An open letter to bimbobum

This is a letter from a fellow lawyer and also reader of

    Dear Bimbobum,
    I write to seek your advice on a personal problem of mine. You see, I have this problem, I sleep around and it’s hard to control myself.
    I have been having this problem since I was in high school. Teachers have reprimanded me many times but I’ve never listened. Now, I’ve brought this habit to my working life as well.
    I must highlight to you that this problem is very serious. I might lose my life one day because of this problem.
    You see, I get very sleepy during the day. Sometimes I sleep in the office although I try to control myself and due to this I have to work longer hours to get my work done. Also, last week, during one of the talks by a visitor to my office, I fell asleep but woke up in time to clap my hands. Then a few weeks back, I had a meeting with a client. While at it, I fell asleep and I was the only lawyer there! I was fortunate that my client was forgiving.
    Also, when I drive, I get sleepy too. This is the problem that might cause my life one day.
    Please advise me on what I should do to curb this disease of mine. Although I drink coffee every morning, it doesn’t last me to the end of the day.
    Yours Truly

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  1. dear xes, im a high school student, im in year 5 and its my last year, well u have sleepiness, i have ADHD, Attention Deficiate Hyperactive Disorder… usually activated then i take any form of glucose, mainly sugarry sweets n stuff… go try some, when i get sleepy i take some sweets n i dont even think, its like im on drugs! XD i just run around mad! do try it! but watch ur sugar level

  2. aiks. pokai, so much research on that huh. and i thought lethargy was the only problem.
    p.s. is Sleepy one of the 7 dwarves with Snow White? no? oh. this one is a lawyer…….

  3. bimbo : time has changed, many centuries dwarfs, now, not anymore, mayb its sleepy’s super grandson no.dunno wut sleepy the XVxI (wut kinda number istat)
    there no cure to sleep, mr sleepy has only himself to put up with, its not about him stayin up late then sleep on day, its his….mind or smth at made him do tat..
    why send to bimbo? until kowtow summore…
    xes : do u sleep when u see client too??

  4. Luxifer: the letter was not written by me. by another person. and also i think sugar would help “Sleepy” huh?
    Abalonedevil: i dont sleep when i see clients la. ahah

  5. Theres some people who gets tired/fatigue easily and hence sleepy. Something about their blood…. if not mistaken, not enuff red blood cells (haemoglobin).. oh yeah… its anemia.

  6. Lux, it is true that glucose could help you to sustain sleepiness, but not in all cases, +++THE BEST WAY is still seeking professional advice+++. Glucose could in some cases be dangerous to a person with some sleeping disorders, like sleep apnea that has some similar symptoms but its more dangerous because it is closely related to aggravated diabetes. Now we don’t wanna be doctors ourselves not even mighty bimbobum could help him in this case (sorry bimbo i have to say this) but the only thing he can do is to seek professional advice…

  7. haha, why not an email dedicated to her? i bet it’ll be spammed with letters like that and i though i saw in the 1st sentence some raunchy words like ‘I sleep around and it’s hard to control myself’ and i was thinking wtf? he wants bimbo to solve his sleeping around problems…dang hes one helluva lucky man.

  8. The reason to his sleepiness is very simple. He is not sleeping at the right time. You can sleep 20 hours and still not feel fresh. The trick is to get a stable habit of sleeping at the same time every other day. The only reason why ‘sleepy’ is feeling sleepy is because his body is nocturnized. I bet he doesn’t feel sleepy at night. Because of that, the insomnia which was premeditated really isn’t insomnia. The bodyclock of sleepy has been adjusted to feel sleepy during the day!
    Solution? Try forcing yourself to sleep at night from 10pm onwards until 6am for one month. When this can be done on a daily basis, it should get rid of the sleeping disorder.
    Think about it..Professional life, or Social life…which is more important?

  9. When I posted that it was 12.40 am. I returned from futsal at 11.45 and then by the time I washed up and want to go to sleep already almost 12.30 Figured that i’d just go online get some stuff done before i go to bed..=)

  10. Dear Sleepyhead,
    For a moment, I thought you were confessing your whoring days and wanting to turn over a new leaf. That would have been more fun to read, you know. Hehe.
    I don’t have any solutions to your problem (since pokai takes this very seriously), you may wish to see a real doctor. (Even I didn’t know this! I too have sleepy problems at work. ;P)
    1. Sleep early, perhaps by midnight latest, to get enough sleep, that’s one of the ways.
    2. And are you taking any vitamin supplements or something? ;P Try that.
    3. Eat chewing gum if sleepy?
    4. Get some exercise, maybe your body system is functioning like an obese person. ;P Exercise is very important, and I’m not talking about sex!
    Those are merely suggestions which may help. If not, then really consider seeing a doctor. But I think my sleepy problem has disappeared – exercise yo.
    And kowtowing once aint’ gonna help. ;P
    Or we shall go and see pokai’s doctor together. Hehe.
    And yes, you are lucky to have a forgiving client, although you may not know what he or she told your boss. So be careful. Ask for coffee if you’re at a meeting, just in case, since chewing gum at a meeting is completely obnoxious.
    Oh, restrain for heavy lunches! Less rice or noodles.
    bumbobum. ;P

  11. oh yea…living a SEDENTARY lifestyle does affect your heart too. And since your heart is weak, it is incapable of pumping enough blood to circulate, which will cause tiredness really quickly. I’ll doubt you’re aneamic because if you have aneamia, you’ll probably need a blood transfusion…:|

  12. mahai.. dont u sleep early every nite? ;P
    yea man.. lets hit the gym, do some cardio and pump some iron. You’ll feel great!!!

  13. haiya the things ive said is just some of the potential problems only and mainly just to scare him so he will be more aware. during my work also, i often fall asleep..hah this is soo bloody common k but i found out that cutting down on curry rice will help alot thou hah!but what i do is to take some powernap in lunch time..youll feel more refreshed.

  14. evi nite go cubbing…superman also bcom sleepyman la.
    u cant sleep maybe bcoz ur bed mattress is getting out of shape causing ur body to have lesser comfort during sleep. every morning must exercise.
    hav sex b4 sleeping is helpful too.

  15. Xes why dont you go out with bimbobum?
    Both of you are witty, and I think you guys will
    make a great couple.
    Bimbobum pls give xes a chance.

  16. ladies & banana,
    let us review on 1 of natures biggest mystery
    IS BIMBO a bimbo, or a banana ppl jus like us…
    detectives are collecting evidence & prove even as we speak…bla bla bla…

  17. Niabeh i tot the fellar has problems with promiscuity…..
    “I sleep around and it’s hard to control myself”

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