Babbling Bloggers II – reminder

To those who didn’t know, see below.

Dont feel shy, just come! However, make sure you introduce yourself to us and also mingle around with other bloggers (friendsters invited as well!). Please dont sit at the corner and keep quiet! Nothing is gonna happen if you’re not proactive!
See you guys soon!

9 thoughts on “Babbling Bloggers II – reminder”

  1. Wow…so happens I’ll be there too for someone’s birthday. But i dunno anybody except maybe Xes….and Suilin. πŸ™

  2. *hurhur* but i thought the highlight of any events IS getting gavin drunk? *hurhur*
    just teasing yea!
    anyway lelong, i WILL be proactive…here on your site. *hehe* and i WILL be proactive…when BBIII comes to town. πŸ˜›

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