Bapa Ayam Kereta Saya (Pimp My Ride)

Sometimes ago, on MSN
frank_omatic says: u know a show call “Pimp my car” on MTV ar?
xxx says: pimp my ride
frank_omatic says: ya ya. they r gonna make a M’sia version call “Bapa Ayam Kereta saya. kinda cool it u ask.
xxx says: ya meh?? heehhee…u become host for the show issit?
frank_omatic says: no la…u think ppl will still engage my legal service if they know that i am pimping for a ride
i think u should go for it la
frank_omatic says: we name the show “mamasan kereta saya” or mamasan for my ride
xxx says: ahahhaa…i need thick white make up n DD cup boobs
frank_omatic says: eh…no need super white makeup la. 50 cents (Is he is the host?)
so black also can become host [note: that is just a joke. I am not racist.]
xxx says: heh? he’s host meh?
frank_omatic says: ya la. instead of having bullet scars like him. we chop ur face a few times
to leave some parang scars. m’sia gangster not known for gunshot wound thus parang la
xxx says: naaahh. just put a few stitches like frankenstien can liao
frank_omatic says: chop first baru can stich mah. hey this is a reality show
no make up..everything is natural
xxx says: *roll eyes* u going bonkers la

12 thoughts on “Bapa Ayam Kereta Saya (Pimp My Ride)”

  1. That nigga on the show ??? Really ? Man, I gotta watch it. Is it the new season ?
    “My flow, my show brought me the dough, that bought me all my fancy things… ”
    I think he’s suitable to host the show. G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G Unit !!!

  2. lol u sound like u talking to xes. its quite a good show, everytime they do up the rides and u see their final work, bah.. everybody’s jaws just drops. the last show i watched, they turned the back of that truck into a pool table with flat screens and stuff.. hehe its pimpin’! there was one episode where they pimped up someones ride, ended up the dude looked too geeky to drive his car lol!

  3. HOI. i said not blogworthy you blogged bout it for what? want revenge is it? bwahaha. FAILED. ;P
    Devilishaz: aHahahah …. xes wanna wear white make up and DD cup boobs???? when??? never knew!

  4. THey too much money la. Half the world got no food to eat, while they pimp other ppl’s crappy cars.
    Should make new Reality TV. Feed the hungry kid. πŸ˜›

  5. Mentioning about those guys n Pimp My Ride, they did pimp someone’s car with 2 plasma tv on it with a computer with internet….

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