We all know that after a break up, it’s wise to move on. Obviously those who don’t read my posts don’t know this. ;P (Just joking! I’m no guru and we all know that.)
Nevertheless, some of us busybodies would like to be updated about the ex-es’ lives, through friends or by other means, but not directly from the horse’s mouth. I admit, I’m actually reaaaally curious about my ex, how he’s doing and all. (I called him once and I broke out in sweat, and I don’t know whether i was more upset or relieved when he never picked up the call. No, I wasn’t using my handphone when I called him, so he wouldn’t have known it was me!)
There are some ex-es who
They are obsessed.
They don’t want to LET GO.
I know of a guy who is currently doing just that. His girlfriend called for a break up a few months ago, citing different interests as one of the grounds. He acted like a broken man the first month of the break up, but gradually got a hold of himself.
He started dating again. Extremely fast, I should say.
His ex-girlfriend was duly informed, and she was shocked. Shocked because …….. it was fast!
“Didn’t I mean anything to him?” went through her mind.
Because even after they broke up, they were still in touch, and were going out as friends.
But never mind, she decided to move on anyway. She didn’t give a damn about him.
However, the guy kept tabs on her. Any updates on her blog or her friendster profile, he’d be the first to comment and tell her what he thought. And when she posted picture of her and her friends having a whale of a time, he got jealous.
He ‘confronted’ her online and demanded to know who was the guy who had his arm around her, why were they sitting so close, etc. When she told him that the guy was just someone she got to know recently, and they have been on several dates, her ex-boyfriend went berserk.
He slagged off the guy in the picture that he wasn’t the right one for her, how could she do this to him… repeatedly breaking his heart into pieces. She was confused. She reminded him that they were over, so get a grip of himself.
A few days later, he called her up, sobbing on the phone. He told her that he dreamt of them together last night, and he felt betrayed that she was going out with someone else.
WAKE UP, BOY, smell the poo.
Aren’t both of you seeing different people now?
I totally don’t get the idiot.
Even if you want to be updated about your ex’s life, you don’t come barging in and scream betrayal!
And she has now abandoned her blog since the ex is eagerly checking up on her via her blog. So sad.
He too blogs about her. Hello? You’re in a new relationship, why are you blogging about your ex? He goes on and on, moping and feeling sorry for himself and wondering what went wrong with their relationship.
I wish I could slap him. ;D
Anyway, I bet it’s his ego that is bruised because she was the one who asked for the break up. AHAHAHAHA he’s a piece of sad shit, I’m sorry to say. His current girlfriend should dump him since he has emotional baggage he’s still dealing with.

15 thoughts on “LET GO”

  1. “WAKE UP, BOY, smell the poo.”
    erm..no thnx jiejie/korkor *urks* but tat word really cracks me up.
    OMFG! ppl here makin me kerazee, can all turn banana and papaya in a blink.
    Talking bout Blink, Dj Blink is launching his Blinville.com 2moro night @ the loft, anyone going? see me with my red cap and slap me on the head 2moro *dun ask*

  2. endroo: dunno la, this abalon enjoys slapping as a form or greeting ;P
    rych: bluff me la. u where got wat symptoms ;P
    zhong: just ego problem la, mebbe. i’m sure this applies to some girls as well……. 😉

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