Bali, Indonesia: 2008: Throne

Back from Bali! I got loads of pictures to post up but I don’t have enough time to do it. I’ll just post some frivolous observation I gathered from Bali.

In Japan, I saw the Ultimate Throne.

In Hat Yai, I saw this throne..

The toilet has no toilet paper. The only thing remotely resembles toilet paper is a stack on newspaper hung on the wall. I don’t want to know why is it there..

Then when I was in Raileh, Krabi, my toilet was one of the most uncomfortable toilets that I’ve even been.

We had to manually flush it. Flies hang out there and on one occasion, someone forgot to flush.

But my bad experience in Thailand was extinguished with this toilet..

Left, cubicles for men. Right..the nature!!

And in Bali…

Can you see that the flush button on the urinal is actually a knob? To flush, you must turn the knob!

In one of the toilets in Bali’s airport…

There are aquariums with live fishes in the toilet! What a view!!!!

3 thoughts on “Bali, Indonesia: 2008: Throne”

  1. chikhan: yes. it’s my new mission now. pics of weird toilets all around the world!
    jasmine: thanks! posting!!

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