A Year and a Half

I was just wondering to a friend yesterday that despite my never ending advice and firsthand relationship experience stories, perhaps, just maybe i am not that wise after all.

They tell me their stories and together we’d wonder about the best possible solutions. Don’t get me wrong, I honestly have no idea why they’d seek my advice, because, come to think of it, I’m not so experienced after all.

Firstly, my longest relationship lasted a year and a half. So who am I to advise on the secrets of maintaining a wonderful relationship that goes beyond 2 years?

Secondly, I’ve never been married before. So who am I to suggest to people how to keep their relationship happy and exciting?

Thirdly, just because I’ve dated a million men and had more than 50 over relationships doesn’t make me a pro. (NB. Highly exaggerated!)

I can only give tips on how to maintain long-distance relationships, just for the fact that I have been in several. How tough it can be and how much dedication one must put in the commitment and compromise. But that’s about it.

I have opinion what amounts to cheating on your partner, and have ruled that flirting is not one of them, IF it’s only verbal flirting. No touchy-feely, of course. But this is because I have a tendency of flirting with attractive male who flirt with me, and that’s about it. ;P (Hey, I know my limits!)

What am I raving on and on about on a Sunday, you ask me?

Because I’m worried that this current relationship I’m having, which is fantastic, by the way, doesn’t go beyond a year and a half.

Especially when I know that I want to keep him for good.

4 thoughts on “A Year and a Half”

  1. i guess everything get more complicated when you know you’ve got a keeper. when not so serious, you won’t worry about losing that person.
    take heart! am sure that person would be very lucky to have you and think the same about you!

  2. jinxed: basically, there needs to be alot of communication and alot of trust. if possible, try to maintain contact everyday, talk on the phone, internet etc.
    and get your friends to bash up anyone who tried to woo your chick. keke

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