Akihabara, Tokyo

Akihabara, the electric city of Tokyo, is a place that guys must visit when visiting Tokyo. They sell all sorts of electronic goods, toys and porn. We went to a shop with 6 floors filled with Gundam products, BB guns, Tamiya products and so on.

The pink Gundam is a gay Gundam.

BB Guns..damn I wish I could bring it back to Malaysia

There’s shop called Treasure House which sells toys such as Ultraman, sexy toy models and small Gundams. Inside the shop, they have small transparent cubes filled with toys, toy models and even miniature pictures of bikini clad models. We have to fill up a form to get the toys that we wanted. It’s a good place to get souvenirs as they have toys that cost less than 200 yen.



Few shops away from Treasure House lay a pornographic store. It’s sick. They have a section for those with fetish for little girls as young as 12 years old!

sick..very sick.

17 thoughts on “Akihabara, Tokyo”

  1. Applegal: to shoot at girls with Big B…..yeah. 😛
    Gah….Akiba..i can’t believe you went there. I wanna go to Otaku-mecca. 🙁
    Toys….double mmmmmm!
    And about l0likon (lolita complex)material section…woah…i knew that they had manga and anime/hentai about it, but those are pictures of real girls. Guess it was inevitable. >_>

  2. at last..i was expecting u to post bout Akihabara… i didnt know how my cousin’s fren brought bk his MP5 bb gun frm japan last time..did u go to tokyo autoshow?

  3. sharon: its actually white and blue, the black is just his shield 😛 haha
    xes: i dont want the kit kat already. i want the porn mag 😛 btw, is it even legal there? i thought kid porno is ILLEGAL everywhere? its ethically and morally WRONG!

  4. wolfx: but KIDSs being exploited wor? that is totally bollocks! unacceptable! 😛
    sharon: james must have gotten Blaster. If i didnt get the name wrongly. it’s black too.

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