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Doraemon anime series! In Cantonese though 😀

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If you have noticed, Nobita’s Dad gives all his monthly income to his wife. Thereafter, his wife would distribute it accordingly. I’ve seen in couple of episodes where Nobita’s Dad argues with Nobita’s mum over the former’s allowance. I know this is a common practice in the Japanese society, but I don’t think it’s acceptable for me la. My money is my money, your money is YOUR MONEY and my money is not yours!
The Wackiest World of Japanese Ice Cream
If you think durian ice cream is weird? think again..
On another hand, check this out BBC: In pictures: Food for thought

6 thoughts on “All things Japanese”

  1. my friend jus told me about this jap joke this evening, how coincident…, and it’s really funny can die lar! hahahah
    and my parents are taking the your-money-is-ours-money policy in peacefully!

  2. anyone heard of the all-girls-malaysian rock band Intoxicated before? They have a song about Doraemon whcih goes like….GIANT HIT NOBITA…GIANTTT!!! Doeramon! Tolong lah aku…Doraemon!!!….

  3. hahahaha rych you serious!?!
    and yes the japanese thing is damn funny. i watched it a couple of months ago and i lost the link. thank you xes!! hahahahaha

  4. zhong:its true. im sure Frank heard of it as well coz we use to trade our cds and cassettes back then. lol.
    just search on google for intoxicated and doraemon.

    shit. i accidentally read it as GIANT BANANA DORAEMON, hence the laughter. =X sorry!

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