the date that went wrong.

mr. attached wanted to ask me out for dinner for valentine’s day because he and his girlfriend don’t believe in celebrating valentine’s day. but i refused. totally against my principles. why should i be seen with someone else’s boyfriend on that night? it would’ve created a scandal.
so anyway, i received a rose and a valentine card that morning, from the guy in the office next to mine. he asked me if i was free for dinner, on wednesday, the day after v’s day, because he said something corny like, “a beautiful girl like surely will not be free on valentine’s day.” [*hehe* can puke?]
we had dinner. ok, not so fancy place. and you know me la, *hehe* i couldn’t help but to enjoy the eye candy for the night. cute cute cute!
and then it went downhill after that.
i almost tripped over a lil step in the restaurant. as he caught me, his hand touched my bum. and there was a light squeeze!
i spilt soup on the front of my dress – so embarrassing.
he kept looking at my cleavage. so i tried not to bend down too often.
he talked with his mouth full and while chewing.
he was funny at first, but his jokes became a bit cheeky later on. for example, “what are the benefits of breast milk? it won’t go sour! buy 1 free 1!”
once, he put his hand on my thigh and gave a squeeze, while chatting.
yerrr…. i had to suffer for almost 2 hours because i wanted to remain polite. octopus hands i cannot stand. and dirty jokes to impress me? that’s a bit… erm…. weird.
imagine after that i had to say thank you for dinner, that i had fun (so i lied). and worse still, was when he demanded for a goodnight kiss. the nerve!
which was gross, because his saliva………… i don’t think i should say it here. but i felt so violated. *sniff* lousy kisser, that’s for sure.
cute looks are deceiving, end of story. =(
i hope he moves to another office la, i’ve been lucky not to bump into him lately. *cross fingers* eeeeh. he is cute, but……. *shudder*

What to say if your boss caught you sleeping…

I have to admit, I fell asleep in the office on many occasions. But I’ve always made a point to sleep facing the wall so that my boss would not see me sleeping on his first step into my room.

There was once I didn’t do so and my colleague caught me sleeping in the room with my mouth open. He tried waking me up by talking to me but I could only hear his voice in my dream. How embarrasing.

Then today..

I had to draft an affidavit in my room. I laid back on the chair to think..and few seconds later..*plop* I fell asleep.

Suddenly, my boss came into the room. I couldnt wake up in time!
Boss: Are you sleeping???

I had no choice but to admit..

Me: Yeah..I’m damn tired..
Boss: From Monday?? (I worked till 4AM that day and thereafter went back to the office at 9AM, now who wants to be a lawyer!!) You better have a good rest man…
Phew..That was a close call.

But at that time, I was thinking of using the coverline which TwinkyblueFairy posted on her blog.

    Coverup Coverup
    My jolly friend was falling asleep in the office
    He happens to be a designer
    So his situation was such that his eyes were closed, while his hand was still on the mouse
    His boss spotted him.
    “Are you SLEEPING!?”
    But my friend is smart, you see.
    He woke up but remained still with his eyes closed and said
    “No man… i’m THINKING… i’m thinking what to design…”
    Thinking ey?

Nah..too risky 😀

Hardsequance @ Saxophone 11.2.2006

Awesome and Pack!!

DJ Rotifish & Damien K in the house!

On a normal night, Saxophone Club is as empty as my high school library. But tonight, it was packed like a can of sardines.

Tons of shufflers, non shufflers were rare.

Spot Sow & Amos..

Didjital warmed up but his set was as if he was ending the night. Pure Hard style I tell you. DJ Damien K vs DJ RotiFish (Big Ben) was next. Big Ben had so many supported until his non raving friends came over to support him.

Damien K & Big Ben

Sow, HHH, Umeng, Tay and I took a break after Damien and Rotifish’s set. Although I’m a huge fan of hard stuff, I had to take a break from the hard music. During the break, we planned for another round of the PJ v Old Klang Road drinking competition. But Saxophone’s alcohol was taking a toll on our wallets. RM58 for a bucket (4 bottles) of lousy Skol beer! Then Sow came up with a brilliant idea.

Sow: You know what, I got a good idea on how to get drunk quickly. Let’s buy a jug of long island tea and drink it with straws!!!
After 2 Jugs…



Callie & Niekon (Catch DJ Niekon in action in the next HS!)

Me, TwinkyBlueFairy & Guy

Ithinkhe’sSober Kit, Don & Umeng

Confirm.ComNotSober Gavin & Sze Wei

Umeng’s sister & Huei Lan?

Big Ben thinks he’s in the 60s , as for Tay… no comment 😛
GanGaGuGu’s set was the last. One of the enjoyable parts of Ganjaguru’s set is his performance. His twists, facial expressions and swings made the songs more enjoyable.

Umeng: (while looking @ Ganjaguru): Damn ying weiii
Me: Yeah man…… damn drama

Cant wait for the next HS on 25.2.2006!


So you wanna be lovey duvey on Valentine day…

HAPPY VALENTINE DAY TO ALL OUR READER!!! We are all busy dating, so i shall leave all of you with the photo of this lovely cute teddy bears (which i think bimbobum will fall in love at first sight)

awwww…so sweet *melt*
and I hope all of you love birds out there will have a great night and make more babies cute…awwww….

innOcent flirting 2

i never noticed before that he was that good looking.

so good looking, that i couldn’t help but stare at his profile as i sat beside him in the car.

i couldn’t help but enjoyed the view as he sat across me when we had lunch.

i couldn’t help it when my heart made little skips when his lips curled up into a smile.

or when he laughed, his eyes crinkled.

that til now, my heart continues to thump a rhythm of its own.

so bloody cute….


i’m such a sucker for cute faces.

i’m going to go and look at my dog.
+[edit @ 5am]+

this is actually related to this. i know i know, stay away and all. everything is just normal, for me. *takes a deep breath* snuffing out the crush was easy, because someone else came into the picture, a real sweetie, who reminds me of this attached guy. so my crush sort of shifted to him instead.

and then i suddenly had lunch with mr. attached. i had to stop myself from pouncing on him i had to try not to drool.

and then i heard him end the telephone conversation with his girlfriend with a “love you”.

thank goodness he adores his girlfriend.
BUT i can still drool over his good looks, right? *mopes*

Happy Chinese New Year 2006

I forgot to wish all the readers of because i was away. Ya, back for CNY at my hometown. Well, before the celebration of Chinese New Year ends for good. Gong Xi Fa Chai

I hope all of you have collected as many Ang Pow as the red lanterns here…

How’s my CNY? Ok la but i think my ass got bigger after that because :-

I have problem getting out of my house.

paper – environmentally friendly

[plastic spoon, disposable chopsticks and styrofoam package.]
styrofoam lunchboxes are commonly used to store food, to be disposed of after use.
but we all know that we have to use recycle-friendly products to take care of the environment. lurvvvee the environment. =)
[paper spoon and paper package]
one of the restaurants around my office area does its part by using paper lunchboxes. and there was once, paper spoons alongside. i once had no choice to take it because they ran out of plastic ones.
but using it turned out to be gross.
imagine if your food has a lot of gravy.
after 2 spoonfuls, the sides of paper spoon became soggy. and each time it was brought to my mouth, feeling the soggy texture of the spoon gave me a “geli” (gross) feeling. blehhhhh….
imagine if people had to eat their porridge or drink their soup with it.
[that’s due to gravy, not my saliva.;P]
the shop has stopped using/supplying paper spoons, and it’s back with plastic spoons. *phew*

Rai Leh – Day 2

After a long journey, we slept like a pig. We wanted to have a budget trip hence we had biscuits and instant noodles for break fast. It was pure torture I tell you.

There are over 1000 Climbing routes in Rai Leh (natural walls). We started off at Dum’s Kitchen @ Tonsai Beach. The routes are predominately 6As, 7s and 8s (grading system – the lower the number, the easier it is). Imagine warming up on a 7A.

I started off with a 6B and ended with failure. I couldn’t finish the bloody route! Filled with frustration, I went to surf the net instead.

I continued climbing after surfing the net. This time round, on a 6A. Sounds easy, but I couldn’t even start the bloody route. I gave up after falling from the first move.

Water rising..

Tonsai Beach and West Railay beach is divided by a small hill. To get West Railay (and the rest of the beaches), we have 3 choices, take a boat, around the hill during low tide or hike through the hill.

No easy task man..

Since the tide has rise, we had to hike through the hill. It was not an easy task as the paths were narrow and steep.

We headed straight to Phranang beach. Throughout the journey, we had our first taste of topless girls. But after looking at couple of papayas, the excitement died down. But I was told that further down the beach, we might get to see some ‘abalones’!

Phra-nang beach is filled with sun bathing Caucasians and topless girls. The beach doesn’t have many routes to climb. We have to venture further in to the caves to climb.

Spot the topless girl.

Instead of climbing, we swam. Phranang has crystal clear water and sandy beach. We spent the entire day there playing with sand and water.

We buried Potato Ben in the sand. Then we stepped on him.

Sun set!