & Jeremy K @ Atmosphere
Fri 01 Jul
TwelveSI, 12 Jln. Sultan Ismail, KL. T: 2145 9198
For Sydney-siders the Hard Kandy name may not be instantly familiar, but talk to any clubber from Melbourne who is serious about their hard dance and the name will illicit smiles galore. On Hard Kandy Episode 3, Scott Alert shares mixing duties with fellow resident Jeremy K, each DJ taking care of a disc, combining hard dance and hard trance just the way you like it. The duo turns up the tempo and hits the breaks on mild mannered tunes and shows Atmosphere a grittier and tougher tip.
9pm. RM40 bef. 12mn, RM45 aft., pre-sale RM35, inc. 1 drink. For info, log onto www.twelvesi.com.my.
However, there were rumours that the event has been cancelled. But, a realible source told me that it has been postponed INDEFINITELY!!

W00T!! cant wait to go!
But the odds are that it’s gonna be a sausage party again! (>.<) Salem Revelation 2005
There’s a rumour flying around that Salem will be organizing a rave @ one of the beaches of Malaysia.
According to my little kukubird, Tye Lim…

Start: Aug 20, ’05 (Evening)
End : Aug 21, ’05
Location: some beach somewhere go figure (its confirmed but i’ll let ya guess for now)
DJ’s confirmed so far (Main Room)
– Scot Project ( never heard of him?…you gotta be kidding man its Scottie )
– Johan Gielan ( if you dunno who he is you need to get out more )
– Mijk Van Dyk ( no not Paul’s brother )
– Marcus Schulz ( achtung baby )
– more to be announced
I don’t really care about the Second Room (Progressive Trance) but I will post it up when I get it.
also featuring VJ’s – Vision Impossible (UK)
watch this space for future updates http://jeffzy.multiply.com/

However, the government of Malaysia has recently passed Control of Tobacco Product Regulations 2004 that forbids tobacco companies to advertise in any events or sponsor any events. I wonder how Salem is able to bypass such law.

Damn….my drawing sucks……
Melbourne Shuffle Competition Finals
This Friday @ Atmosphere Club!
20 contestants have qualified for the final round. Initially it was said that only 16 contestants will qualify for the finals. But as a gesture of good will, the organizers have included extra 4.
Channel [V] might be covering the event as well and also ntv7 (National TV), The Star Newspaper and Malay Mail Newspaper, Juice and a few more media people.

Nanjing Massacre

During the last world cup, i was watching Japan playing against an European Team. I was cheering for the Jap. One of my English hallmate asked me a very interesting question.
“Whom did the Chinese (as in mainland China Chinese) fight during World War 2?”
“The Jap,” I answered.
“Why are you supporting their football team? They killed your forefathers and raped your women!”
Honestly, i don’t hate the Jap for what they did to the Chinese during World War 2 anymore. Maybe it’s because i am an oversea chinese. However, it still angered me when the Japanese Government and their history books denied the Nanjing Massacre even with all the evidence. Here is a story told by one of the Nanjing Massacre survivor, Madam Xia Shuqin :-
Nanjing massacre survivor tells of unspeakable horrors, fight for justice

Madam Xia Shuqin looking for the name of her loved one who died during the Nanjing Massacre
NANJING, China (AFP) – Xia Shuqin has cried so many tears for her parents and siblings who were brutally murdered during the 1937 Japanese invasion of Nanjing that she says it has slowly made her blind.
It has been 67 years since that fateful day but Xia cannot forget how Japanese soldiers butchered her family, effectively marking the beginning of nearly two months of wholesale slaughter, rape and destruction that is today known as the Nanjing Massacre.
Stabbed three times and left for dead herself, Xia recalled in an AFP interview the terrifying moments of that smoke-filled morning of December 13, 1937, when Imperial troops first pounded on the door.
“It was my father who went to open the door and the Japanese soldiers, with guns already loaded, shot my father as soon as he opened up,” said Xia, a small, thin woman with an unseeing, greyishly discolored right eye.
Nine family members and four neighbours had been hiding at Xia’s home for weeks as Japanese bombs fell and fighting raged outside the ancient walls of this regal and once capital city of China, about 200 kilometres (124 miles) from Shanghai.
“People didnt dare to get out of their place and hid under tables for shelter,” said Xia, who is also partially blind in her other eye.
“Everything was in ruins and there was dust and smoke everywhere … the city was a complete mess.”
As the outgunned Chinese Nationalist army fled across the Yangtze River on that ignominious day, Nanjing fell to 50,000 Japanese troops who marched in, presenting themselves as benificent saviours.
They were anything but.
“My mom was embracing my one-year old sister under the table,” Xia continued.
“They dragged my mom out from under the table and immediately stabbed my sister to death. They just killed her like that,” she said, with a sharp wave of her arm.
On that harrowing day a dozen or so soldiers then set upon her mother, gang raping and then killing her, while two neighbourhood children cowering under the table with them were shot dead.
As the Japanese turned to dispatching others her grandparents grabbed Xia and her three remaining sisters and ran into another room, gaining precious minutes.
“I heard screams and gunshots from the other room but we were so scared we didn’t dare to make a sound,” said Xia.
Everything went quiet before the soldiers finally stormed in, bayoneting her grandparents first, then raping and killing her 15- and- 13-year-old sisters.
Xia blacked out.
She doesn’t know how long it was before she came to, but she remembers hearing the crying of her four-year old sister. Xia was soaked in blood, and had been stabbed three times in the arm and back.
Surrounded by the decomposing corpses of her family and neighbours, the two sisters hid in the house for the next 10 days, surviving on scraps of food.
“We didn’t dare to move or eat in daytime, Japanese soldiers were near by and they walked by my place on patrol everyday,” she said.
An old couple eventually found them and snuck them to the International Safety Zone, a makeshift refugee camp set up by foreigners who had remained in Nanjing to try and prevent further killings.
According to historians and thousands of recorded personal testimonies, what happened in Xia’s house occurred with abandon throughout the metropolis that was then home to one million residents.
By the time the Japanese army had finished their killing spree, according to conservative estimates 140,000 were dead, most of them unarmed civilians and many women and children.
Considered one of the bloodiest massacres in modern history, China estimates that some 300,000 were slaughtered. Many independent international counts put the death toll closer to 400,000.

The Japanese burying the Chinese alive.

Brutally killed
Jing Shenghong, an expert on the subject at Nanjing Normal University, said the bloodbath was meant to “terrify Chinese people and the government into surrendering as soon as possible”.
It failed to work as China eventually expelled the Japanese.
Despite the overwhelming evidence, some of it from personal accounts of Imperial soldiers who took part in the massacre, history has not been able to bring closure to this horrific event.
Repeated denials by some Japanese academics and politicians that the Nanjing massacre was an orgy of murder has routinely enraged China in recent years, souring diplomatic relations.
Particularly galling for the dwindling number of survivors is Japan’s refusal to grant compensation, claiming that under international law individuals do not have a right to directly seek money from a warring nation.
In the most recent case, the Tokyo High Court in April refused compensation for 10 Chinese survivors or relatives of victims of the Nanjing Massacre and Japan’s Unit 731, which conducted germ experiments on humans in northern China.
“Under civil law, the country does not bear responsibility either,” ruled presiding judge Masahito Monguchi.
The issue of Japan’s World War II record has resurfaced with a vengeance this year, with three weeks of student-led protests throughout the mainland bringing Sino-Japanese relations to their lowest point in 30 years.
To blame in part are Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi’s visits to the country’s wartime shrine, where class-A war criminals are buried, as well as Japan’s glossing over of its wartime record in school textbooks.
But it is also because Beijing has now started to prove itself more willing to challenge Japan as it has grown in economic power and political clout.
“Beginning from 1949 to the late 1970’s, China was caught up in all kinds of revolutionary political movements — the anti-rightist campaign, the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution,” said Wang Weixing, deputy director of the Institute of History Studies of Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Social Science.
“Research into the war and the massacre was neglected. But China’s reform in the 1980s not only liberated the economy, but also liberalized academic research.”
When it re-established diplomatic ties with Japan in 1972, China had agreed to drop claims for wartime reparations.
This stance continued in the 1980s when the Chinese government was reluctant to pressure Tokyo at time when it desperately needed investment as it began opening up to the world.
Official attitudes finally began to change in the 1990s amid a resurgence of nationalism among Japan’s right-wing party and a growing chorus of voices in South Korea and China for the island nation to apologise and compensate victims.
For Xia, books published by Higashinakano Osamu and Magsumura Goshio in the mid-1990s questioning the veracity of witnesses’ accounts of the events in Nanjing proved the final straw.
It prompted her in 2000 to sue for damages of 800,000 yuan (96,600 dollars) in a Beijing court. Her case has yet to be heard, but she says she will fight on as long as she can.
“I survived from the pile of dead bodies, how could I be a fake witness?” said an indignant Xia. “I just want to be healthy so I can sue them to the end.”

1. This article was originally published in Yahoo News
2. The photos are taken from Yahoo News and WWW Memorial Hall of the Victims in the Nanjing Massacre (1937-1938)


Lately, i have not been sleeping well cos the weather is too damn hot. I look a bit like this fish now :-

*yawn* I am so sleepy *yawn* Aiks! What are you looking at! Go away! *yawn*

So u wanna have a pretty wife…

Not long ago, i met one of my senior from my high school.
me: Hey Adrian, i heard you are marry to Miss Gorgeous from the convent behind our school.
Adrian: Yeah…haih
Adrian said that sullenly.
me: What is the matter? You are not happy with married life.
Adrian: haih….
If my memory serve me right, Miss Gorgeous was the prettiest girl in that Convent school when i was in Form 1. She could even drive all the primary school, pre-puberty school boys crazy. She looked a bit like this :-

That is how she looks like in my dream…
oooooh~~~Miss Gorgeous….*fap* *fap*

me: So, Miss Gorgeous still look the same ar?
Adrian: See for yourself lar…
Adrian passed me his PDA…

me: WAH! Still quite hot wah for a 30 years old woman with 5 kids.
Adrian: scroll down somemore lar…

me: WTF!
Adrian: That’s how she looks like when i come back late. Scroll down somemore…

Adrian: That’s her when i don’t give her all my salary.
me: eeer….
Adrian: BTW, that is her 2 years ago lar…Now, she is a 220kg Aunty!
me thinking to myself: aiks, that’s like Lydia Sam, the TVB fat Aunty actress.

Miss Gorgeous: YEAH! Adrian i totally OWN you

Miss Gorgeous: I am still sexy right, Adrian Darling?
me: ……

Miss Gorgeous: Ooooh…Adrain baby, FUCK ME HARDER!!!!
Adrian: *fainted due to suffocation*

P.S: My computer was attacked by a trojon horse a few hours ago. If anyone of you receive an email from my Yahoo mail, that is not me, it’s the virus!
P.P.S: I apologise to whoever that is offended to my post. It’s merely a stupid story that is meant to be a joke. I have no intention of offending any fat women. Please do not protest outside my house, i am sorry.

Penang chick.

I had a chat with YS, my lady colleague, born and bred in the island of Penang.
YS: wah look at this girl on the newspaper! She’s hot!
Me: w00t!! yes she is!
YS: let me see what the article says…
Me: Penang born lass, sexy etc etc…mmmmmmm
/me looks at the photograph
/me looks at YS.
/me looks at photograph
/me looks at YS and said
“What happened to you?”

Before marriage

I got this from Mie. Funny Stuff
Before marriage..
Darling here.. darling there…
After marriage.
Baling (throw) here… baling there..
Before marriage. .
I die for you. . .
After marriage.
“You die, up to you. ”
Lagi lama married (Married for a long time)..
You die I help you!
Before marriage. .
You go anywhere. . I follow you.
After marriage. . .
You go anywhere. . up to you.
Lagi lama married. . .
You go anywhere better get lost!!
Before wedding
you are my heart, you are my love”
After wedding
“you get on my nerves. ”
Before wedding
“you are sweet and kind just like Cinderella”
After wedding
“you are worse than godzila” (LOL!!)
Before wedding
Roses are red, violets are blue. Like it or not, I’m stuck with you
After wedding
Roses are dead, I am blue. You get on my head,
I will sue you
Before wedding
Every makan he brings you to Shangri-La
After wedding
You want to go, he says you wait-la
Before wedding
She looks like Anita Sarawak (famous Malaysian Singer)
After wedding
Don’t know whether katak (frog) or biawak (lizard)
Before wedding
Weekends at Cameron, Genting and Fraser’s Hill (popular tourist attraction)
After wedding
Furthest you go is Maxwell Hill (lousy place)
Before wedding
He opens the car door
After wedding
He opens his mouth and snores
Before wedding
She / he was your ideal
After wedding
She / he becomes your ordeal
hehe…future hubbies…be careful…and future wives…be aware…!!