Random Habits

A girl brought up this topic sometimes ago. She asked whether or not the guys wiped their penis after they took a pee. My friend, Mr. NC’s answer was “Nah, don’t bother. I just wipe it on my underwear.” The other friend said “eeer, my mum never told me to do so.” Dumbass, what an answer. As for me, hmmm…it never crossed my mind.
A while ago, my cousin asked me did i face the wall when i shower or the other day. *scratch head*…i thought about it in the shower just now. When i am tired, i put my head on the wall thus facing it. When i am not, it depends….
P.S. God, please give Man Utd strength to thrash Chelsea Tonight. 1-0 is enough. Please…..

14 thoughts on “Random Habits”

  1. Yeah…MU won 1:0 !!..If Chelsea continues to win, English Football is not challenging anymore and nobody will watch it. 🙂

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