Batu Pahat & Muar – Part II

Land of the thousand monkeys.

Well, not exactly 1000 monkeys. Probably 100 over of them.

While touring Muar, Lynnzter brought me to this park where they have hundred over monkeys roaming the park.

Those monkeys seem to be very well behaved too. When 2 men came to feed them, they gathered around the men and waited for the men to distribute the fruits. I was quite worried that those hungry monkeys would charge towards the men, rip them apart and eat them up.

But they are cute 😀

31 thoughts on “Batu Pahat & Muar – Part II”

  1. bent: yeah man. handsome leh.
    bimbobum: what were u doing in bkt gasing har?? hAR?? must be doing something in teh car eh!!

  2. bimobm: bluff la. sitting inside the car is it. keek
    Darren: whahahaha hope the tourist didnt get hurt
    Applegal: yes, especially those monkeys in the UPM fiasco. Puts local graduates to shame.

  3. xes: the UPM guys are not graduates yet..and i hope they won’t be…they’re undergraduates..and with this video out in internet…i don’t know if the local papers have reported it but once they do it…i think it’ll be a big issue..these kids…i hope get into trouble and learn their lesson.
    To sum it up…BAKAYARO!

  4. ahahah..the 4th pics kinda crack me up..the monkey in the middle wan…making faces summore..
    the upm wan is oso another wan la..they dun deserve to be classed as primates..
    oh yea..talking bout OUG. where do u live ha XES?…the last post where the coffea shop have wireless internet xcess wan, i guess i know where u live, if ur staying near the place where u took tat pic la…roughly

  5. karhen: i mean undergraduates. its on the papers today. one of the star columnist kutuk the student leader. very unbecoming man.
    avalon: dont ask me where i stay la. definiately not in oug.

  6. i daren’t get out of the car the last time i went there…which was in january?
    i had the same fear – monkeys charging at you and tearing you apart. LOADS of them were there. hou sik hou ju ma!! *hehe*

  7. regarding to them being well behaved, yea. put us all to shame. i remember particularly well in a frontpage picture feature in The Star several months ago. It was about the free fried chicken to campaign for safe to eat chicken meat. like never eat chicken before only man.

  8. Oh is it…damn today not selling yesterday’s paper already…..nvm…
    yes..that’s right..even urbanites tend to behave worse than monkeys..
    I think civic issues should come to the surface already…because it’s becoming of people to be very kiasu-fied…..very rowdy…imagine….japanese buffet… before the oysters can reach the plate on the spread….it’s finished already…

  9. endroo G: show!
    Amos: my other cousin? who? Amos ah? hahaha
    faai: hahahahaha freebies mah
    ferker: cis. u scared of malau ah ? so memalukan keke

  10. kemaluan tidak boleh dinilai dengan ketakutan. (pun intended)
    Posted by: endroo G at July 25, 2006 01:06 AM
    Dude: the meaning of kemaluan is guys private part lar!!! hahahah!!!!!

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