I’ve been an avid reader of comics since I was young. This hobby of mine continued until today. I probably have few thousand comics in my room ranging from Japanese manga to local comics such as Gila-gila. However, I have limited my range to focus on Japanese manga. Unfortunately, my Mandarin is not good hence I had to rely on translated Japanese manga, done by local companies, such as Kreko, Arena and Umbra.
Recently, I found one website with all my favourite Japanese manga translated into English i.e. I got so hooked on it until there was once I surfed the website from 3pm to 3am the next day O_O
In light of my new found media, I decided to dispose my collection of Kreko, Arena and Umbra. I was planning to either sell it off to the local old-newspaper-guy or chuck it into one of the charity boxes around town. I managed to gather a few hundred old comics and tied them up. It came up to 5 or 6 stacks of comics around 3 – 4 feet.

Mum then told me that one of her friends is interested in disposing my old comics. I left them outside my porch for Mum’s friend to collect them.
On the next day…
Me: Mum! Your friend has collected the comics? I left them all outside the house and it’s not there anymore.
Mum: Huh? No, she didn’t. I didn’t call her.
Me: \(*O*)/
That’s Klang Valley for you! Theft in Klang Valley has become so rampant that the Malaysian Courts have taken such factor as consideration in sentencing a thief in Court. I’ve gotten my shoe, computer, television and clothes stolen.
There used to be a time where we used to hang our clothes outside the house. However, we stopped doing so after we find many of our clothes stolen, including my underwear O_O. And I thought this only happens in Japan.

Jacob’s World @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Recently, Jacob’s biscuit started a contest. It’s the typical count-the-biscuit contest. However, the rules contest is pretty vague. We were given a small picture of the Kuala Lumpur Twin Tower made from Jacob Biscuits with the width and height of the said tower. We have to figure out how many Jacob biscuits were used to construct the said tower.

How many biscuits were used to buid the miniatuare KLCC biscuit structure? (Can you see the typo? LOL!!)
The first prize would be a trip to Europe, New Zealand or Australia. Second would be a trip to Vietnam, Indonesia or Thailand. There are also 10 consolation prizes to be won (trip to Langkawi).
It is impossible to judge how many biscuits were used to construct the said tower from the picture given. However, we discovered that Jacob was having a roadshow at 1 Utama which displayed various mini famous structures made from Jacob’s biscuit. The Kuala Lumpur Twin Tower was one of them.

Taj Mahal pun ada.

To calculate the number of biscuits, one can do so by drawing up the plan of the structure. Obviously, before one can construct such structure, they must come out with a plan. We ingeniously drew a rough sketch of the towers dividing them into few parts.

After spending an hour calculating the number of biscuit and figuring out how the internal structure was like, we left the place with a number of digital photographs. Thereafter, we studied the photographs to correct any discrepancies in our calculation.
We then realised that the towers provided in the contest form is not identical from the structure displayed at 1 Utama. The discrepancies are as such:
(1) the latter had 4 additional biscuits on top of its towers;
(2) the bridge is located on different floors of both towers;
(3) there is no connecting structure in the base of the former;
(4) the base of the towers of the former is square while the latter is round.
And now how the hell are we supposed to calculate the number of biscuits?? Is it based on the contest form or the real structure??
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Speedzone @ ZOUK, KL – 29 December 2007

Once again, is proud to be roped to promote this event. Many thanks to the sponsors and organisers for the free tickets (for our readers and VIP tickets for myself).
Just a recap, well known DJ James Zabiela (JZ) was invited to spin at Speedzone which was held at ZOUK, KL. A simple contest was held on and was won by 5 readers. This was the second Speedzone held in 2007 and in the first Speedzone event at ZOUK, KL, was engaged to give out free tickets to its readers as well. Also in the aforesaid event, I won a helmet which I sold for RM1300 😀

2 of the winners, Khinko and Amos
The VIP ticket entitled me to a free flow of beer and cigarettes. Unfortunately, unlike the previous event, we are no longer allowed to bring our drinks out from the VIP section Further, unlike the previous event, we are only entitled to free flow of beer and not other liquor.
Since I won a helmet from playing the games at the last event, I was quite determined to try the games again. However, there were only 2 games and no helmet to be won.

Hen and I met up with Big Ben, Sam, the Bass Agents and gang. We were like nomads. We started off at Terrace Bar then to Zouk and then to Loft.

Sharon Dilirius has always been crazy over JZ. Her dreams finally came true – JZ spinning in Kuala Lumpur. Instead of throwing herself at him, she sat by the side of the DJ console to watch him play.
After the warm up set by Joey G, JZ started off with progressive trance and thereafter .. . err.. I don’t know… I left for Loft and Velvet.


Nasi KangKang – Part II

2 years ago, I blogged about Nasi KangKang, a local superstition.

Nasi KangKang, literally means Squatting Rice. It’s some sort of love potion made for men. It was believed that after eating the rice, the man was bound to abide entirely by the woman’s wishes. His mind will be reset and zombified. Any of the woman’s wishes such as, “buy me a diamond” would be fulfilled immediately.
Many years ago, this superstition was practiced by the Malays and also the Nyonyas.
How to make Nasi Kangkang
1. Stand with her legs wide open and while the pot of rice was still steaming,
2. Allowed sweat to trickle down into the steaming pot
3. Serve it to ‘victim’

Few weeks back, I received a comment from one kp stating the following:

i want to nasi kangkang my husband. Must read some sentence is it or just squat over the rice ?
He too many girls outside. pls help urgently.

Ok. Sorry, I find that really hilarious.
Anyway, I found an identical question in Yahoo.

I want to nasi kangkang for my husband.. pls help..?

adekgila seems to have a recipe for Nasi Kangkang. According to her..

your juice (note: only for girls)
and anything that can be served with rice..
u want yr guy to follow ever word u say?
here’s how…
get one cup of rice, boil it…
or cook it the usual way u do it..
put it on a plate…
now its steaming hot right?
take off your underpants..
squat about 5 cm from the rice…
think of that person that u want to take control of…
let yr “juice” flow into the rice…
serve it to him

But to me, the best answer would be the one below.

Is it gonna help you? Do you think your marriage can be saved by some silly old practice? What you need to do is pick up yourself and prove it that you can do better than relying on your husband. He’s obviously too busy with women, why do you need to care much. Do you think he’ll be his old self if you get him back? Everything has change. Tell your kids the truth and it is hurt big time.

Wake your kids up, and you need to wake up too. If he comes to his senses, he will know what he’s doing is wrong. If he doesn’t, you should move on.

Anyone else has anything to say?
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The return of Captain Yeap – 28 December 2007

Captain Yeap is back from Bangladesh after attending a 6 months course to study about radars. In conjunction with his return, we had a karaoke session at Neway Puchong. The price was pretty reasonable, RM50 for buffet and don’t know how many hours of karaoke. I think it was from 830pm to 230am. The food was good. It was served ala hotel style with Chinese, Western and Japanese food.
I had dinner before the karaoke session. After few plates of sushi, I felt like exploding. Oh, their beer sucked big time. I had bitter aftertaste each sip. Terrible.

The gang sang Chinese, Malay, Japanese and even Thai songs throughout the night.
When the bill came, it came up to RM900++. RM80 for fruits and RM90 for NUTS!!??

As we were walking out from the karaoke lounge..
Waiter: Thank you for coming…
WK: Lengjai, lei geh fa sang hou guai ah!! (Oi! Your nuts damn expensive!!!!)
Us: LOL!!!

New Years Eve Celebration @ The Curve – 31 Decembe 2007

I was torn between Midzone Countdown 2008, Ruums at Kuala Lumpur and Amos Ho’s party at his apartment. In the end, Ping and I decided to spend our new years eve at a club by the name Scarlet @ the Curve shopping centre.
As expected, Ping and I were stuck in a jam heading toward the Curve. We eventually settled for a car park far away from the Curve, which is around 2 KM away.
Kiang and gf on the other hand had to detour from Kuala Lumpur as many roads to Kuala Lumpur were closed for the New Year celebration. The four of us suffered the similar fate, we had to walk around 2KM to the Curve and were drenched with sweat by the time we reached Curve.

Ping & Kiang warming up!

The Curve
We were greeted with bad news by waterleg that Scarlet is full and unable to accommodate more guest. We had to settle by the roadside to watch fireworks.
Then one of us suggested that we buy beer to celebrate to occasion. Ping, waterleg, Kiang and gf and I set out to brave the sea of people at the Curve. However, upon reaching the main entrance of Cineleisure (another shopping centre next to the Curve), we were halted by the sight of “artificial snow” fight. Kids were seen running around with cans which emits snow like foam. I quickly grabbed my camera to snap pictures of them

But just as I put my camera down, waterleg, Ping, Kiang and gf were no where to be seen.
However, instead of looking of them, I had to rush into Cineleisure as the smell was overwhelming and I was almost chocking. I went back to the roadside and found Kiang and gf sitting there. They too had to make a detour due to the ‘snow fight’.
Few minutes before my clock struck 12am, Ping and waterleg came back with 5 big bottles of Skol beer. HEROES!!
We didn’t have any bottle opener with us. Ping used his teeth to open 5 bottles. It was like Shaolintiger kungfu.

As my clock struck 12am, the fireworks displayed started – at 1 Utama, another shopping centre, 2km away from us!! The entire Curve was dumbstruck. No fireworks display at the Curve???

Fireworks @ 1 Utama
After the fireworks ended at 1 Utama, there was still no sign of fireworks at the Curve. Suddenly, fireworks exploded above our head. The Curve’s firework display was 10 minutes late!

But the wait was all worth it. It was magnificent. After all the trouble we went through, it was well worth it.
Yet another memorable New Years Eve, I’m all set for 2008!

Pre New Years Eve Celebration

I have this habit of going to the office at wee hours in the morning e.g. 12am, 1am. Although its quite scary sometimes, it’s a good time to work as I’m free from interruption and able to concentrate on my work.

So on New Years eve morning, one of my clients wanted something urgent hence I had to drive to the office at 12am to sort out his stuff.
As usual, the office was dark and empty. No one was around I had to turn on the lights myself.

I left my phone, a Dopod 577w, on the table while doing my work. While shifting some files, my phone fell on the floor and thereafter, he died!!! Sei kau jooor!! Matiiii!!! Saawwwwweeeee!! Aarggghh

My screen cracked. My phone is barely 2 years old.

My Dopod 577w

How technology evolved.

All I had in mind is a note of RM1000 flying into the sky – I need to get a new phone soon.

At 2am, I packed my bags and was about to leave. Just before I stepped out from my room, I tripped on a box and crashed on the floor as if I was hit by a 2 tonne lorry. I suffered a bruise right thumb and left big toe.

What a great way to end 2007!