McDonald’s MegaMac

This post is long overdue. In June 2008, our favourite golden arches had a Big Mac promotion – double its usual size, extra beef patties!
It cost ……… gee, I can’t remember now. It was all so long ago.
When I took the burger out of the box, lo and behold …
The MegaMac.
But wait!
What’s this?!
Why were the extra patties …… mayo-less and cheese-less??
I felt cheated. Especially for the cost of it. It was an extra RM6 for the MegaMac value meal, ok, no joke!
I don’t really fancy my burgers ‘dry’, so I had ‘improvised’ the MegaMac.

Doesn’t it look better?
Compare and constrast!
But I couldn’t really finish it, right after that.
Though when I look at this picture now, it looks terribly yummy ……… and sinful!!
p.s. pssssssst xes! don’t think i’m used to this MT anymore, sorry if the contents of this post is here, there and everywhere!

2 thoughts on “McDonald’s MegaMac”

  1. Speaking about Mcd, I had McD at Bali airport. It was quite a weird Mcd outlet as it only has a counter with no kitchen. It’s located inside the duty free zone.
    The outlet has only 1 cashier cum waitress cum janitor. Service was really slow and we were the last passengers on the place. The stares from other passengers almost killed us.
    Anyway, the burgers came from another Mcd outlet just right outside the entrance of Bali airport. Every meal was packed as if it was take away.

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